Epic Buffet

777 Hollywood Casino Blvd, Kansas City
(913) 287-9763

Recent Reviews

Matthew G.

came on crab night. before it used to be crab and steak but now its just crab. maybe they were losing money from that duo. crab leg galore! they just kept coming. i probably ate 20 crab legs! dipped in butter and pepper is the way to go. besides that they had crawfish, shrimp, pizza, chicken, pho (which was salty with no flavor), veggies, and a variety of other things. the pizza was pretty tasty but then again pizza is never bad, its good to amazing. i learned how to get all the crawfish meat in one go. now im a pro sheller. everything was pretty mediocre but expected when going to a buffet. the desserts were plentiful. so many different cake options and soft serve ice cream and bread budding. i was full but had to try one of each. even put some ice cream in my root beer to make it a float. genius! the service was great. they emptied our shell bowl often and refilled our soda whenever it was close to empty. tentative for being a crowded place. overall my standards werent too high coming in so it was satisfied.

Beth Giles

Service is terrible. I asked 5 people before someone would get me a glass of water. The food wasn't fresh and there were many things that looked dried up and old. When you pay $40 you expect good seafood and fresh high quality food. There's many restaurants that are better. We won't be returning.


The wait was way to long and food not very good had a guy cut line and manager did nothing will not go back again

Karl Dombrowski

It's always a great experience at the Epic Buffet. Great food & service. The food line personnel are always friendly & accommodating us with fresh & tasteful cuisines. Our host/hostess are great & our "special waiter" Juan is always on the top of his game.

Jimmy C.

I got the SHIZZLES for about two weeks eating the seafood buffet at this joint. Holy smokes!!! Don't know if it was the Oysters or what but it messed me up. I swear I lost roughly 15lbs because I could not hold food down or in for that matter. Be careful eating here. If you do, don't even go near anything consider cold and expensive cause it is expired or bacteria infested. Either way, it ain't no good. Never again!

Tracey Kidwell

Yummy food!

William Hemmert

Very slow to get seated. 40 people in line and only one cashier who was very slow and inefficient. Averaged 3 minutes per seating. Had better things to do with my time. Was not the first time. You need 2 cashiers during this period. This is not a food review as I never got that far.

Faye Lowe

Kebab and mutton Keema was good and service was very friendly...nice ambience as well.. Will come back again

Sean Burkett

Delicious food at a great price. Plus the view ?

geo morris

Great salad-Great food

Randy Schneider

The food was good. The service was very good.I did feel the Christmas buffet was pricey

Kent Davis

I hate to knock a place but this isn't Argosy. Same price, half the food and noticeably not the quality. Sister casino but no comparison.

Cody E.

So we skipped lunch on a Wednesday in order to go play at Kansas City Hollywood Casino later. We figured we would eat at the buffet using our offers. The food wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. Definition of so-so. Good meal for free, nothing I would go out of my way to visit again.

Ron Campbell

Monday nights are great for Boomers - BOGO

Rae E.

When it first opened and we ate there it was delicious. We have been there 3 more times and last night was probably the last. They must have new cooks as ALL of the meat was overcooked making it dry and tough to eat. Last night was prime rib night and there was none of it even remotely pink. The best things were the mashed potatoes, green beans and broccoli which surprisingly were cooked perfect and veggies not mushy. The rolls were almost too hard to cut open. The pizza was good but don't know if they make them or purchase premade and cook. For the cost to eat there I would expect food cooked to perfection.

Deborah Casey

The food was good and I was enjoying the buffet. I was seated by the window that overlooks the Speedway. The good experience ended when I was annoyed by a KNAT. Don't think I want to be seated by the window if I choose to dine there agaun.

Lonnie Oakman

It's really good prime rib was very delicious

joey g7414

Not a very big selection

Daniela Dani

Great mashed potato, good desserts and great services.

Sandra L.

It was great in the past but I went today and all of their oysters on the half shell were cooked. It was very disappointing. Staff were very nice.

Daniela Mm

They have the best mashed potato and gravy. When they have the garlic potato it's so awesome. Good desserts. Nice and friendly staff.

Scott B.

So far, it's my favorite casino buffet in the city. Not everything is perfect, but they have some items they excel at, like potatoes in any for, but they au gratin style is great. Their soups and desserts good also.

B S.

We had a good Saturday at Hollywood and decided to splurge for supper at the Epic Buffet. It was prime rib and shrimp night. Started out with a salad which was fresh and tasty. Then we went to get our main meal. The sides were not very appetizing looking. The star of the night ---Prime rib---was tough as shoe leather..nasty. The shrimp were not good either. We did enjoy the mashed potatoes! We were so disappointed that the ice cream machine was broken. What a waste!

Amy Doane

So many options and great tasting!

Nikki Owens

It's a hit-or-miss average buffet. But it's a buffet and it's the only one in Wyandotte that's not majority Asian cuisine. However, never crowded and I always get my favorite table. Although there's usually no line to enter, don't expect to rush right in. It appears it's catered to a slower-moving consumer.

Debbie Ullman-Berry

clean, friendly employees, a variety of food.

Karen Kozlowski

Food was excellent. we will be returning

Nick Dominguez

This place..... Buddy..... Quick refills, great food. Awesome all around.

Ray Cessna

OMG buffet is amazing !!! Came on saturday night. Views out the windows are wow!! And the food was all hot and prepared with expert care. Yummy!!!

Isaac Williams

Great food and friendly service 😁

Kristina Kimball

We liked the varity and the food was good. I think there should have been more signs saying what the food was. I got the shrimp and didn't realize it had the shells on. I bit on to it and had to spit it out. I do like that they were very accommodating to my mother in law who required a wheelchair.

Andrew Berry

I have traveled around America visiting hundreds of casinos, this is by far the best buffet I have ever had. The worst part about it is that I only have one stomach. And I'm probably going to be sick from eating so much delicious food.

Fy Lane

good food.... clean... good price

Lacey Patton

Almost everything was good. Some things not good though


I've visited hundreds of casinos around America and this one is by far the best. Worst part is my stomach is not big enough


I've visited hundreds of casinos around America and this one is by far the best. Worst part is my stomach is not big enough


All you can eat crab legs is awesome here! The crab legs are a good size. The remainder of the buffet is really good. Come early or be prepared to wait. The line to wait is right next to the casino so very Smokey: be prepared.

Mike Thomas

very poor food quality and even worse service guess it was a 1 and done


I have only visited this buffet for the prime rib dinner. It was ok, but the selection of other items were very small and poorly prepared. To make things worse the comps that hollywood offer are very restrictive with lots of limitations. Can't use for specialty Dinners, Prime Rib, Seafood etc. even though the buy one get one has a dollar limit of $17. I personally would not pay the High price for dining at this buffet. Quality and Selection just isn't there.

Edward Forster

The best part of my experience was our server, Juan! He was fantastic! So if you are lucky enough to get him, you'll enjoy your time at the table. The food selections are weak, the taste and temperature of the food was so so, at best. There are much, much better buffet options in town. This was my first and last visit to Hollywood Casino.