2401 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 288-6868

Recent Reviews

Mark F.

Terrible location. Terrible food that is more expensive than most stand alone Subway location's

Ashley Linthicum

Could tell other workers were being rude to other co workers you guys need to be nice to more of your workers definitely

Nadlie Runyon

Always a good go to.

Kimberley Hokanson

Subs are always good in my book

Jason Turnbill

Food is as should be expected at any Subway. Price is set high for a sandwich. I assume because they are located inside the hospital. However, when I ordered a $10 sandwich I ended up paying $17. I asked for the Chicken bacon ranch but because I asked for grilled chicken I was charged for a chicken club add bacon. It appears after questioning that because I asked for grilled chicken they had to ring it up that way. Had I asked for rotisserie chicken I would've been charged correctly. Seems the CBR comes with Rotisserie chicken. Customer service could be more informative before overcharging you.

Reighn Drop

Can't even use this place unless your admitted to the hospital, I've tried twice to go there, because it's a 24 hour subway, and the guard will turn you down from entering that side of the building. I hope subway knows that hospital is turning away their customers.


Very rarely do other Subway employees listen when I ask for easy lettuce, but they actually do at this one. Sandwiches are in the toaster for almost exactly the right time. Tastes great, exactly the way I like my sandwiches made.

Craig Havens

The ladies running the shop that day were amazing and congenial. And they actually listened to what I wanted.

Timdebs Ewing

Sandwich was great club toasted Asiago bread


I was there December 9th 2021 and they gave me a sandwich torn half-made and it didn't even taste like subway they legit didn't use gloves and would I f****** bit into that sandwich it was empty at the top like legit there was nothing there empty it was f****** horrible but I give him a rating of four stars on humor zero Stars on by not using gloves I give zero stars on the sandwich it was horrible even taste like subway and I've had Subway many times and it's never days like that it smells like it's out of date it smells like something's molded inside that is my review is horrible don't ever go there

Olivia Muir

The bread and cookies are often undercooked. There isn’t enough staff usually.

Kandra Saulnier

Awesome food and service

Zombie Killer

Hospital subway the cleanest subway you'll go too and only trustworthy one TRUST ME I've worked at a few that are disgusting and I'd NEVER eat at those


It was nice to have Subway at the hospital for a quick bite

Debra Jones

This place did my 16 yr old dirty. They scheduled a zoom interview with her then never followed through. She was excited to work especially at one of her favorite places but now is broken hearted that they couldn't bother to even reply.

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