White Castle

1970 E Tipton St, Seymour
(812) 523-3275

Recent Reviews

Mark Hardy

Got hot food just had to wait a few minutes witch is fine by me to get fresh burgers. Service was great.

Boaz Newton

I sat on the toilet for 2 and a half hours after eating 7 sliders and chicken rings. Would give 3.5 stars. Would recommend.

Stephanie Gregory

My chicken ring sandwiches were good, spent like 5 min wait in drive thru. So not horrible timing, But the french fries were so salty I couldn't eat them. It's like they poured the whole container on them?

Tricia Heideman

Was fresh and so good had a really nice quick lunch


Our food was fresh and hot and the staff at the drivethru was friendly and got our order right! Easy in and out off interstate.

Kristy J Pfaffenberger

Ive loved White Castle since you could only get them in Indpls. They're so small you can eat more than the traditional hamburger.

Christina Lee

Love white castle! Their food is great! Just wish they didn't remove their grilled chicken sliders from the menu.

Scott Whitehouse

Sometimes you just can't kick that crave. This location in Seymour,IN has always been clean and quick.

Jason Jones

Repeat customer, fast, friendly service as always, chicken rings with ranch and a smoothie, tasted great, thanks.

Jana Leffler

They're Whitie's they are just great

Mae Rock

Very clean, fresh and hot food portions are very large. A large can be shared.

Zach Krenz

very friendly cashier, rang up my random order as a combo meal I didn't know about so that it was cheaper

Rachel Walters

We love White Castle because where we live we don't have any at all.

Dawn Doane

Very tasty. I am looking forward to their dining room being opened


Their food is really good. There was an issue with our order, we got onion rings instead of fries! Accidents happen sometimes, though be sure to double check your order to make sure it's correct! ♡

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