Aggie Lounge

712 N 12th St, Manhattan
(785) 539-5722

Recent Reviews

Lindsey Milburn

Incredible dive bar with the best people! Best deals for drinks and a juke box that provides an array of musical taste. Side water in Aggieville!

J N.

I've been tipping beers back in this place for 25 years, off and on, when I get to Manhattan. I had to look around tonight to make sure I hadn't been abducted by aliens and dropped in Detroit. Rap blasting, check. No clean glasses for a tap beer, check. Bar tender in a KU sweatshirt w a black eye, check. The black eye made me smile. When did they decorate the place w dollar bills? I appreciate a good dive bar more than any other person, but the lou is definitely in the dump category now. What a shame. I'm glad my old man isn't here to see it.

Edwin J Baker

Love it!!

Aaron Sermino

The best little bar in Aggieville!

Chris Backman

Best hole in the wall!!

Beth McQuade

Love this bar.

eatstreet worker

No talk to order never severed me

Kenyon Fryman

Fun bar and the small atmosphere makes for a much better place than others in aggieville

Robbie Collins

No talk to order never severed me

Delta Wilson

Great atmosphere, the best bartenders in the ville, and the drinks leave nothing to be desired. TO THE LOU!

Floyd VanDruff

Great local dive. It's where to go to get adult beverage if you want to avoid clubs, and college students. Nothing fancy but amazing atmosphere and service.

Barry Harmon

Not as scary as people would have you believe.


Great old bar. Small & on the simple side. But I've been going to that bar since the mid 70's. Old timer bar.

ES Wilson

I have enjoyed coming back to aggie lounge for over 30 years. It hasn't changed much. Perfect!

J Random

Best hole-in-the-wall bar in Manhattan.

Ryan Stotz

If I lived in Manhattan, this would be my bar. Utterly unpretentious, everyone knows each other, and it covers the basics.

Dallas Goracke

By far, without a doubt, the best bar in the world.

Dee W

The nook of nooks. Friendly. Darts. A home away from home.

Jay Guarneri

It's a bar. Nothing fancy, but great if you want a simple place to drink in an uncomplicated way.

Todd B.

This is a real hole in the wall, but I always get great service here. It's a lively crowd and the bartenders are fantastic. Usually a bunch of blue collar regulars, but they are either very welcoming or will leave you alone. The nickname for this place is "The Lou". This is the type of place you think about when you hear the Garth Brooks song American Honky-Tonk Bar Association. The jukebox is almost always going with country or classic rock. A couple TV's to watch if there is a game on. The bathrooms are usually filthy disgusting, but I like this place anyway.

Michael Mo Jo Johnson

Absolutely 100% my favorite bar in the Ville. I've been going there since 88 and always stop in when I'm in town for a game. The Lou rocks!!!

Bob Fleener

One of the best hole-in-the-wall bars around! It's a local's hangout with some of the finest folks you could ever meet. Grab a stool, get a cold brew, throw a round of darts, make a friend or two, and carve your name in the wall. You'll wonder why you hadn't dropped in sooner.

Ryan T.

The Aggie Lounge, better known to locals and regulars as "The Lou" is the closest thing you'll find in Manhattan to a dive bar. This place opened in 1952 and has been rockin' ever since although I don't think they've updated any of their decorations since day 1. If you didn't know this place was here you'd probably never think it was a bar. There are no windows and it occupies a space that's roughly 10x30. There is a jukebox up front with a stellar collection of Outlaw Country and 70's rock. If you play anything else you may be asked to leave. David Allan Coe is always a safe play at The Lou. Originally they only served draft beer but over the last few years under new ownership they've added a full bar. You can also get a bag of chips or try a pickled egg which is a tradition of first timers. The Aggie Lounge is not a great place for a quiet date or a romantic evening on the town but if you're looking to get away from the typical college bars in Aggieville and wanting an ice cold beer and a game of darts this is the place to go.