Asian Grill

74 N 9th St, Noblesville
(317) 773-9990

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Davin Nichols

Excellent take out food. They have the best egg rolls anywhere around. I would highly recommend eating here!!

Joji Francis

Coming from Singapore’s amazing hawker food, we were tired of looking for proper Chinese food. Everywhere we found westernized version of Chinese food.It was by chance we ordered from Asiangrill and we felt like we are back in Singapore..! The food is tasty and of good quality. The quantity is just enough and hence I would not rate it as cheap. However I felt they priced it right for the quality and quantity. Again, we only try takeaways and we order from here every other week. We did not even want to try another Chinese outlet.I hope they continue to keep the taste & authenticity.

Bobby Cross

We ordered lunch through DoorDash since we had a gift card. Menu item stated the Tikka Chicken was grilled, but what I received was clearly breaded and fried. I can't each starchy foods due to health reasons, so I called to ask what was in the breading and was told it was cornmeal, so I suggested they updated the menu to accurately reflect what was being prepared. They told me they would send out a replacement item that I can eat.45 minutes go by and I call back. The language barrier makes it difficult to communicate so I repeat myself a lot and ask a lot of clarifying questions, only to still be confused by the end of a 5 minute conversation. The man stated the replacement item was sent out shortly after our phone call, and now I'm realizing they changed someone else's order instead of sending out a replacement. The man then tells me to call DoorDash if I have a problem. SMH. What a waste of time.

Allison Callaway

This is one of the best Asian food places around! My goto for chicken fried rice! Shanghai noodles are one my favorites too!

Randy Mcclain

The food is alright. They have some skillful chef doing the entrees but I didn't expect the food would come out in some take out containers like that.Not recommend side dishes cause it's not worth your money. AND very sad sauce!

Andrius Krom

Food was excellent and was a decent portion. Not a ton of food but plenty for an adult. They seemed to be more focused on takeout but that's not a major concern. Was more expensive than I would want it to be. I went with less expensive options but still ended up paying over $17. Three of that was a tip and almost another three for a drink. The food will bring me back, however, the price will make it a less frequent treat.

Doug Clements

I decided that I wanted a different kind of dinner this evening. Something with Asian influence sounded good, so I ordered Asian Grill through DoorDash. I chose the orange chicken (hot spice level) with white rice and a spring roll. The spice level was right. It was actually spicy, which I appreciated. The spring roll was quite good as well. Overall, the whole meal impressed me. Asian Grill will probably be one of my go-tos for this genre of food. I will definitely be back to try other options.

Chris K

I’ve been going to Asian Grill for years. The food is always amazing! The reason it is a little slow is it the cook everything to order and it’s always hot and delicious! The only thing I would like is if they could add more vegetables some of their meat dishes. I miss broccoli!

Caroline Roskey

Delicious! I highly recommend the Mango Chicken dish!

Roger Dunder

The food was amazing but cleanliness of the dining area was not very good. I had mango tofu which was the best i have had anywhere.

Presley Gruwell

I’d give 0 stars if I could. We picked up take out last night and within hours of eating, my husband and I both were (still are) so ill with food poisoning. Fortunately we didn’t feed the same thing to our two daughters, or we’d be in for an ER trip with how sick we both became.


The app crashes when you have a few seconds of the time and I will have a good day at work I have ai


Medium sized Asian restaurant with multi varieties. Had dine in and take out during COVID times. We had to order through the device in store and announced once they are prepared. Fully self serviced restaurant. I ordered chicken Bangkok noodles which tasted very good and new to me. We also ordered the spicy basil,spicy Indian and pepper shrimp. Everything tasted good. The restaurant itself had an old theme inside which looked semi haunted ( just kidding ). If someone is looking to try a new different cuisine, I’d definitely recommend to try once. It is close to noblesville downtown. A perfect dinner date with friends or loved ones. The kitchen was busy with takeouts even with less Dine-in.

Rian Umbach

So darn good. Honestly cannot wait to come back. Gonna order every thing off the menu.

Kris Good

Awesome gluten free options that is unheard of with Chinese food options. Affordable, quaint and just all around great food.

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