3017 South, US-41, Terre Haute
(812) 235-5346

Recent Reviews

Rehnuma Tahsin

I loved all of Their drinks ❤️

Missi Lydick

Love all the different drinks I've tried so far.

Alicia S.

Today I went in and ordered four coffees. There were only 6 people in the drive thru. There were 7 people working behind the counter, 5 of them were working the drive through. That leaves 2 for the ONLY customers in the store. It took them over 4 mins to even acknowledge us and take our order. It then took them an additional 22 mins to make our 4 Grande coffees. I have never been treated so badly at a Starbucks . I am from Washington State and frequent Starbucks often. This store does no represent the company's policies. I will drive out of my way the next time I am in town to go to ANY OTHER coffee company/stand!!!!!

Troyetta Evans

Best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. Also awesome chocolate croissants. Yummy ?

Natasha Rascon

Double star day meant an extra long line, but the line did not take very long. Drink was right. Staff was friendly. Kody and crew do a great job!


Right off i-70 and us-41, quick stop on the road to or from Indy in Terre Haute. Friendly staff and clean.

Hayden Beaven

I wanted a decaf ice coffee (bc I can't have a lot of caffeine) but it didn't come in decaf. So the amazing lady behind the counter figured a way to put it in the system as decaf so I could get exactly what I wanted. She went out of her way to accommodate what I really wanted without me even asking. And we got it quickly and deliciously ?

Gage Prime


Brian Korpiel

Best cold Irish cream coffee and half price with my VERIZON coupon.

Howard Grg

great group of employees best stop of my trip paid it forward and bought a bunch of drinks in drive thru

Jess Hughes

We ordered ahead online, and went through the drive thru to pick it up. We had to wait almost ten minutes to get to the window, and when we got there my drink was wrong. My latte was supposed to be hot but it was iced. We took it inside to have it corrected, and the new drink was still incorrect. Instead of a blonde Carmel latte with whip it was a blonde vanilla latte with no whip. I appreciated their readiness to correct their mistake, but I wish they would have taken more care to actually get it right. The service was very nice, but the fact that we had two incorrect drinks when they weren’t very busy was frustrating.

Dalton Boyles

So we ordered on the app and went through the drive through to pick up our order. One drink was correct and the other was wrong. So I went inside with the incorrect order and they were very generous about the remaking it. HOWEVER!!! The remake was also wrong! By the time we figured it out it was to late to go correct it. Very disappointed that they didn't try harder to make it correct on the remake.

Anthony McDaniel Jr

I got the venti salted caramel mocha for the first time. It was okay...I wish I would've ordered something else. Service was great. The barista was funny and told us she wishes she could her nails done after seeing my gfs nails. Happy people who serve in this industry make a big difference even for a drive thru service. Thanks acrylic-less barista!!

sam kinman

Right off the highway. Clean. Inside seating. Very customer oriented. HC access.

Bottle Blonde

See, this is what I love about America. No matter which location we visit, whether on Aruba, in Terre Haute or San Francisco, the Nitro Cold Brew is identical. Cool & refreshing.

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