Hawaiian Bros.

12120 College Blvd, Overland Park
(913) 291-1004

Recent Reviews

Olivia G.

I absolutely LOVE this place! The food is revolutionary and I feel like I'm being transformed to Hawaii with every bite. I love getting the Huli Huli Chicken or the Honolulu Chicken. It comes on a bed of rice, and unless you ask for vegetables, you also get a side of rice and macaroni salad. It can be a lot of starch, but I usually divide the meal so I can get two meals out of it. The dole whip is good. I prefer the strawberry over pineapple, but both are tasty!

Sari L.

Time to escape to an island and food just as comforting as it is delicious. I had been dying to try this place forever and I finally went! It took me forever to decide what to get because everything looked so good. I went with the Molokai Chicken because I love food with a spicy kick. I decided to go for a healthier option and opted to replace the rice and macaroni salad with grilled veggies. The chicken was perfectly marinated and had so much flavor. The parking lot was super hectic and I will just chalk that up to the pandemic and people utilizing the drive-thru. It took us awhile to get our food but once we did it was so good! We finished off our meal with the pineapple dole whip which was the perfect sweet treat to end on.

Shelby D.

I heard only great things and could wait to try and it's been less than a month and I go at least once a week. Hulu chicken and dole whip are a MUST!

Sarah S.

I am an absolute lover of all things Hawaiian. Stopped here while passing through and it was absolutely phenomenal. Very accurate to the Kalua pork and huli huli chicken you'd eat on the beaches of Maui. Brought back great memories. Great atmosphere and employees, plus very fair prices.

Kelsey O.

We ate at the Belton location and oh my gosh. From the food to the customer service this place was beyond 5 stars. Highly recommend.

Jeff N.

Fantastic flavor. Huli Huli chicken was great. Why not 5 stars? -- meals to go: one fork for two people?? -- I asked for a Huli Huli Sandwich and got the lunch plate instead... Disappointing attention to detail.

Lauren R.

We typically go to the location in North Kansas City but were out this way and decided to order curbside pickup (this is in the midst of the Covid Pandemic). I will give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt because everyone is overwhelmed and just trying to work through the new processes bug the layout of the parking lot is horrible. The people in line for the drive though don't allow space for the people trying to pull into spots for pickup and then you are blocked in unable to get out once you have your food. Good for them that they are so packed but that arrangement isn't ideal. The food,however, is EXCELLENT and never disappoints. We no the classic mixed plate with the spicy chicken and pork - add an extra side of pineapple as well! If you can eat it on the way home, the dole whip is a must try but don't let it melt!

Rachel Wolf

Absolutely my favorite restaurant ever! The people are always kind and helpful and the food is amazing! I would recommend the number 3!


Wow this is delicious! I recommend the small size to begin with. It’s so flavorful and not salty. I’m putting this on my weekly rotation for supper!


Your positive review makes our team at Hawaiian Bros so happy. We are thankful that you took the time to share your amazing experience with the world! We look forward to serving you again soon. Thank you for your support. Mahalo!

Frank S.

Hawaiian Bros what is going on with your portions??? We just got takeout and this is what my classic plate looks like. It looks like someone ate half of my lunch. As an islander this is definitely not what a plate lunch is supposed to look like. I only keep going back to you because there are no other options in KC and the flavor is decent.

Mike M.

My first time here and the drive thru line was a mile long. I took this as a good sign. The chicken was spicy and delicious . I substituted vegetables and was glad I did as they are well seasoned. The employees are friendly and the line moves quickly. This is a great place to eat. I will be back. Soon.

Alexander B.

An exceptional convenient meal! When visiting Hawaiian Bros, your food is served in a jiffy and the staff members are delightful. I reccomend the Luau Pig meal. Pork is always cooked to perfection and it pairs nicely with their teriyaki sauce. A large meal yields two servings! Knocking off a star for their side dishes. The meal comes with TWO portions of plain white rice, and macaroni salad. The rice is overwhelming and it drys out the food. You have the option to sub out a side with steamed vegetables. However, the vegetable medley lacks flavor and has the backbone of a wet noodle. The vegetables also add an abundance of liquid to the dish. Your better off carb loading on the mac salad and rice.

