Buffalo Wild Wings

2008 E Tipton St, Seymour
(812) 519-3596

Recent Reviews

Joshua Wright

Always cold in here. Alright service and food. Nothing to go crazy over.

Kevin Brown

Always good here. Service, friendly staff and always tip well because of that. Ive been coming here for years

Todd Chambers

Awful service, awful management. Waited 15 mins to get seated, once sat down we instantly ordered. 30 mins later our waitress decides to check on us and when asked when we’ll be getting our appetizer and/or food, she says oh sorry I haven’t even put it in yet. She literally only had 2 or 3 other tables other than us! Will never recommend this bdubs to anyone!

Katrina Gilbert

We sat waiting for our waitress to show up and take our drink order for over 30 minutes. When I asked the hostess where the waitress was she said they only had 1 working and she was spending her time outside with a party of about 15. None of the other employees stepped in to help. We left and will not be going back.

Andrew Combs

Not only is it the worst buffalo wild wings I've ever been to. It's also a terrible place to work! 3 of the higher ups all live together and are surprisingly well known for talking behind their employees back. They are some of the most fake people I have ever met. Just a heads up, go to the Columbus buffalo wild wings. Much better, and you most likely wont wait over an hour for your food.

Shellie Akemon

Stood there forever to be seated. You all wasn’t full either.Never greeted or anything. I understand there’s extra circumstances, understaffing, coronavirus. I am very understanding. But numerous staff kept walking by us. No we’ll be with you, hi, bye, or nothing. Absolutely unacceptable. Will never return!


Don't eat here. Seriously. I caught the staff EATING FOOD OUT OF CUSTOMER'S PLATES WITH BARE HANDS. When confronted they told us it's because the manager won't give ANYONE a lunch break (I saw said manager at the bar EATING LUNCH himself). On top of that, the servers disappear for smoke breaks and sends the cashiers running around looking for them because they hide apparently. Will NEVER go to the Seymour location ever again!

Curtis Nowling

The boy with the black hair is always the best waiter, great food

jason cranfill

Took the wife there it took forever to get a drink fried pickles did come out good and hot waited another 30 minutes for wings they gave our order to someone else. They did take it off the bill but that's not the point. I will not be back!!!!

Sonia Hackman

Food was vary good, our waiter was busy but still was pleasant and maintained during covid-19.

Amanda Sowards

This is the worst experience I have ever had in any restaurant.. the food was bad.. very dry and cold . the service was awful.. nobody came to refill or ever check to see if we needed anything. Do not spend money on this place..

Emiko Reitman

Worst customer service ever. The hostess was rude and crappy the entire we were there. She was rude as soon as we walk in the doors and as soon as we walked out. The service was slow. They had one server for all the tables!

Cortnie Barlow

Can't get anyone to answer the phone to take orders

Shelli Castetter-Bean

the service in the bar on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday night is AMAZING!!! SHELLI & BEE ARE WONDERFUL!!!!

Amanda Seanell Boarman

First off, ordered online bogo 20 wings(40 total).Got home and counted my wings and found out I only had 30. Came back to pick up the missing wings and was rudely yelled at by the manager, Tom. He also wanted to argue stating he counted the wings, which clearly he did not. Poor management skills on his end, in my opinion. Will not see me as a customer again in this horrible restaurant.

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