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Best Italian Dishes To Order

Gelato, pizza, and spaghetti are delicious but fact is that these only scratch the surface of the Italy's diverse cuisine offerings. It is a disservice to limit you with the typical tourist diet when there are countless regional dishes and impressive panoply of street food. Underlined is a brief list of lesser known; yet must to be tried dishes on your next trip to Italy.


You think that spaghetti was good? Wait until you give a try to bigoli, the signature pasta of the Veneto region. These noodles are coarse, thick, and tubular. Traditionally they are handmade from duck eggs and buckwheat flour. It is generally served with simple sauce of dry red wine, roasted wild duck, and vegetables.


This dish is made up of using leftover bread. Then it is mixed with milk and eggs to create a golf ball sized dumplings that are similar to the German knodel. For extra flavor before the canederli are boiled in chicken or beef broth, speck spices, and cheese are added to it.


If you are not a fish person then this Italian dish will change that. It is a spicy and zesty seafood stew that was natively made by the fishmongers with squid, shellfish, monkfish, or an octopus. The fish is cooked in rich tomatoes along with the chile based broth flavored with garlic and sage, served with crusty bread to the people.


It is more of an ingredient and not a dish. Its salted, cured mullet roe and it is a delicacy of both sicily and Sardinia. As it is briny, rich, salty flavor, it is used in many of the southern Italian dishes, shaved atop bitter greens, grated over linguine with buttered crostini or bread.

Try any of these dishes being in Italy and you will be enticing your taste buds at their best in every manner.