Devin R.

This place deserves all the praise it gets. I've been here twice in the past week. My wife and I have tried 4 separate things on the menu and nothing disappoints. The only negative would be if you don't like juicy grilled chicken with tons of flavor... Great veggies, rice and macaroni salad. Even better that it's drive thru for convenience during this pandemic! Keep it up

Qiana Peterson

Ordered online which was a quick and easy process. Pulled up order was brought right out! Customer service and food was AMAZING!!! I’m definitely going back! Thanks for a phenomenal island experience!!

Dominque Gaston

Visited while in KC. If you are looking for some Hawaiian barbecue look no more!!! This places is AMAZING!!! My friend & I both grabbed an item of the menu. You cant go wrong. I liked how you can see them grilling the meats right there. There's a self serve dole whip station. It was down when we went unfortunately but the customer service, location, and food were definitely great. I know some people like L&L barbecue. The two are of no comparison. I'll definitely be returning my next visit! Thank you!

Lisa Hulbert

Ordered to go and the website says to call when you arrive. When you aerive amd try to call there is a voicemail that says call back later, they're busy. what?! We have dined in with no problems but to go is always awful. Do better Hawaiian Bros, we are definitely eating here a lot less often because your restaurant can't get its act together.

Amanda W.

I failed to get a picture of the food in its container. Just my plate. Mostly because I am typing this review, as I eat my lunch. It is that good. I ordered the classic plate, half molokai chicken hot, and half luau pork. Both meats were tender, flavorful, and delicious! The hot chicken really didn't have the spice I had hoped for.. the only disappointment. I don't know if the doordash driver didn't order it right, or they didn't make it right, but it was definitely not spicy. Still, absolutely delicious. I ordered a salad to have for dinner, so no opinion on that just yet, though it looks great. I also tried a spam musubi. I should preface that I hate spam. I cannot stand it. Its just weird and.. not for me. Still, if I am trying island food, I had to give it a go. It too, blew me away. The flavor and texture was amazing. By far the best "Quarantine 2020" meal I have ordered thus far. Cannot wait to order again!

Lynn Oberman

Excellent menu & great service!

Keoni J Maria

Was very pleasantly surprised. Being from Hawaii, I wasn't expecting much but chicken with a pineapple on top! WRONG! The chicken was tender, flavored local style, the Kalua pig was delicious. Hawaiian salt on the side would be good but my mix plate was gone before I left the parking lot. Well done!

Tina H.

Love love love this place! When I'm in the mood for something quick and easy minus the fast food that makes my stomach feels terrible after, than this is it! Can never go wrong with it, the portion is big, food is always fresh, service is quick, the consistency keeps bringing me back. Btw-- there is a drive thru +++

Severina O.

I visited Hawaiian Bros recently with some friends for lunch. Before I get into the food review, I do want to give newbies to this place a heads up on parking: at least at this location, I would suggest turning in to the restaurant via the second entrance. Reason being the drive thru traffic is coming at you through the first entrance and you'll end up doing a bit of a "car tango" with that traffic. It was a bit confusing. Now that I know....I won't make that mistake again :) Now.....let's get back to why you are reading this-the the food!!!! Where do I begin....first off, the exterior and especially the interior of the building is so fun and bright and inviting! You walk up right to the counter to order. I ordered the Huli Huli Chicken and I ordered the small. It was the perfect amount of food for me and very filling. Lots of flavor and doesn't disappoint. I also ordered the pineapple dole whip..OMG!! So good. It's really sweet so if that's not your cup of tea you may want to pass on it. But it's worth trying once at least...just saying . Side note: if you are dining in, just find your table and have a seat. They will bring your food to you. In summary-it does not disappoint. The staff there were very friendly and answered all my questions for my first visit! Support this great local restaurant, you won't be disappointed!!

