Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

3505 Wheeling Ave, Muncie
(765) 282-8191

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Christina Cross

The food is gross. I have only ever seen watered down salsa at this chain establishment. Salsa by definition contains vegetables. There are no vegetables in this nasty bowl of red water. The mystery meat, 5hat is called beef is soft, no texture what so ever and tasted like what I assume dog food imitation beef would taste like. The service was mediocre at best. Overall we will not be returning to this wasteland of a restaurant.

Gregory Woods

It was my Birthday and it was Great would love to go back soon. Could I get discounts next time?

Angel King

Clean place. Waitress, not to friendly. My friend told her it was B.day and did they any B.day specials and she said, nooo we don't. I ordered tge taco salad, it was ok tge shell was a little over cooked soggy on tge bottom. Maybe other things on their menu's better.?‍♀️

Zombie Killer

Love puerta the best location for sure!! All the others the people are rude

Kimberly Pilkington

The shrimp cocktail was a meal all by itself!! Delicious! The food was good, not great. The margaritas were okay. They didn't skimp on the tequila. Our waitress didnt offer to provide us with more drinks, which would have upped her tip. In fact, she didn't smile once. Rough day maybe. It was a nice lunch. Glad we went.

Joseph Eck

Went here last minute for a carryout order for 6... They completed the order quickly and got everything perfect (we have VERY picky eaters). Will definitely go there again.

Mchel Cundiff

This location is an afterthought in my opinion. It was once a good location.And to charge for extra lettuce because there wasn’t enough on the taco salad will ensure I don’t go back to this location!

Benita Kyle

Great food, nice service.

Jeremy Huron

Right as you walk in the door you take in the good aromas coming from the kitchen. You are seated right away and the booths are very accommodating. Portions are more than enough and they are quick to get you a refill as you need them.If they see your getting low they're on it!!(they'll ask you before ask them) Awesome atmosphere with great food!!

Shauna Griff

Our server was friendly and quick with our food and drinks. Love their food! My favorite Mexican restaurant in Madison county.

Heather Brewer

Love Mexican food! My favorite for sure. Overall service was pretty good. Food was great! The CA burrito was delicious. No complaints from the table, that's for sure. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the churros before we dug in. ❤

Damiana Powell

I love this restaurant!! I've ordered numerous times, dine-in & out ❤️ Every one is very nice, clean and sanitary, and quick service! The drinks are great as well! Actually about to order right now..

Brandy Y.

Are here with some friends over weekend . We had several people recommend this place for lunch. 2 steak tacos - meat was burnt .. and when I asked for Verde Sauce - waitress had no idea what I wanted - brought me green habanero sauce in a bottle .. we waited for someone else to pass and asked them for some salsa verde ?! 5 mins later brought some watered cucumber & pepper soup ? Odd a Mexican place doesn't know or have salsa verde ‍ My friends meals was great ! But simple steak tacos , not so much


Food was great and so was the service! Had my food in no time.

Glenda & Kenny

The best mexican food in the northern states im from Texas so its hard to find good mexican food up this way

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Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

3505 Wheeling Ave, Muncie, IN 47304
(765) 282-8191