721 Main St, Rochester
(574) 223-3514

Recent Reviews

Tina Eakright

food was great. service definitely could have been better.

Kurste Maddox Henderson

Fast, friendly, clean service

Amanda Carlson

Was turned away because my family of 3 didn’t have a mask on. It was 2 in the afternoon and there were 5 other people seated in the restaurant.

Leann Evans

Fast friendly service and the food was delicious!!

Zac Bau

Great service, great food, chimicheescake was incredibly delicious!

Bill Cook

Great mexican cuisine at a fare price. Huge margaritas.

Derek Sheline

Our food was great. The service was great. The price wasnt too bad. Overall a very good experience

Diane Mate

Always good food and we usually take some home for the next day. Yummy!

Jared Kane

The food was excellent and the service was super fast. The waitresses were very nice.

William Kough

Great food at a great price

Charles Leydet

Had the breaded tenderloin and Fry's reasonably priced.great food.

Brandon Wilson

We ordered almost $50 worth of food and called in and asked if it could be picked up 45 min from when we ordered. That was no problem but after we got home the food was warmish at best and the forgot one of our items. My wife then calls and told them our problem and it was either we brought back all food and they would remake it or nothing. And I mean nothing.. no money back for the troubles nothing. And I would have taken it all back but we have two hungry children who were ready to eat. This place is the last mexican place I will ever eat at!

Eve S.

Wonderful service and food. Thought I would not have great meal because they had no alcohol. But food and staff made up for the inconvenience. Will come back again!

cory winn

Awesome! Best Mexican food around. Pollos Garrido is fantastic!

Megan Bowyer

Best Mexican food around!!! Great atmosphere and the employees are awesome!!!

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