721 Main St, Rochester
(574) 223-3514

Recent Reviews

Brandon Wilson

We ordered almost $50 worth of food and called in and asked if it could be picked up 45 min from when we ordered. That was no problem but after we got home the food was warmish at best and the forgot one of our items. My wife then calls and told them our problem and it was either we brought back all food and they would remake it or nothing. And I mean nothing.. no money back for the troubles nothing. And I would have taken it all back but we have two hungry children who were ready to eat. This place is the last mexican place I will ever eat at!

Eve S.

Wonderful service and food. Thought I would not have great meal because they had no alcohol. But food and staff made up for the inconvenience. Will come back again!

cory winn

Awesome! Best Mexican food around. Pollos Garrido is fantastic!

Megan Bowyer

Best Mexican food around!!! Great atmosphere and the employees are awesome!!!

Paul Soderlund

Always good, always quick!

William Smith

Good food and friendly staff

Hannah Klepinger

Ordered for take out. Small dining area. Food was great!! Will definitely be going back.

Jerry Lee

Good food for a resonal price

John Flint

Good food that's not too spicy

Joseph Rodriguez

It's decent Mexican food!

Philip Santos

We arrived 5-minutes before closing, explained that we were visiting the area and stopped in for dinner. The owner kept the restaurant opened, took our orders, prepared and served an delicious dinner!\\n\\nOutstanding service!

Diane Hayes

Passing through and stopped here because reviews were so good. Far from \\\"the best\\\" Mexican food as described and I ordered the green enchiladas because they came with refried beans and rice but instead I got rice and lettuce and was told that's the way it comes. I try to not complain so I just ordered a side of beans, not a big deal. But the food was lacking in flavor and below par. I doubled checked to make sure I was at the right place.

Tim Snyder

great food. great prices. great staff.

Brooke Scott

Awesome place to have Mexican food!

Mike McKinney

I had the thio's special (chicken-shrimp) with white cheese...very good.

Trish Phillips

Very good, authentic Mexican food.

Nichole Kaiser

Food and service were very good. The lunch carnitas is very satisfying and filling. I took three chunks of meat and a tortilla home, and typically do not have leftovers at a good Mexican restaurant. Recommend. I prefer it over the Mexican restaurant across from Wal Mart.

cecilia powell

The food was amazing and our servers was excellent! 😊😊😊😊 Happy customers!

Jessica Robinson

The food was really, really good! And the staff were all nice to us and took care of our requests. The restaurant isnt big, so I'd expect lunch and dinner rushes to keep it full, but it's worth a wait. So glad we stopped in from the road to eat here.

John Pontius

All you can eat Taco's and $2 Yengling.

Zack boyd

Better than el ciento lindo best Mexican in town

Shelley Cooper Krick

The food is amazing. Great service and very reasonable prices!! We love it

Tonetweaker1 M.

Can you give a place negative stars? Man, they must be making a fortune to be able to offend their customers, in a small town no less, and still be in business. We ordered take out. I ordered a meal with 3 items, I got 2. Called them back, explained the situation, was apologized to and told I would have a credit for a free meal. I was impressed. On my next order I mentioned the free meal. They checked my information that was on file but was told the owner changed it to the missing item only if I bought another full meal. I tried to tell them I would gladly pay for the new meal minus the cost of the missing item, besides, didn't need 2 of the missing items at the same meal cuz I can't eat that much. The owner would not budge. The point is. We entered into a contract. They would provide all items listed in the menu for that offering. I agreed to pay a certain price for those items. I paid and they did not deliver all items. So in this transaction I get ROBBED TWICE! Not getting what I paid for the first time and then if I was foolish enough to order again from them, my reimbursement was a food item that would just probably have to be thrown out. Reasonably thing to do was to discount the next order by the cost of the original missing item. But I guess when you are that greedy and money hungry good customer relations doesn't enter into the equation.

Carol Fernandez

Taco night and $.75 draft night on Tuesday. What's not to like. Fun friendly wait staff.

Jared Figlio

Great food! A frequent spot of mine.

Brian Hodson

Great service and great food.

Joey McCalla

Good service and great food

Matt Dill

Near little place with a cool interior - i just sropped in for chips and salsa at the bar and they were super nice and attentive and brought me water and extra salsa and chips. Also try their guacamole it was awesome! I will definitely be back to enjoy a full meal in the future!

Andrew Hill

Food was great. Service was ok. I think the waitress was new though. Food got there pretty fast and hot as well.

Jean Helt

Love the food and service my go to place for pina coladas!!!

Gary Edgington

Very good, great food, and great service.

Stand Woodall

It's okay at its best. Go here in Tuesday if you want to eat a lot of cheap tacos


Best taco chips and salsa. Nice environment with family area and bar area. Food is consistently good and priced appropriately.

Erik Johnson

Food was generously portioned and very good. Staff was exceptionally friendly and attentive without being irritating. Menu was large, including standard Mexican restaurant dishes. The restaurant was short of spotless but very clean nonetheless.

Jose Valle

Love it great ambience beautiful and colorful place

Tara Biddinger

Been some time since I have been here. Food was good. Atmosphere is nice. They manage the space well.

Lori Smith

Really great Mexican food. I really hadn't paid attention to this restaurant because it in downtown and it's store front is not real flashy. Once inside the restaurant is beautiful, the selection was great, staff was courteous, and the food was very good. Prices were very reasonable.

Dulce Jaquez

I love the atmosphere and the food is great. Just love the place overall

Melissa H

Maybe it was an off day but the food and drink wasn't impressive at all. The service wasn't great for not being busy.

Martin F

Pretty good place to eat. Service is a bit slow and the dining area is a little cramped. Could use an update on decor and menu but the food is really good.