Oh Mamma's On The Avenue

1202 E Mishawaka Ave, South Bend
(574) 276-6918

Recent Reviews

Xochitl Gonzalez

Love it!!!! Great food and service!

Jake Michael

We’ve used them twice for parties at our crib and they’ve come through for us both times w/ flying colors. The owner Joe truly takes care of his customers.

Julio Perez Hernandez

Excellent products and very kind and professional staff

Amelia Eggenburg

5☆ for customer service and food! So good. Here for business, and will definitely be stopping again if given the opportunity.

Allison A.

The staff was so friendly, walked us through the sandwiches, and gave us wonderful recommendations. The meat and cheese was high quality and half a sandwich was filling. It is such a quaint sandwich spot if you're in the area and enjoy the feel of a real mom and pop deli this is the place!

Andre Rivard

3M&C is a good panini with great meat & cheese. Spicy giardiniera addition made it pretty top notch.Don’t expect to sit down & enjoy your sandwich during an even semi-busy time. The shop is tiny, and not laid out in a very mindful manner. Simply changing the layout in this place would improve their business. Both for the casual sandwich customer & the regular meat/cheese connoisseur making regular visits.

Monica Shankle

Came in to grab a couple of sandwiches. Was very pleasantly surprised. I tried a sample of the spicy cheese curd, it was very good. Ill have to go back and get some. The were 3 ladies working there, they were all very nice. The answered all the questions I had and when I told one it had been my birthday she gave me a sample of a canolie. It was the best one I have ever had. The sandwiches I got were very good even though I let them get cold before I ate them. I did not get any pictures of them. I did however get pictures of their menu and some of the place. I did not get pictures of their seating area but I did peek in there. It look cozy and pleasant. One of the cases had cheese made from my hometown of Walkerton which was a nice surprise. Ill have to go back and try more things.

Kalie Schram

Best meats and cheeses in south bend!! Great prices and atmosphere. The staff is so awesome and fun to talk to. Great samples and displays!

Hilary Maich

I love this place! I picked up a cheese and meats box for the Thanksgiving holiday time, and it was perfect! It had many other garnishes too. I picked up crackers from the store as well and everybody in my family was thrilled. It was also super easy to place an order with them because they are so knowledgeable about their products and they ask the right questions. Thank you!

Taylor P.

Amazing. 10 out 10 I'd eat again and again. I could've snacked on the homemade Cheese samples all day..

Maria F.

These are some of the best sandwiches in South Bend. If you like paninis, this is a great spot. The staff is always friendly, and they have an amazing cheese and meat selection. This is the best spot to order charcuterie boards for events. The location next to the Farmer's Market is nice and convenient. You can sit down and eat there, but I'd recommend taking your sandwich to go. Their homemade pickles are delicious and I'm a fan of ordering whatever their featured sandwich is when I'm there. You can order your sandwich spicy, which I love. This is a great little spot if you're in the area!

Keelo A.

The best experience I have ever had. I came here with a friend and we didn't have much knowledge on different cheeses or meats. She pointed us in the right direction the entire time, gave us samples of anything she could to make sure we liked it and knew what we were walking away with. The food is always so fresh from the paninis to the sides they have and it is all cut right in front of you so they check thickness and all. Hands down the only place I will come and feel completely comfortable shopping for these things!! Amazing job!!

Charles Lacasse

This place is incredible. The selection of meats, cheeses, and other locally sourced foods is unmatched — not just for South Bend, but for any city. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and the large charcuterie board we got was a massive hit. We decided to order a few sandwiches for our group while we were there since we were so impressed by the selection and staff. The meat and cheese were sliced on the spot and we sampled the local honey and brie while we waited, and - you guessed it — those were fantastic. The sandwiches exceeded expectations, as did everything else. This place is an absolute MUST VISIT if you’re in the area. Sign up for one of their classes where they teach you how to pair foods. For example, during Halloween, they did a candy and cheese pairing. We were skeptical, so they gave us a few samples. We were blown away. Who would’ve known that airheads would pair with goat cheese?? Anyways, we’ll be back here whenever we’re in town. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Keys open doors.

Matthew Nannenga

I was at work and it popped up on fast food ,First time trying it it blows any fast food out of the water, genuinely great atmosphere and people and REAL homemade fresh food. It’s just unexplainable how good of an experience it was. 10/10 recommend

Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez

Excellent place!Excellent people!Excellent food quality!

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