Corby's Irish Pub

441 E Lasalle Ave, South Bend
(574) 233-5326

Recent Reviews

Tyeisha R Belt

Went there with my friend for Halloween, and it was fun. The drink were good.. the costumes were awesome. It was safe and no drama. Definitely will visit again

kerry j barron

Elecent foodabdservice

Phillip Gillespie

The service was friendly and sociable. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Joseph Beck

Cool place just super loud

Ashton Sherry Rgk

I love there pizza and great service

Region Rat

Legendary and has improved much over the years adding food and always a great atmosphere plus a big outdoor section. Stop for a few every home game passing through town.


Pretty good spot where the locals hang out. Good atmosphere and great music.

alexander deluna

Has a good atmosphere but expensive drinks with no menu prices that are available for the guys. I always have a good time but prepare to pregame before going.

Cynthia Liggins

I can dance and shoot pool there

Ashley Williams

Played some pretty lame music for a Sat. night but the bartenders were friendly and the environment is cool. Food is good too. I did not have a bad time at all.

Darvin Da Sauce Calhoun

Was in town visiting family and stopped through 2 nights in a row.. great environment and atmosphere. Bartenders were friendly, and knowledgeable of all drinks especially tequila.

Caitlin W.

Typical college bar with a little history. This was Rudy's bar from the movie. Came in after the ND VT football game for some dinner and a ton of drinks. Ordered a few pizzas and sides. It's tough for a NJ girl to judge pizza so I'll leave that out. The bartenders were nice and kept us hydrated. Is a great spot for a group of people with tons of seating.


Super packed place on the weekends, but a cool corner bar with beer pong tables!

Lara Covington- Redman

One of your very unprofessional, RUDE, GIANT bouncers put his hands on my TWENTY THREE year old daughter last night for no reason, shoving her TWICE for doing only what he himself had told her to do. He continued calling her names and laughing at her after shoving her by the neck. Absolutely unacceptable behavior! You should be ashamed of yourselves Corby’s. You’ve been doing this way too long to be allowing these things to happen! COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL

Jason H.

Went tonight against better judgement. Corbys has never been great....tonight was tolerable. For some odd reason this place stays fully Domerized even after Eddy street was built, and the East race revitalized w new hospitality businesses. Corbys has a great location etc. It just isnt for people over 30.

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