Ari Delights

11030 Quivira Rd, Overland Park
(913) 400-3044

Recent Reviews

Amyn Nanjee

Excellent ice teas! Love the ambiance.

Maureen Chung

My husband and I (and the friends I bring in) all really love this place! The baristas are always pretty friendly, and we love the drinks! However, due to the visit we had recently, I took off two stars accordingly to two problems we had with our visit:My husband ordered a hot drink, and their steam wand was broken. This would've been a good thing to let the customer know beforehand, and if it was not something known beforehand, the proper thing to do would've been to refund the drink. Though the barista did kindly offer to pour it over ice, my husband didn't want an iced drink, so offering to pour his drink over ice really wouldn't have "solved" anything, per se.As for my drink, I ordered it with light ice. I had never had a drink where light ice still meant half the cup would basically be ice. A customer wouldn't have seen this when getting the drink, as the drink would cover up the amount of ice you could see. But as I went on drinking, I found myself less and less happy with the amount of ice that was in the drink. Photos are attached, where the amount of ice is still pretty sizable despite maybe having melted while drinking.

Ari S.

Usually have good experiences with this place. However, not so much this time. The last time I was here I ordered a custom drink like I usually do (this was after the lockdown because of the pandemic). This time though about 1.5 weeks later it is now an issue, truly? Something else I realized on the drive home the ladies behind the counter weren't wearing masks, and due to the fact if any vector that makes covid transmission possible got into the drink it could still make us sick, my spouse and I tossed them in the trash. Which is a bit saddening because we were really looking forward to the drinks.

Layne Roberts

The store is so! Pretty!! And so far everything I've had tastes super good??

Alicia G.

First time coming here and it was good. The wall decor was cute to take pix . Staff was nice and helpful on answering questions.

Lucy W.

I love their Hokkaido milk tea with sea salt cheese foam! Forget Kung Fu Tea and their constantly burnt black tea. Ari Delights is delicious and on par with Fat Bee as the frontrunners of Overland Park's boba tea scene. My friend ordered the Oh My Taro and he really liked it. Prices are similar to Fat Bee's and a little more expensive than Kung Fu Tea's. The interior of the store is spacious, well-decorated and clean. Ari Delights is a great place to study or catch up with friends. Other reviewers have commented on the slow service. I got lucky and happened to go when there were only 2 other people there and it wasn't bad.

Ellianna and Friends

The workers there are so nice! I got the create your own, light iced, White Peach Oolong tea, 100% sugar level, house special creamer with strawberry popping boba. 10/10 recommend!!

Benny Cameron

A must visit for many reasons.

Elizabeth Johnson

I got the house special oh my gosh!!!!!! SO DELICIOUS!!!! 10/10 recommend. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The tea quality is spectacular. Best boba shop in KC!

Asia Monique

I’m hooked. This place is so clean and the associates are so sweet. I ordered the love potion and omg, it was so good. I’m new to bubble tea and I’m definitely addicted now. I’ll be back!


Fun place, first times. Kids loved it. Great Tea, BEST AROUND

leah hoss

Delicious drinks (I got the Ari Godness) cute place and friendly staff!

Donna S.

Delicious! I happened to run into a photo of thiers on instagram. I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it. Its located right by Hawaiian Bros around the corner. Nice clean decor and friendly staff. We explained that it was our first time. She went through thier most popular items. Explained that you can adjust the level of sweetness and ice. They offer slushies, tea and milk tea. You can also customize items by adding different toppings or flavors. My sister got the ari goddess and I got the tropic like its hot slush. Both were great! Full of flavor and a good size for the price. I also got a taro milk tea to go for my husband with no ice so it wouldn't get watered down. I definitely will be back and recommend giving this place a try!

Becca Brown

The tea is delicious and the staff is phenomenally friendly. We’ll be back!

Sunyoung K.

Love ari delights but I have noticed that prices are a bit higher than other boba shops in the area (86 cents extra for boba) and the main issue I have is how long it takes to make a drink. There seems to be only one person, two very occasionally, working so it always takes awhile to make drinks even when you're the only customer in the store. Just dont expect this place to be a fast stop if you're wanting a drink pretty fast.

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