Papa Johns Pizza

2123b S Madison St Ste B, Muncie
(765) 282-7272

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Les Wallace

Friendly staff. Pizza was done on time and it was very good.

Kevin Downing

The add shows a dish full of food. When we got ours, It didn't even cover the bottom of the tray. And, the food was only fair. A high price for a tiny bit of fair food. I won't get the pizza dish again, if I ever set foot in the place again. We were very disappointed.Food: 1/5


Everytime this Papa Johns contracts their deliveries out to door dash they put in the addresses wrong. It's wasting everyone's time and causing a safty issue for some female drivers sending them out into the middle of a cornfield at night instead of delivering to my house. This is clearly deliberate by one or more employee's at the store who refuse to learn from their mistakes. It's also pathetic to see two papa john delivery cars sitting in the lot while employees are on a smoke break and a doordasher comes in to do their delivery. CLEAN HOUSE AND HIRE NEW STAFF! Keep the cooks, food is still good when it actually arrives hot.

Jeremiah Mckeighen

Easy way to get good food for lots of people. never disappointedFood: 4/5

Courtney Boyington

This is waste of money it didn’t fill me up at all

Holly Reiber

It was amazing just like the price. It's our favorite place. We rarely can afford to eat out. Papa John's always is in our price range for 4 people. We can hardly afford 20 to eat out. So to spend under 15 is amazing.

Tyja Miell

I ordered food to pick up through Doordash I get there and they gave my food to a driver no driver would’ve even know about my order if I was the one supposed to pick it up they just gave my food away carelessly I had to contact Doordash for a refund which took days to get back in my account I couldn’t eat that night because I didn’t have the money to buy more all because somebody was careless and didn’t look at the name

Daze41b1978 Fischer

General Manager tim took my order and eventhough I'm just out of delivery range he still had his driver deliver to me. This shows dedication to life long customers. He even took the time to research on what discount is applied to 3 medium 3 topping pizza special. He was so kind and patient and just awsome. Him, Rachel and MaKenzie are the three persons I love dealing with because of how kind, friendly, compassionate they are with me. This is what makes popa John's pizza great. Thanks Tim, Rachel, and Makenzie. 10 stars ? each.

Robert Vandevender

Anyone remember when you could call the actual store, order a pizza for pick up, give them your name and go pick your pizza up? I haven't had papa johns in a long time. Tried again tonight, still the same call center bs.

Amber Patton

It was the best pizza I have had in a very long time and I will be getting it a lot more regularly now!!!Vegetarian options: They have a very wide selection for vegetarian!Kid-friendliness: They have a glass where kids can watch them make the pizzas and then put them in the oven and come out and because in ready to eat!

Zayne Shroyer

South Madison always proves to have the best experience. They’re quick to make up for mistakes and provide great customer service. Always prompt with orders and made great.

Nikki Caldwell

They've stepped up A LOT I used to never want their pizza it would make me sick every time but it's in my top 4 now that I'll go to.


Great food and great service. Never any problems. Always tastes great and always gets my orders right. Thank you for that. The Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed crust pizza is good ?

Heather Bartels

Pizza, cheese sticks, and cookie we're done correctly and they were done in 15 minutes. I'm amazed actually, seriously, they've been overwhelmed and understaffed for awhile...This location has always tried very hard and still fallen short a few times but I'm very happy with the service today and proud of those working! Great job y'all!!

Vanessa Makieh

Husband order extra garlic sauce but we didn’t receive them, went the next week told them they shorted us the sauce, ordered the special again was over charged husband ask what for politely to the assistant manager she lied and said the system did it now take in mind my husband is Arab with accent after he ask why he was over charged nicely she took our food thew it in the trash and threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave, she was very rude and her behavior is uncalled for why she still has a job is beyond me since she has a habit of be rude to customers.

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