Pizza King

1421 W Bethel Ave, Muncie
(765) 282-5901

Recent Reviews

Lucie Parkison

Took a long long time. Good food tho

Michael Vetor

Waited over 45 minutes for our food, sub was cold and not cooked completely. Rarely saw our waitress.

Julena Duncan

This pizza was THE BEST we have had...ever!

Brant Davis

Decent pizza but could have stayed in Pendleton at the PK there and would of saved gas.

Tim Durnell

Super nice waitress.But slow service. She tried!!

Kathleen Jones

Too expensive. Took almost two hours to get a pizza. always have to get extra cheese. When they make it right pizza is delicious.

Joe Teel

Best pizza around! Gotta have the royal feast .

John Hughes

If you're from Muncie you already know it's one of the best if not the best!

Ronald G. Fehrenbach

Excellent pizza pie! Little bit slow. To be expected though!

Szenesis Webs

Honestly this is 100% one the best pizza places in the world. The pizza is made on the spot and it's amazing. Its got years of experience, and their pies have kept to the original quality since 1987. This is a must go place in Indiana.

Cindy Stevens

The pizza and sub we received today was one of the best we ever had. We usually don't come to bethel pk but I was close today so I stopped in. The staff was so nice. Thank you so much. 5 stars.

Craig Burton

Good pizza, quick lunch service.

Jeremy Huron

I would like to be able to only leave 2 and a half stars While the food quality may be good and food is tasty as ever, the service at this location is sub par. The attitude you get just isn't worth the hassle. If you want great food and excellent service venture out to the Yorktown location. The servers and cooks really have their act together. They're still wearing masks even though they really don't have to anymore.The store was super clean and the staff seem to enjoy their jobs. Easily the best customer service around! It wasn't even my food and I was thoroughly impressed!!! (I'm a Grubhub driver) They offered me something to drink while I waited for my order. Which is something that's never happened in any other location especially this one.The Bethel Ave store dont seem to care if you come back there or not.I have been there only a couple of times.The only decent experiences I've had is they have a restroom you can use while you're there. Update: Changed rate level due to the wait time being not that bad. It was the service that was lacking. Since are no half stars I raised to a 3 star rating.Still not a 4 but 1 star wasn't really fair


Always the best pizza & breadsticks in town! We ate in, the dining room was sparkling clean!

April Rozenboom

Great food, good service. Nice atmosphere

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