Heather Beez

6720 Kaw Dr #2318, Kansas City
(913) 328-1844

Recent Reviews

UsedCar Stars

With out a doubt the Rudest waitress ever! I have been a regular for years, but clearly customers are total inconvenience . Everyone has a bad day but every day is a bad day for Lee. Food is 5 Star! Heather the owner nothing less than Awesome-! Great food Good prices Service Sucks.

Christy Lyons

Great food and friendly service

Rich Davis

Some of the best people hang out at the home cooking diner, I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner and I've never been disappointed.

Tony Hepp

To my family's pleasant surprise, Heather offers gluten free bread and buns! Excellent service and food.

Ashlie Mathis

Food was not good (breakfast) and service sucked (cup sat empty forever). Wasn't busy enough or understaffed to have all these issues. Everyone was very friendly though...

Margaret Cosentino

I can get my big rig in there go to the thrift and the grocery store

Eric Fraunfelter

Our home town diner! We love this place. Dad's Breakfast & chicken fried chicken, you can't lose!

William Morace

Great food, friendly atmosphere.

Dustin Cook

Great food. Great service. Great prices.

Marsh Key

This is a diner not a gourmet restaurant. That being said we love all their food. Our favorite is the western burger and onion rings ð???. Everyone is so nice and a lot of older people telling stories. Just a great hometown diner.

Kevin Mccall

Friendly service, and good food... Heather had a seat with us and talked a bit. Enjoyed it very much

Norma Orton

Our waitress was a hoot and the food was great. We had a Reuben and the combo melt with tater tots...

Jodie Nelles Smith

love the food and the atmosphere . Bery charismatic. Very much like visting family.

Marsha Keylon

We always get the western burger and have to get their onion rings so good. . We love this place and the people are super friendly.

Marla Austin

Great food, great staff and altogether a great place!

jennifer spurgeon

Heather Beez is our FAVORITE breakfast spot!!!! The food is absolutely delicious. The service is always fast and friendly. The BEST little diner in Kck hands down.

Bonnie Hefton

great tenderloins but it all looked good.

Donn Harrison

This place is a fun stop. Itâ??s similar to walking into a family kitchen. Everyone knew each other and they made us feel a part of the gang. We chatted with other patrons and were helped immediately. Faster than most drive thru places our food was on the table. Huge burgers and a roast beef dinner my grandma wishes she could make arrived! Great food in a small cozy spot.

Richard Dey

Good food staff very nice will eat here again

Christopher Allin

Dont judge this book by its cover. The outside of this place is unassuming at best, but once inside, it opens up into a warm little place.

Melinda McIntyre

Came in with large group and they are always willing to accommodate. Food came out perfect and good!

Queen unicorndreams

Very home like restaurant, everyone greeted me, good was good and so was coffee

Carl Roach

great service and amazing food!

Steve Douglas

This place is a disgusting dump. Get a tetanus shot before you go. I sat at the counter and the wait staff and cook were bickering back and forth and using profanity over an order of bacon to go. Very unprofessional. My order was wrong. I ordered scrambled eggs and they were over easy. It came with a biscuit that was dry and fell apart every time I tried to pick it up. It wasn't a normal biscuit. It was something strange with the consistency of cornbread. The chunks I could pick up and get in my mouth were very bland. I was excited to try this place based on previous reviews but it was not good.

Jessie Brown

Fast and friendly service. I had biscuits and gravy and my granddaughter had a Mickey mouse pancake that made her day. Delicious food. Give them a try!

David Dozier

good food and Friendly people great place to sit and relax

Bonnie Biehn

I went there with some friends because of friendly and family astrospher there. They had a great staff of people there that was working there. Very helpful on the job totally. I would go back again.

Isaias Mejia

Great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant!! I have gone there to eat multiple times even back when it was Suzy Q's. My most recent visit we took a party of 22 and the food came out extremely quickly and it was very tasty. If we would have gone to IHOP or a similar place we would have waited to be seated and waited a long amount of time for the food after ordering. Definitely recommend.

Victoria Kdep

One of those places where you walk into and feel at home. Everyone is so nice and you can tell they have been around for a while as the regulars come in to dine and hugs are given all around. We also found Santa! Definitely a gem in KC to visit. We will definitely be back again. Not to mention the food is amazing and prepared with lots of love.

Doug Likins

the food's always good the staff is always friendly and they take all my BS and send me on my way always enjoy that place

Jason Mondragon

I am from Colorado and I just wanted to say they have great food and great service I would recommend heather beez to anyone and there pancakes are so good

Bill Barnes

If you're looking for fluff and flash, this isn't the place. But if you want real food with attentive servers that keep your coffee cup full at a very reasonable price, come here. If you leave hungry, it's your own fault.

Joe & Debi Ward

Heather, the new owner is slowly bringing this cafe back to life. The food, service, and atmosphere are much improved making the entire experience worth while. If you are reading reviews which mentions the words Susie Qâ??s you are reading old reviews. Heather Beez is worth your time to visit. This is the type of restaurant needed in our community, home town folks.

Dino Kaye

Great service! Thelma the waitress is a mainstay. Old school diner. Good food with big portions. Cheap! I recommend this place.

Debbie Cook

Love where this restaurants is heading. Such an improvement over the old owner. Much better food too.

Ashley Vance

Food was amazing. Pork tenderloin and Country fired steak both hand breaded Appetizer sampler yummy! That being said its a dive and service was less than mediocre.

Miguel Thrive

Great food, great service, waitresses were amazing, food amount for price was above average, was stuffed....thx Suzie Q's