Jones Bar-B-Q

6706 Kaw Dr, Kansas City
(913) 788-5005

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reese caprice

The food is excellent!!! However, the availability is inconsistent. Tried to order online and it says closed, this is wed. Site says 12 they open when you call, it's 10:45 lol so I get confused. No one will answer so you have to wait the next day until they decide to call you back to ask any questions. Another food is good there's no doubt about that but the long lines because it's such a small spot and then after waiting in line for an hour and a half you find out the food is already run out that's frustrating. I know they trying to save money but if they had a larger spot and more workers, I think the service will be excellent and I can give it five stars.

Michael Richards

Very good BBQ! Loved the short ends and thought the baked beans had a very good flavor. Unique.

Hassan H.

I use to frequent Jones Bar-B-Q as a kid when it was located at the top of the hill off 9th street in KCK. Their Bar-B-Q is very nostalgic to stay the least and after not having it for 10+ years I was super excited to visit them at there new location.

The sausage and ribs are the bell of the ball here + the Bar-B-Q sauce!

It was literally a walk down memory lane at first bite -the sisters still got it! I was so happy to taste the food and immediately be reminded of yester-Year.

They are in a interesting location now- right off a busy industrial road in a unsuspecting building. There's outdoor seating but it's Kansas City in February (Way to Cold to sit outside) with a modern flare as they have vending Bar-B-Q Sauce & soda machines.

The menu is still the same for the most part - I order the sampler platter, pan of potato salad, a link and a side of bean. Everything was excellent!

I forget how great the baked bean are because all I could think about was the sausage and ribs which are a 10 btw!

Can't wait to come back home and ear here again, happy to know that Mr. Hezekia recipes are still living on.

Dee Davis

The people who've given four and five stars have a very low expectation of smoked meats. There was very little smoke flavor, the burnt ends were chopped pieces of very tough and chewy meat, and the sausage was crumbly, dry, and lacked salt and flavor. The best part about my visit was the sauce in the fries. Because of the reviews we wanted to try the place and now we can say we have.

Rachel A.

Simply. The. Best. The owners deserve every bit of success, the food is unmatched!!!!

Dustin Johnson

The food is so good. Very friendly. They also have hand sanitizer and masks available for you.

Denise H.

My husband and I tried Jones bbq for the first time yesterday at lunch. It is a tiny outdoor restaurant in kc, ks. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. They helped us order and got our order out right away. They gave us extra beans since it was late in the aftrrnoon and they close at 3pm. The ribs were the best choice! Cooked with a crispy texture on the outside and tender underneath.  The bbq sauce is sweeter than others in Kansas City but it worked well with the beef. We also had burnt ends which is my usual favorite. Their beans were exceptional,  sweet with a bit of banana peppers. Skip the coleslaw it tastes like any old store bought coleslaw. Instead double up on the beans. Prices were reasonable. Meat portions large. Sides smal. Very pleased overall with food and service

Kelli Matz

Okay, so this is place cool for a couple of reasons but one reason is super cool. THEY HAVE A 24 HOUR BARBECUE VENDING MACHINE! We have been wanting to try this place for a while and our hours just didn't work but then as I was driving by I saw a sign for the vending machine. We stopped by later in the afternoon and got a burnt end sandwich, a ham sandwich and 2 desserts! The packages were sealed up tight. The sandwiches came with a little container of barbecue sauce and some of the best potato salad of my life. The sauce is rich, sweet, smoky and tangy. The burnt ends were so good. So was the ham. The chocolate cake and carrot cake were very good too. I will definitely be back!

The Squeesh

Some darn good BBQ. People were nice and food was great, glad we stopped to grab some on our way through town.

Linda L.

Hands down the best bbq in the Midwest we have had so far. And the ladies here are the nicest and sweetest.

We ordered 1 side of baked beans and the lady said "I'm giving you 2, cause y'all gon be fighting over dem beans."...and they were some yummy beans!

The burnt ends were moist and the sausages were good but very different than any we have had before.

Lived up to the hype that was built from when they were on Queer Eye.

Alisa Reyes

I ordered two slabs which should have came with sauce on side. If I had at least received some sauce I bet the ribs would have been better but on their own they are fine. I got there with than hour of opening and they were out of beans already. So I ordered the coleslaw and in my opinion it was not great. They definitely need to adjust their sides sizes. Seriously your going from a sauce cup size to half foil pan size???. Look to GO CHICKEN GO as an example for your sauce and sides offering. They give a sauce cup and people always order extra and their sides sizing is reasonable. Also they need a better covered area for to stand under while ordering.

Kim W.

This is one of my favorite bbq spots in the greater KC area if not my favorite. I love the food here. The smoke is great on it. The price point is excellent. The service is great. The cashier remembers me & knows my order. That's always a win for me because I like easy stuff lol.
I actually like the sauce too which doesn't happen often. Their sauce is pretty tasty. I appreciate the specials that they have. I've learned to navigate around them because one thing about them, folks are going to buy out all of the sausage on their sausage day lol.

Good stuff.

Sarah Smith de Vasconcellos

I can't imagine better ribs and rib ends. If you love barbecue you have to visit this place And it has outdoor seating. The ribs are perfectly smokey and the sauce is citrusy And delicious.The beans have a little pepper heat that make them Perfect and the Cole slaw has just enough Horse radish. All in all as great a restaurant as you'll find in KC or anywhere.

Brenden Haueter

Got to meet Little and Shorty and enjoy their food. We were there right before closing so they were down to just a few meats, but the rib ends, burnt ends, and sausage we're all tasty. I hope to stop by earlier in the day sometime to try even more things, but a great experience and food made by wonderful people.

Phillip Molnar

Get there early, the popular items will go fast. We drove to Kansas City from South Dakota to get this and it was so worth. Be sure to pick up extra sauce in bottles.PS the turkey slaps

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