My Taco Express

50741 State Hwy 933, South Bend
(574) 222-2636

Recent Reviews

brian albright

This place is absolutely amazing. Food is really authentic. Great service and some of the best Mexican food I've had in a long time. Will definitely come back. And they even have a breakfast menu.


They're great! Just had lunch with my daughter and we both loved it. Big cheesy quesadillas, delicious tacos, and amazing tres leches cake! Gonna come back soon to get stuff for the whole family. FYI, they have a drive thru from the road just north of the restaurant.

David B.

This will be the best authentic Mexican food that you will eat! Great portions. Great Price. Great Team. Great manager.

Daran O'Neill

Food is fantastic. I think the most authentic in south bend. The owner is on site and is very pleasant.

Anita M.

This is a great place if you like Mexican food. The food is fresh and fast. Everyone is so friendly and nice. I ordered a taco salad with chicken and my husband had chicken tacos. Both meals included beverages and delicious green & red sauces, all for just under $25. Highly recommend if you're looking for REAL Mexican food.

Phil Stickels

The food and the service were absolutely spectacular

Vertrice Napper

They’re food is delicious you will not be disappointed!!!

Jamie Wiles-Smith

Absolutely delicious! Burrito fed 2 of us plus some! Chips were fresh and crispy not heavy with fryer grease. Highly recommend.

Ty Bagger Vance

The food was amazing. We will for sure make many more trips for food.

Jessica A.

Today was one of the days in which I was stopping at speedway for gas and thought the sign is on and I'm feeling hungry. So I decided to try their steak tacos, steak burrito with everything, and three pork tamales with a fruit punch jarrito. Personally I prefer strawberry, but fruit punch is a close second if in a glass bottle. Their prices were a bit high in comparison to their competition, but I was on a mission. Sometimes the best places are a bit pricier and in a tiny spot. My taco in comparison to most other Mexican tacos seemed a bit bland. It wasn't bad, but it didn't have the spices I was looking for. My tamale however were a bit closer to the flavor was looking for. I tried them with both the green sauce and red. Most importantly they did not add cheese. That's normally a red flag for me. Although I must say ten dollars for three tamales is a boy more then a little pricy when you can easily get a dozen for twelve dollars a piece or roughly one dollar and fifty cents at most elsewhere in the area. My burrito meal was also nothing exciting. I can't say I would choose this place again, but if you want something to eat that's not too spicy and open a bit later than the other places then this location is for you.

susan mullin

Had a friend mention taco express. Saw it on my way home and why not.So good! I will be back. Guacamole is amazing along with hot chips.Potato fajita with chicken also was very good but if you order both share with a friend. Can’t wait to try the breakfast!!!

Karen Tagliaferri

This restaurant was quite a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a fast-food quality Mexican restaurant similar to Del Taco or Taco Johns. Instead, I discovered a delicious, generously-portioned meal of sit-down restaurant quality. My burrito filled nearly the entire take-home box and included rice and beans. It's a hidden secret on this side of town and well-worth the price paid!

Carrie R.

This is my local restaurant and I have to say I have eaten here probably a dozen times. Although this is more like Mexican fast food, it's way, way, way better than Taco Bell. They have a drive thru and are quick. Everything is authentic, hot, and delicious. My favorite is the chilaquiles. I have always gotten terrific customer service. Highly recommend!

Christopher G.

This place competes with all the authentic Mexican sit down restaurants. Great food ,quick drive thru, competitive prices. I hope they are around for years to come. Been 5 times and no complaints. Great salsa!

R3 G3

Never ever judge a book by its cover. When I saw this place driving past it, I didn’t give it the credit it was due. I pulled over to read the reviews tho, because I was very curious and love Mexican food. They have a perfect score which seemed too good to be true. Once my daughter and I walked in to a very warm welcome from very nice employees, a very clean restaurant inside, and super fresh ingredients, we were left eating some of the best tacos we have ever had. I can’t recommend trying this place highly enough. They explained how the recipes come straight from their family passed down over the years, and it’s very obvious in every bite you take. They deserve all these amazing reviews and I urge you to get in and start exploring their menu today! Loved it, and will definitely come back over and over again!

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