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357 W Morgan St, Spencer
(812) 829-4115

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David Ooley

Tasty. We got the assorted meats pizza. It was generously topped and a good value.

T Elaine Dwigans

Love this place. Zach, the owner, has been very helpful and remembers me since my first photo call. Excellent food. I am handicapped & was tired one evening when I called in my order. Zach BROUGHT my order out for me! The salad bar, antipasto salad, spaghetti, pizza buffet are very inexpensive and great for a get together meal.Vegetarian options: Salad bar availableKid-friendliness: Lots of room, and very friendly staff. The owner's son is in 4th grade and studies here.Parking: A little difficult for an extended cab only if you are entering from the north turning east into lotWheelchair accessibility: Easily manueverableDietary restrictions: Made to order

Donna McDermit

We had the salad and pizza buffet. The pizza and bread sticks were hot and everything tasted great. We'll definitely be going back!

Angel Murphy

Very nice place to eat ! They have the best breadsticks and ? great service as well !

Shay Ann

We had lunch there on the week-end. Good service, but the pizza was just ok - not enough flavor & too greasy.Parking: Lots of open parking.

Susan Indy

We had lunch there on the week-end. Good service, but the pizza was just ok - not enough flavor & too greasy.Parking: Lots of open parking.

John J.

Positive point of our experience is that they have a pizza buffet so that everyone can usually find something the enjoy and the breadsticks are better than the other pizza places in town. There's also a "salad bar" if iceberg and ranch are your thing. We did request a no meat pizza (veggie) due to a food allergy and they did make a cheese pizza. We find that their pizza sauce is lacking flavor and their service is literally non-existent. We notified the front that they were out of nacho cheese for the bread sticks but none was provided in the 45 minutes we were there. There were no forks so we ate our iceberg lettuce salad with a spoon-- not an easy task! Until we hear that their service has improved, we will not return. Considering the considerably high cost of this pizza, we would hope for better service.

Dominic Aguina

Excellent service and food, they forsure out pizza the hut! they truly earned this 5 star review.

David Stojke

I should've complained immediately, but didn't. Ordered 12" Godfather deep dish for $17.99. Pizza was good, best in town, imo. Had it delivered. I was so pleased to see they had delivery! Pizza arrives on time. I gave the delivery guy a $5 tip, which is nearly 28% of the pizza. The delivery guy complained. He said, 'Really? That's it?' I was taken aback that he had the gall to hit me up for a bigger tip. I said, 'You're kidding, right?' He said, 'I drove all the way out here and this is all I get?' I said, 'Goodbye. Drive safe.' and shut the door. We are about six miles away from the restaurant. Did I under tip him? ... I enjoyed the pizza but am hesitant to go back now. I'm just out of the hospital, in the mood for pizza. I'd like to have one delivered now since I can't drive right now, but I don't want to deal with a surly, greedy delivery guy again. I'm not so sure I'd even go back for a carry out now and we were fairly regular patrons since the new owners took over....Did I under tip the guy? ... Five stars for the pizza, Zero stars for the service. It's too bad one employee can drive away a customer like he did.

Amanda Horn

Save your money on this one people The pizza is not that good. They have some kind of cheesy French bread It was good.

Joshua Pedroza

I stopped in recently in the afternoon to try out the food here since new ownership. I bought a supreme pizza, a plate to the salad bar and a side of buffalo wings.As far as I can tell the place is locally owned. The inside of the resturant and bathrooms were clean.The salad bar was 5 dollars for buffet style and in my opinion priced very resonably and had a nice selection of ingredients including pepperoni. The ingredients looked fresh and the bar was well kept and stocked. My biggest suggestion to the management would be to consider making house made ranch vs what is currently used, it would really kick things up a few notches, but no major complaintsThe pizza itself was fantastic. It has good cronch and all around a good pizza.The wings were kinda meh in my opinion but I have high wing standards. It was okay for a place that isn't a wing place or specializes in them. They are baked not fried so they were missing the crispy skin I crave when ordering wings. I ordered the inferno or whatever the hottest wing sauce option was available, which if you are a fire eating fool like me, left a little bit to be desired as far as spice level goes, but it had good flavor.They do deliver out of town a bit which is nice. A delivery fee is added on to delivery orders and that delivery fee is not your drivers tip so just be mindful and tip your driver.Staff was down to earth and helpful. Would recommend the pizza here and will be back.

Amy Rednour

Pizza was pretty good. Bought 2 large pizzas came out to $40 bucks.

Chris Kaufman

Clean friendly atmosphere, excellent quick service. Ordered three large pizzas. Cheese, meat feast, and supreme. Excellent pizza with crispy thin crust and loaded with topping. Also recommend the bread sticks. Stop in for the best.

Dan C.

I'm from New York City, in town for my mother in-law. My wife mentioned Pizza town USA and thought, ok, c'mon they got nothin us. Well, I stand corrected. Yous guys are alright. Keep up the good work and you might be up there with Lombardi's NYC... someday. Someday. Tasty... very tasty!

Erich and JuliAnne Wiegand

We have probably eaten here 15 times since they have opened. Never been treated anything but the best. Never had a meal that wasn't incredible. Staff is great and pizza and sandwiches are great. Restaurant is always clean and you can see in the kitchen and it's clean as well. Even the restrooms are clean and tidy. This place is pizza done right

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