Kinsei Nibs

The food is SO excellent. They have macaroni salad. I don't like macaroni salad. But I like their macaroni salad. I love the hell out of their macaroni salad.

Bradley R.

In town visiting some friends. Lady and I stop in for some lunch. We both go for the Huli Huli chicken with Macaroni salad and rice. I also get one of the spam rolls. The Lady and I both loved the Huli Huli chicken. Sweet, spiced, and full of flavor. The Macaroni salad was similarly very good. The rice was ok, paired well with the chicken. The spam roll thing was not really up our alley.. Its wrapped in plastic wrap and really sticky. Like soaked through the wrap sticky. So was a messy to unwrap. The spam is grilled with a sweet glaze. Interesting but not amazing. Compared to the Huli Huli I'll take Huli every time. The Good Good Prices Great Huli Huli chicken Friendly Staff The Bad Messy spam roll. The Ugly Not having one in my town so I have to travel 4 hours for Huli Huli chicken.

Zaynab Hassan

First time going here, and I loved it! They had amazing food with wonderful flavors! They serve very authentic Hawaiian food with their own spice and sauce mix. Has an easily accessible drive thru, and a great seating are if you decide to dine in. Really nice decor that stays true to the Hawaiian theme. Does tend to get a bit crowded during lunch rush, but worth the wait. Can't wait to go again!

John O.

Update: Still amazing. The line gets long sometimes but it moves super fast so don't let that scare you away. Delicious. This place is going to get worked in to my take-out rotation. The Molokai chicken is fantastic - sort of like teriyaki chicken with just a little spice. The plates aren't fancy or healthy - just chicken with rice and macaroni salad - but they are large and packed with flavor. You can also order online, which is super convenient.

Erica G.

This is a fast food restaurant that is a nice break from the traditional burger/sandwiches and fries. There meat is very tender the choices are chicken, pork, or veggies all served with steamed white rice. I got the Huli huli chicken the traditional Teriyaki and the Molokai chicken the sweet spicy option. The molokai was more flavorful. I thought it was a lot of rice and wished I would have chose the vegetables to balance the meal a little more. They did look bright and tasty the Macaroni salad was raves about online but it was ok for me. Maybe I was on carb overload with the pasta and rice. The container of fresh pineapple was good size and was sweet and juicy a good buy for what you get. This was a small establishment but the drive through was hoping. While I got the regular meal it was really enough for me and to share they do have a small and large version so you get what you fills you up. Great idea and great fast food variation but not a destination I will go out of my way for.


It's worth the wait (if you have to) to get this food. It is different from other fast food places. I would call it really good food fast. I especially like the Huli Huli chicken and the macaroni salad. Clean store with friendly service.

Shawn H.

Influenced by all the rave reviews on Facebook my wife has wanted to go here for months. Saturday no kids, i figure why not. It's in a fast food setting and tastes like Panda express. Chicken in a gloppy brown sauce and rice. It's decent. Nondescript. I don't know that it warrents all the rave reviews. If i lived nearby it would be a decent meal occasionally, but I wasn't blown away by a unique culinary experience which the rave reviews had me anticipating. The best part were the shakers of sea salt and kelp on the tables.

David Deckert

We enjoyed our visit and thought the food was great. We even had a new employee at checkout and she did a fantastic job and I'm impressed with their training. We will certainly return and would recommend eating here.

Alicia A.

Wow! Absolutely loved this place so original and authentic. The atmosphere was clean and the employees were very great on top of Their A game everyone making sure things go accordingly. I ordered the huli huli chicken classic order which come with two scoops of white rice, a scoop of their pasta salad (option to change it) and chicken! The servings were very generous I could not finish mine but that was okay with me, leftovers for lunch at work! My husband ordered the Honolulu chicken classic order size and he also ordered a sweet side of pineapple! Fun fact: Pineapple has a enzyme that can break down meats in the stomach much faster than just having it alone and being processed on its own! For dessert they hAve their very own Dole whip! We ordered pineapple dole whip and it was phenomenal, although it is a soft serve,it was very light and almost fluffy! Very great place to stop by for a quick bite, we will definitely be making a return that's for sure!

