Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

10690 Roe Ave, Overland Park
(913) 383-2533

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Amy Bottcher

We LOVE Freddy's and the store on Roe is the best. The food is always perfect. We can count on Freddy's for excellence. Thank you!!Kid-friendliness: They have an awesome kids program and the food is well priced. My kids love it. They wear their Tshirts to get ice cream every time we go.Parking: Easy, big spaces.Wheelchair accessibility: Seemed to be good

Laurie R.

Ok I love fries like sticks w a sauce better than ketchup! The burgers are very good too! Both great tasting tantalizing my tastebuds making me want more! All fast food places need help but be patience your tastebuds will thank you! Fresh meat pickles cheese onions.....should I say more????

Rhonda Weatherspoon

Really good the options for the burgers a little interesting skinny fries though but they're good. I will visit when I'm back in KcFood: 5/5

Justin Anderson

Good Freddy's with good portions and fresh smashed burgers. The lobby could use some cleaning, but it was very acceptable given the volume of people they had recently served.Kid-friendliness: 4 choices on kids menu

Chris Wilborn

As good as any fast food . Fast on the burgers and slow on the ice cream .We ate inside because the drive-up line was insanely Long ..... Glad we did . Service was friendly at first , however forgetting our ice cream was not appologized for . Perhaps a 4 was a bit generous .

Bill M.

Slowest drive thru on earth. Obviously don't care about customer's time. Burgers are good however.


This food chain will always be my best?their fries are thin and good and their burgers are fresher and hotter compared to other food chains.When I initially tried their food I was like umh not for me but now this place is great.

Jennifer D.

Guess good service is over these days. Thank you for not completing my order. Should have stayed home :(((

Katherine Boylan

My kid loves this place. I've cream is great. I always get the cheese curds but there's too much salt.It's our go to place for after school snack

Megan Biggs

Love the food here. I went through the drive thru 2 times so far and they had gotten everything right which seems to be a struggle for other places in the area. We always get the burger lettuce wrap which you cannot get everywhere. The custard is great! We love the fry sauce it is a must try. Quick great service!

Josh Edwards

Like steak and shake but with custard. Inside was dirty, garbage overflowing, greasy floor.

Avi S.

The custard was fantastic as usual. Visiting from out of town and I was not disappointed with the custard! So delicious.

Natasha K.

Yassssss. After having a horrible experience at a pizza place I chose to order from Freddy's!!! Where has this been all my life. I could've used a straw for my shake, but it's all groovy. Best burger be had in a long time

Joshua Holgate

They made a mistake on my burger and when I went back around through the drive-thru I decided to order a shake that I was totally willing to pay for but they Compt My shake and fixed my burger and let me keep what I already had. I really appreciate that they took my politeness and executed everything perfectly. Thank you so much for your time. I will definitely be returning!


I’ve just about had it with this location. The dining room is absolutely filthy every time I go here. It is disgusting, I am amazed they don’t have health code violations here On a daily basis. It’s not just a basic things like unwiped tables and floors that look like they have never been mopped, it’s walls that have months or years worth of gunk build up, drink station is gross and dirty, bathrooms are filthy, and apparently there isn’t a proper ventilation system for the grease from the fryers and the grills because the dining room is filled with Smokey exhaust. I’m a really big fan of the burgers here, but I get better service Andy vastly superior dining experience at Culver’s and at Chick-fil-A.

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

10690 Roe Ave, Overland Park, KS 66207
(913) 383-2533