Insomnia Cookies

1622 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 551-4377

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Was walking on campus today and stopped in to try a cookie. I got a chocolate mint chip cookie. It was just ok. The girl behind the counter was super friendly and helpful. They have ice cream and cold drinks and milk as well. I probably won't return as I prefer really big, gourmet cookies-just a personal preference.


I never received my order

Sydney Ingram

I love their snickerdoodles and peanut butter chip cookies!

little billy

I usually don't review places but I have to make an exception. Very kind delivery staff, even though it was a short interaction, they were very polite and my only regret is that I didn't tip them. Good cookies - thank you!

Xiomara Lara

Best cookies and icecream. Easy to order on line. Perfect punctuality

Lindsi Williams

Terrible service. My very first visit to Insomnia Cookies, I stood in the store for 20+ minutes watching one employee fill mobile orders, and another employee fold boxes. There were several other people in line behind me as well and I was never once acknowledged, asked if I needed anything, NOTHING. I understand it can get busy with lots of mobile orders coming in, but there was a second employee in the store with his back turned to us that I would think could have helped the customers in line. We were all completely ignored by both employees the entire time we stood there. One lady even asked if it was close to closing and the only response she got was "No, I'm just filling mobile orders." and then the employee went back to doing what he was doing, never once mentioning helping us. It was nowhere near closing time, I believe it was around 9 pm. I ended up leaving with no cookies, and some of the other customers left as well. Very disappointing. I've never experienced such bad service anywhere.

Joshua Noble

Cashless business. I would have given a higher rating, but they don't honor hard earned cash.A cashless society is bad news.

John Anderson

Rude & disrespectful! To be located in the university village where hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and parents pass through is really problematic. They should learn good customer service or get out of the university village. Additionally, the "server-cashier" had no problem telling me that she was the manager. Insomnia Cookies might not be all that concerned with their brand.

Becky Coakley

I ordered a cookie to be delivered for my daughter's birthday, it was short notice and everything was great.

Veronica S.

Just delivered a raw cookie cake..... There is also no way to call them about issues without talking to the main corporate office


Ordered a gift for delivery online

Sevinch Brown

I went in earlier this evening and the lady that was helping me was very rude and short. She cut me off several times and made it clear that she didn’t have time for me. The cookies were fine but the service was not.

Kimberley Hokanson

These cookies are sooooo good. We got the 4+4 box. It was amazing.

Tech Noir (Duhmango)

So gooooood (ignore the grippers)

Atlas Deane

Drivers are nice and the foods good, but dont expect anything but attitude and un- helpfulness from an in store employee if you have to call them.

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