Bookmark Café

Ball State University, Bracken Library, Bookmark Café @, Muncie
(765) 285-1967

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This is currently my favorite place on campus to eat. Why?Speedy service, good prices, and quality food, all served by friendly employees in a clean, conveniently located environment!? That's about all I could ask for from ANY dining establishment, especially one on a college campus.P.S. - Try the Mac and Cheese!! It's absolutely incredible (especially during the colder months in Muncie).

Grace Fu

It’s really quick and tastes good. Really convince store because it’s in the library!

Emma Girdley

Nice to get a quick bite to eat

Christo Staszewski

It fits the library, but overall could be better.

Lilith Crowley

Favorite. In ball state bracken library.

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