Be Here Now DIY Music Venue & Craft Brew Bar

505 N Dill St, Muncie
(555) 555-5555

Recent Reviews

Bodacious Pizza

Place is awesome. Staff was awesome best music in town

Anthony Reynolds

Fun and friendly great ppl to get drunk with great music


I used to love this place but it's kinda crazy there's no phone number on Google. I just want to know if open mic nights still happen here. I always loved those. Anyone know?

Jeremy Rees

Really nice local bar. They nearly always have something going on and it's usually interesting. The bartenders are really nice and personable. Never too busy to strike up a conversation. And the people who go here are typically really friendly.

Shauna Griff

Amazing venue to see artists of different generes.

Daniel Wiehe

Love the staff for handling the crowd well. Great atmosphere and wonderful music

Seth Carter

Always love supporting local bands. I love the vibe of the indoor and outdoor preforming spaces. It's just the bartenders range from nice, to a little spacey and inattentive, to downright rude.

Ciara L

Amazing show!!! Always a fun place to go!!

Mark Strater

Fabulous venue, great staff very friendly, very good local bands a true gem in Muncie Indiana

Savannah B.

One of my favorite places in Muncie to go. I've lived here for 3 years now and this place means so much to me. If you're college aged and enjoy live music, I highly recommend Be Here Now. There's lots of really cool and unique events going on here on the weekends!

Hannah ..

This place is awful. The owner and management suck and are shitty ppl. A staff's member's wife was touching my friend's arm and he asked her if she could stop touching him. Her husband, who works there, came up behind him and punched him... then threw him out... for what. When the police got involved, the guy who assaulted my friend, lied to authorities about what happened but had no issue admitting they did assault my friend before police showed up. I


Staff was nice. One of the bartenders kept short changing me though. Owner did his best to make it right.

Laura Magner

The is the place where men way over 21 go to prey on vulnerable women under 21. I learned that mistake the hard way. Never wear a skirt there ladies, you will be up skirted and objectified

Jesse Barnes

I am possibly bias cuz I DJ there a few times a year but the place is awesome. It's a total vibe and off the beaten path for the average college bro so if u wanna get a stiff drink and enjoy some wild music ?. Go check it out. The patio Is bomb!

Wayne Kramer Jr.

Nice place to hear live music and drink cold beer. ???

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Be Here Now DIY Music Venue & Craft Brew Bar

505 N Dill St, Muncie, IN 47303
(555) 555-5555