Dairy King

407 S Freeman Ave, Oakley
(785) 672-4127

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Vegas Inky

Dairy King was cool. It brought back memories of childhood. They have an order board above the counter, not just that but the decor and ambiance brought me pleasantly back to a different time, when your burgers were served hot and your milkshakes were served thick and cold. It was very nostalgic and homey. The staff was great. They were courteous and very fast with their service. It was busy when I stopped by and they had my order done in no time flat. Oh yeah their French fries were amazing! Hot and fresh from the fryer with just the right amount of salt, outside crispy, inside like steaming hot mashed potatoes, man I wanna go back there soon. That's not to mention my chocolate shake was like the old school Wendy's Frosty, but better. It wasn't as frozen as a frosty but it had the perfect consistency and more chocolate than I should be allowed. Overall I would say whatever your doing near Oakley, KS check out Dairy King, not Dairy Queen she was dethroned by this leige long ago and banished to franchise he'll forever.

Barbara Herzog

Good food and great chocolate shake. Stopped on our way through town . Nice find for a sandwich and good fries.

Shaeley Santiago

Friendly service, good food. We were passing through town but this seems to be a popular lunch spot for locals.

Austin Emberlin

Burger was pretty dry and not much flavor even with Mayo and other toppings. They need to add salt or some seasoning to patties. The fries were absolutely amazing along with the ice cream.

Alex Ambuehl

The marshmallow shake blew my mind! Really nice people working there too.

Andrea C.

The burger was a good size. I didn't get anything else because I was saving room for a cyclone (like a Dairy Queen blizzard). I got a German Chocolate Cyclone - just the right amount of chocolate flavor along with coconut and pecan pieces. Looked to me many locals came here and got take out, very few eating inside.

Emily Robinette

When in town, we always make sure to stop by Dairy King for a treat. I recommend the cherry dipped cone!

Ashlee Robinson

Sweet customer service and great ice cream!

Erma Gee

Good place!


Can't resist stopping a little place like this. Brings back memories. Didn't eat any of the burgers just a cherry dipped cherry ice cream cone. It has been years. Just as good or better than I remember. Give it a try.

Courtney Ridge

Raspberry shake! This family owned and run diner are awesome!!

sdd g acct

Great small town dining. Small dining areas, but we did take out. The hamburger and cheeseburgers were great. It offers, the usual Shakes, Malts, Sundaes and sodas in addition to a variety of sandwiches. The "small" order of shoestring fries was bigger than many large orders provided elsewhere. They offer almost every sandwich in a basket with a small fry and a drink.If you want small town friendly food an service, come ahead. Each order is made fresh and will be HOT.

diana canty

Delicious hamburgers and french fries! Their cyclones are the best ice cream ever. I had the German chocolate. It was great! Everyone should take the time to stop here for a bite or at least try the cyclones.

Christina Haworth

I ordered a snicker cyclone and my husband ordered a M & M one. Totally delicious.


This place doesn’t look like much from outside, but it is larger and nicer on the inside. Other than the old carpet, the dining area is clean and nicely decorated. You order from a counter right inside the front doors with the menu posted above the window. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich ($4.61) which came with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I thought it was a bit on the bland side, and both my sandwich and my wife’s cheeseburger were overcooked. We were pleasantly surprised that the “small” fries that were served with her cheeseburger basket meal ($8.60) were huge and very warm. It was plenty to feed both of us.

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