Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

1940 E Tipton St, Seymour
(812) 373-3397

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Ada Jean

The sandwiches didn't get made the aay we asked them to, they just made them they way that they normally came instead of adding what I asked for. even though they rang it up right. Didn't give the extra sides of sauce that we asked for fries were cold.

Kiiann Kiefer

Not what I was anticipating. Good service and fair prices.

Carla Tungate

Had my first visit today. Food was fresh, hot and delicious. We ordered the double steakburger combo meal. Loved it!

Evan_Mart5 M.

The food and service were outstanding. We ordered a number one and number three meal with cheese curds, and a concrete. All were delicious.

Elaine Minor

My first time trying this place, previously I had not heard of it. I'm am from out of town and we don't have a Freddy's. Let me just say the French fries alone are worth the 5 stars alone. Even though I used the driver through the service was extraordinary good. The workers are well mannered and so polite and friendly. If I was a local this would be my go to spot.

Esther Boswell

I ordered a chili dog, no onions, light on the cheese. I received a chili dog, no chili, with onions and cheese. I returned to exchange for what I ordered. The cashier was polite and ordered another chili dog for me. I got to the car with my second dog and it had been put in the bag upside down. So I went back in and ask for a fork yo eat my upside down chili dog with. The girl that handed the second chili dog in a bag to me and gave me the fork needs to check her attitude at the door. She was rude to say the least. Buuut the fries were awesome as usual.

Billie Basham

awesome food not from the area 1st time eating there

Kristen Forbes

Great friendly service, they even offered our dogs a pup cup. That was very nice and our pups loved the treat. I had never heard of them before.

Yvonne J Rabbitt

The food was good, really rich custard, a little bigger burgers than Steak N Shake and the cheese curds were so flavorful. I'm just not convinced it's worth the price tag.

Tyanna H.

I stopped at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers when I was in Columbus and traveling out of town. I had never been to Freddy's nor heard of it prior to seeing it in Columbus. From the looks of their hamburgers it appears they are prepared in the same manner as Steak and Shake where they have the lacy crispy edges. I ordered Freddy's original patty melt along with onion rings that came with a side of fry sauce. I ordered a root beer to wash it all down but did decide at that point the next time I was in that I would order one of their freshly churned custard desserts.I went through the drive-thru on this day instead of going in as I was on my way out of town I wanted to keep on moving. I ate my meal on the road.Everything was good I really enjoyed the flavor of the patty melt as it was on toasted rye bread and it had swiss cheese and grilled onions along with two steakburger patties, so good! My onion rings were good but could have been a little more crispy and the fry sauce was okay. We get to Columbus infrequently but I am sure that another trip to this place is in my future.

Chad Arnold

Fast, friendly staff. No issues there. This is not a people problem. It's a product problem. I've never had Freddy's before, and frankly, never will again. Just very bland, tasteless food. Everything... the burgers, the fries, and the onion rings... tasteless. Food very much like Steak n Shake, except not good. Nothing against this particular franchise. If you're a Freddy's fan I'm sure you'll have a fine experience, but if you're thinking of checking it out, as I did, skip it. You're better off pretty much anywhere else.

Sakeena H.

I taste the love in this shake. And the employee, named Rockway, at this specific Freddy's was absolutely amazing. Thank you for making my first Freddy's experience fantastic.


If there was an option to give you zero stars that's what you be getting. But since google makes me be nice on the review system you'll get a one star but just know it's not deserved at all. The "patty melts" had zero flavor. I would have rather ate dirt off the bottom of my shoe. The cheese curds tasted like they had been pulled from an old rotting tire and stuffed with cheese. I also didn't get my ranch. Sadly the best thing was the lemonade that they don't even produce. So really that star goes out the maker of the lemonade.

Jason Noling

I only gave two stars because of the fries. Everything else about the food was not very good at it's best. Steak and Shake does a better job.

Brenda Reed

My husband got the double bacon cheeseburgers & he loved them. Cooked to perfection. I ordered the hotdog with everything, including chili (they've never heard of putting Cole slaw on a hotdog?) And therein lies my problem. They could have sat the hotdog upright in the bag, on top of the burgers, but they laid it on its side. That caused EVERYTHING to run off of the hotdog, making it so messy that it was pretty much inedible. At the end of our meal, the waitress stood at the front, waving goodbye to us. She had been very helpful all evening so the hotdog was not her fault.

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

1940 E Tipton St, Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 373-3397