L Mont

The food here is really good! I have never had Hawaiian food before but I really like it. The employees are very friendly. The bbq sauce is really good. The atmosphere is unique. I recommend this restaurant. You should definitely give it a try.

Peter Walker

Had the Molokai chicken and it was awesome. I'm a big guy and the classic size was perfect. Maybe even a little much, but I ate it all. The macaroni salad is such a good combination with everything. We'll be back soon!

Faron Davidson

Went in on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. Next time I will get some different sides, it was way too much rice and I dislike macaroni salad. Will for be back the next time I am in the area. It was packed during lunch but the food came out promptly!

Chris Kostelac

I visited this place with my family for dinner. Never having been to a Hawaiian restaurant before I wasn't sure what to expect. Unfortunately the young woman working the register wasn't much help beyond what was explained on the menu. We tried two kinds of chicken and the pulled pork. They were all flavorful and although similar, the chickens had subtly different flavors. Don't forget to find a bottle of teriyaki and use it on your meal. It was tasty without being overly sweet.

Amaron V.

Simple, yet sooo delicious! This place is awesome! This is just the type of thing that Kansas City needs! With locations in Belton, Overland Park, North KC and soon Lee's Summit you can bet that I'll be coming to this place to fulfill my Teriyaki cravings. The food is full of flavor and well worth the price in my opinion, especially for the quality of food they're putting out. The menu is simple enough for the easy-goers, yet vast enough for those who like to try something different every visit! The staff running the registers at the front are super informative and friendly, especially if you're a first timer. Like I mentioned earlier, the food is very flavorful. The proteins weren't dry and each had their own unique flavor. Also, If you're eating in house, they have an array of different sauces at the tables you can add xtra as well. (Pairs well with the rice!) All in all however, it's an awesome spot to grab some "fun grub". If you're a fan of Teriyaki or just want something different than your average Chinese takeout, it's DEFINITELY a recommend from me! I on the other hand WILL be back for more!

Charley B.

This is perfectly acceptable fast casual fast food. They dub themselves "Hawaiian," but I'd say they're more "Hawaiian influenced." The dishes are served with a protein, a scoop of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. Spam and extra pineapple are available upon request. So is Dole Whip. The meals do what they need to do. The drive thru makes it nice and easy. Quick, convenient and good sized portions. Just the way I like it.

Elyse Z.

Beware! After eating here once you will constantly be craving it. They're just far enough from my house that I don't go all the time- but at least twice a month my husband will run through the drive thru. I was forst intriggued because of the Dole Whip. My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon at Disney and probably ate our weight in Dole Whips! Hawaiian Bro's has both pineapple and strawberry flavors and you can swirl them as well, but the pineapple is definitely the best. The portions are huge. The regular size (with an extra scoop of the Chilled Mac Salad!) is enough for dinner and lunch the next day. Get an extra serving of their sweet soy sauce and you'll be good to go! All of their food is great. Normally I'm a huge fan of pulled pork, but I feel their chicken options have much more flavor. My personal favorite is the Honolulu Chicken. The spam musubi snack is definitely worth trying if you've never had spam! This place can definitely get busy at dinner time and on the weekends, but I promise it moves fast! They serve everything to go, and we've never had to wait long. Definitely on of my favorites!

Steven B.

Hawaiian fast food chicken & pork w unique side dishes. Veggies, rice, macaroni salad. Next time will try sandwiches. Great flavors & you can get spicy or mild. Service is quick & efficient. Across street from JuCo. Closer to 4.5 stars- give it a try. It's a delightful.

John Kehr

This place is amazing. Food is truly unique and absolutely delicious. It's a must eat at, a lot. This could easily be your favorite place to eat.