4530 W 107th St, Overland Park
(913) 383-1177

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Susana Branum

I love Goodcents, but had a very bad and odd experience at this particular location. I have not been back, but would like to give potential customers a heads up. First, let’s start with the good stuff! The location is always very clean and the staff is usually exceptional. Even when they have long lines, they are able to work through them quickly.Now to my unfortunate experience. I ordered a salad. My total came to over $10. I thought it was really expensive because the salad was tiny and mainly shredded lettuce. When I asked for my receipt, the cashier did not give it to me right away and acted very strange. When I got to my table, I realized I was actually charged for a sandwich; which is significantly higher than a salad. When I went back up to ask, the same cashier was arguing with a young man about his order. He was being charged for a larger sandwich than what he ordered. She called him dishonest because he didn’t notice the error before they proceeded to make a larger sandwich than what he had ordered. They were very busy and after seeing the argumentative nature of the cashier, I decided that my $2-$3 wasn’t worth arguing with her. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth, so I haven’t been back to this location. If you want a good sandwich and are in the area, I would recommend it. However, just be on alert and check your prices so you aren’t overcharged.

Roslyn Owens

Your website refuses to allow me to add a sub without selecting a bread size but doesn't have an option to select a bread size. Thanks for frustrating me... I guess I'll order elsewhere

The Empty Set.

The store was very clean and the staff was helpful and inviting. Our food was made quickly but with care, a perfect balance. I was even reunited with an old co-worker. Good store and good people who care. Elliot, Prem and Summer were especially helpful.

Key Sprung

The best goodcents in KC. Friendly staff and always clean. One of my favorite spots in the metro.

Jacob Jones

Great subs and friendly staff. Clean. If it is outside of lunchtime you can usually in and out here.

Stacey Williams

Service was prompt and friendly! Ordered large meal for a soccer team. Will order Again!

Darci Blackney

My family of 4 was traveling back home from vacation and stopped in for a quick lunch. We do not have a goodcents where we live but love their fresh subs. This one did not disappoint. Fresh great food but the service was the best part. My kids age 16 and 9 both commented on the friendliness and awesome service. The place was clean! Great experience and top notch service.

Daljeet Dhillon

Dear Customers We just noticed about 2 reviews, we barely put veggies, 3 tomatoes on 12" and paper thin meat slices. This is totally incorrect information even company knows we put 3× more than company says. I mean never have this issue before why only now within 2 weeks. Our meat is always set on point how thin or thick the slice needs be and by weigh wise.

Javier Ortiz

Ordered 2 12 inch subs...on one sub 3 slices of tomatoes n very little lettuce....the meat was paper thin slices

David Adden

Great service and awesome food

Joe Cusic

Great sub and friendly environment!

Andrew Kewley

Went here with our soccer team. The food was great. Service was excellent! The place was so clean and the staff was very friendly. The owners are such nice people! They got through 35 of us in less than 10 minutes.Would definitely recommend!

Natalie Rellihan

Food was fresh. The people were so friendly, patient, and helpful. The store was very clean. It was so nice to see a clean business with happy employees, well staffed, and great fresh food.

Colson Lewis

Good food! Delicious Italian sub!

Ronald Atkinson

On behalf of the Manhattan First United Methodist Church Youth Group, we just want to say a big THANK YOU!!! for serving our group of students and staff for dinner so fast and efficiently! We appreciate you all for being so gracious and kind with excellent service and hospitality! We have left 5 minutes ago as we speak.

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