Cloud Walking Coffee

1215 E Mishawaka Ave, South Bend
(574) 387-5382

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Amy Behling

Several businesses in one location. Very interesting how this is promoted in South Bend. Friendly colors and lovely plants in back area too.

Danielle W.

Horrible planning for service. If you want to go for just a scone or to take out a loaf of bread - you have to wait 20 or 30 minutes for all the slow pour coffees to be ordered and sometimes even done first. This has happened to me multiple times. I just tried to go again and they just don't separate the activities very well. I will likely no longer try to go here for bread or baked goods even though they are quite good. It has also prevented me from getting the violet sky chocolate periodically . They should probably start a line for coffee in a line for everything else and make it very clear.

Monica Williams

I pass by this place everyday and this morning decided to stop by and was highly disappointed with the Cappuccino. It tasted more like an espresso shot than cappuccino, but the staff was friendly. The serving was smaller than expected for the price. Maybe I'll stop by again and give it another try from all previous good reviews.

John Freitag

I have no business reviewing coffee, personally, however their Orange Blossom and Cardamom latte was absolutely delightful.This spot has a nice relaxed Cafe vibe and the macrons are so delicious.The only downside, for me, was I almost passed by it with where it is located.

Kat Sholtis

Not your average latte or pastry, but phenomenal all the same. The peanut butter tahini donut was incredible. The macaroons are magical. The latte and lemonade we had were unexpected but exactly what we needed. The community they're building here makes everything else even better.

David R.

Great pourovers, nice matcha lattes. Baked goods delicious. No pretense - just quality.

Brenda T.

Enjoyed my experience at Cloud Walking, this is a great little coffee shop! I tried a latte with house made basil syrup. It was flavorful, bold and not too sweet with the added syrup. I also tried 2 of the Macarons- slated Carmel and lilac. The lilac was a light flavor perfect for a summer morning. The salted Carmel was seriously the best macaron I've ever tasted. The salted Carmel was rich, buttery and I could taste the salt without it being overpowering. The seating area was comfortable, Wi-Fi worked great and plenty of private and group tables for whatever a group, couple or single is looking for.

Sandra M.

I cannot believe this little place doesn't have more reviews. We came into town from Valparaiso, IN to attend the farmer's market. We stopped at The Early Bird and had amazing sourdough bread. I found out that this bread is sold here. My husband and I went straight to Cloud Walking and bought two loaves and two bagels. We had toast this morning with this amazing bread. All I can say is that I have never had bread THIS good. It is worth the price- don't bother complaining. Just buy it. The shop is cute and comfortable. The staff is super friendly and we loved it. I can see that even though I am an hour away, this will be a regular stop for me. So amazed at the craftsmanship here. We need more bakers and foodies in the world today. Please add a shop in Valparaiso!

Beth Dinwiddie

Great coffee shop showcasing some great craftsmanship here in South Bend! The staff is knowledgeable and always have great recommendations and the prices are reasonable. There are coffee shop tables to sit at, as well as couches and chairs for a more relaxing experience. When I meet up with friends or family they are able to get bagels, toast, macarons, and other cafe foods and they always enjoy their food. I have lots of restrictions (dairy being one) and they have an oat milk option (no weird aftertaste like one specific chain). For those who are not coffee drinkers, there are teas and hot chocolate options. I didn't get a picture of their new menu, but I am hoping to next time I'm in.The location is good since it's near Howard Park and John Adams High School. There are only a few parking spots out front, but lots of street parking if you turn right after driving under the bridge.NOTE: Information online about their hours is accurate. The website does NOT have an updated inventory of products. Hopefully that is addressed soon.Dietary restrictions: Oat milk options for coffee. Not much else if you have a gluten or soy allergy. Some of the Violet Sky chocolate does not list dairy and there are some jams. That being said, I still love it and come here whenever I get the chance.

Melanie Bridges

Macarons were amazing! The drink (mocha cappuccino) was expensive and small but the atmosphere is cool. Love the plants and decor but not very cozy. It is nice to have the separate room away from the noise of the espresso machine.

rachel mcmullen

The vibes inside are AMAZING and there is plenty of space in the front and back of the shop where you can sit and do work or hang out with friends! I got their lavender iced mocha and it was wonderful. They roast their own cacao and coffee and have a nice window where you can watch it all happen! Such a fun experience :)

Sierra Kipp

it's a beautiful place inside. i got a latte and a toast. the toast was delicious. the latte was beautiful and tasty, though lukewarm. definitely the noisiest café I've ever been to, not a calming atmosphere, but a cool place to chat with friends

Mason Behnke

My favorite coffee place in town! I've been going to Cloud Walking since they opened up and it's always a real wonderful experience. The staff is incredibly nice, the coffee, bread, chocolate, etc. is the best around, and the atmosphere in the shop itself is just so inviting. It's only gotten better since they opened up a dedicated front space. Getting coffee from here is always a treat.

Brandon F.

Very cute interior with a relaxing atmosphere. Simplistic menu, with all your major coffee selections. The coffee was good all around, I got a fan favorite, Vanilla Maple speciality latte. Good flavor and appearance, I was impressed. I got a fruit scone which was overall alright. My biggest pain point with the place was I didn't feel welcomed at all. I went on a Sunday morning around 9:45 am with my girlfriend, we weren't addressed or welcomed by any employees and couldn't even find the menu at first. We were aimlessly walking around trying to find some sort of reference on what they even offer, not to mention the service (when we got it) seemed like they had no desire to be there and help us. Mind you I'm a manager for retail so I understand to an extent of working Sundays, but still. We didn't even get a goodbye or thanks for coming in when leaving. All around it's a pretty location with great decor and aesthetic, but we personally experienced very dismal service. I wouldn't recommend unless you're going in with a large group for the back lounge area. 2 stars

Kimberly Patton

Super yummy coffee and treats! Awesome cool vibe on the inside! Highly recommend!!

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