Whistle Stop Ice Cream

210 S St Louis Blvd, South Bend
(574) 703-3170

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Walked in and walked right back out… it was dirty and had a small selection of flavors. The place needs cleaning BAD. It just looks like it’s been ran through from everyone at Howard Park.It’s a waste of a great location, the owner obviously isn’t very involved and doesn’t seem to care too much about the place.

Atmosphere: 1

Paula Elliott

OK, I don't know who is leading these good reviews!! Was taking our four-year-old granddaughter to Howard Park and she wanted to go to an ice cream shop as well. I look for one nearest the park and of course this is right across the street. When we got there it appeared not to be open but there was a little paper clock on the window saying they opened at 4:00. We went back at four and it still didn't look open, no lights on, etc. but tried the door and it was open. A young man was sitting in the front window at a table working a model or something jumped up and scurried behind the counter, still no lights. We are peering into the dark case, trying to see the ice cream in the semi darkness, which looked like it had been there since May probably. He finally turned the lights on in the case and she made her selection. It made me nervous for you for even to eat that ice cream! This place was so dirty and creepy, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody!


It’s a small lack luster ice cream shop. Not that bad of ice cream though.

Chris Kirk

This is excellent option for dessert after dining at any of the nearby eateries. Options are limited due to the size of the business, but they are no less satisfying. Outside seating is available, and it's shaded.

Denise Wilkerson

The ice cream was supremely average but there is a very hard-working staff there.

Brooklynn Ross

Great dairy free options! Dairy free blue moon, coconut chai, and cookies and cream!

David Dirst

The ice cream is homemade and tastes amazing. They also have gluten free and know which ones have dye in them. So if you need to be careful about what you eat, they have the answers you need.

One Persons Opinion

Very small custom ice cream place, im not big on bells and whistles (no pun intended) when it comes to ice cream. Vanilla for me.Ended up with a small vanilla sundae... it could have used a lil more chocolate one it for sure, but overall good ice cream.

Samantha Hribar

We are visiting family and they took us to Howard Park, we played on the playground and got delicious ice cream!!! The shop was slightly hidden but well worth the hunt. It is located in an house directly across from the park. Everyone loved all the flavors they tried.My extremely picky daughter LOVED their birthday cake!!They had two dairy free options with very creamy textures! All potential food allergies were clearly labeled on the menu.They also offered hot dog/ice cream combos if you wanted to make it a lunch stop.The owner was very friendly and helpful!

Brian Collier

The young person who served us was so cheerful and polite and the Ice Cream is always amazing. I love that they're employing local high school students to help work there as that adds just the perfect touch of hometown to this place that has a great product and location!

Kyle Rico

Coffee ice cream didn't taste like coffee. Worker said it tasted like coffee (bold lie), but then the ice cream maker man even admitted that it didn't taste like coffee to the other workers after he tasted it. The ice cream wasn't even brown.And yet, they didn't acknowledge our dissatisfaction and let us walk out with just milk flavored, white colored, "coffee ice cream".

Ryan Callahan

5/5 very good ice cream, not gimmicky, great location. Worth a stop!


They had three flavors of dairy free. I got the blue moon which tasted good!!!

Shayne Coleman

Okay ice cream… the guy Nick who works there is an absolute gem. 10/10 experience

Thomas Gudeman

Excellent. Homemade on the premises by the owner. Nonchalant business front, no huge sign. Just a banner on a pole in front of an otherwise beautiful older city home turned artisan ice cream shop.

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