Komotodo Sushi Burrito

13713 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park
(913) 802-4900

Recent Reviews

Daria Davis

Came here to eat lunch. It was really clean, cutomer service was good. The presentation of food was really nice. The food was fresh. Menu was easy to read. The workers were very helpful. Definitely will be back

Caitlyn Gorrell

It's definitely a place worth trying if you like poke or sushi- just for the experience. The burrito is a good concept but honestly it's not that great to eat. It's messy no matter how you try to eat it and seaweed wrap is chewy and can make it messy to bite through. The burrito is not closed at the end (there's paper holding it all in), so each bite you push a little more out the back, making it messy when you reach the end of your half. It has the same issue burritos in general have, if you don't spread all the ingredients evenly all the way through you just get bites of one or two ingredients instead of everything at once like a traditional sushi roll. Had the spicy tuna roll the first time and it was good but you wind up with two or three bites of JUST sushi rice and then a bite of tuna and then the sauce drips to the end. My boyfriend ordered his as a bowl and said it's much more enjoyable that way. I think the prices are fair overall for how big of a burrito you get and I loved that they offer fries on the side. Tried the fry sampler (fried avocados, fried mushrooms, french fries)- I anticipated wrong and thought they would be closer to tempura like, they're not. They're truly battered and fried avocado, mushrooms and french fries. Don't get me wrong the traditional fries are really good (and a good side to go with a burrito) but wouldn't order the other two again.

Michelle Kleineweber

So yummy!!

Kim Wilhoite

I was very excited to try this place out and was certainly not disappointed. Here is my honest review from an entrepreneur who really wants this business to thrive. The price is high for the style of restaurant and quantity of food. To charge an extra $1 for the bowl doesn't seem right unless the prices are dropped overall. The flavor was great and was fresh; sauces are spot on. I got a burrito but will likely do a bowl next time like my friend because it was a little challenging to eat with the seaweed wrap. Dining area and kitchen were very clean and wonderfully designed. The wait was long especially with no line and only a handful of people in the store but there could have been call in orders I could not see--(I am a benefit of the doubt person on first visits). Staff was great and explained things very well. I will be going back for sure but not as often as I would like because of the cost and wait time. They did say I can call in my lunch order so I will do that next time.

Ali Daifallah

I’m giving this place a high grade even though I didn’t enjoy the food. Not because the food is bad, but because I just realized that I’m more of a straight sushi guy and less of a sushi rice bowl/sushi burrito guy. Staff was welcoming and helpful to me being a newcomer. Only reason why I am not giving this 5 stars is because they added things into the bowl that I asked not to be put in and I had to meticulously pick out and I wasn’t a huge fan of the shrimp tempura batter, which is more like corn dog batter around chunks of shrimp. Other than that I see no reason why you shouldn’t try it at least once and enjoy a new experience!

Wesley Kosko

I heard rumors of a sushi burrito combination restaurant coming to the area. I was intrigued by this concept of combining of what appears to be two completely different styles of cuisine into a single dish. Masterfully executed and delicious, highly recommended everyone checking out this place.

Carolyn B.

Omg!!! Where has this place been all my life!!! The staff is super helpful and friendly. You can tell they take pride in what they do. Now let's talk about the carne Asada fries. They are their own meal. Golden fries with jalapeños bacon jalapeños cheese green onions and fried onions. AMAZING!!! I would recommend splitting them with someone you love. I'll definitely be back

Vanessa L.

I have been watching and waiting for a sushi burrito joint here in the KC area. There was only one that I knew of but it was forever away and now that we have Komotodo I'm stoked about the idea of having way too much sushi at my fingertips. The service and attentive employees were so refreshing! Everyone was so involved and so kind. This moderately sized gem is nestled in the back of Corbin Park with loads of available parking and outdoor seating. I went for the #11 and modified it a bit (adding avocado) and my youngest daughter opted for a custom baby burrito with tofu and cucumber both of which were delicious. The fish was insanely fresh and the portions were amazing!! While it was a bit messy and probably could have used another sheet of nori I was totally ok with throwing etiquette to the wind and shoving my face full in front of my stunned child who eventually followed suit. HOWEVER, not that culturally representative foods should only be created and served by people from that culture but there were a couple of down home staples to sushi that our meals lacked, hence 4 stars instead of 5. KOMOTODO, I wish wish wish you would put more rice vinegar in your rice. The rice vinegar is what brings back the sweet memories of the sushi I grew up with. I personally couldn't taste any and while the sauces were good I always look forward to the scent and familiar flavor of the rice vinegar. I wish it weren't such a huge deal for me but that little detail is the point of contention between potentially going here once a week and once every few months.

Andrew Scarlett

TGIF because today is the day I come to get my end of week pick-me-up! Chunky Sumo Burrito is fast becoming my go-to to-go burrito.

Gina R.

Fresh: check Huge portions of protein: check Cleanliness of store: check Customized bowls or burritos to your taste so really flexible to your palate. The avocado fries are amazing! Owners are very friendly and the flavor explosions are great. I highly recommend. I bring this to office lunches occasionally and they really rave about how amazing and healthy the food is!!

Chandler S.

Overall, 4.5 stars. Atmosphere/cleanliness: 5 Staff/customer service: 5 Food: 4 The place is perfectly clean and organized. Very bright and open space, very modern. Great atmosphere. Everything was perfectly clean. Wouldn't change a thing. The staff has been very helpful both times I've been. Everyone from the person helping me order to the person checking me out has been fantastic. Really detail oriented and just overall very pleasant. As for the food, I'd like for you to read this knowing I moved here recently- 16 hours away from the sushi burrito/poke bowl place I'd visit at least once a week. I don't usually compare two similar places, but I think here it could be useful. The portion sizes here are perfect. They definitely give you plenty of food. They really pack it into the burrito. Everything is also seasoned wonderfully and what needs to taste fresh, tastes fresh. Great quality ingredients and delicious sauces. I'm a salmon person all day everyday and theirs is really up there in quality, which surprises me for the Midwest! The only flaw in what they have is that the burrito really falls apart quite easily. I end up having to eat about a third of each half straight from the wrapper, mushing it into my mouth. As a person who values the burrito as something that can be eaten on the go, it's a huge bummer for me that it doesn't work for that. I think if they rolled it a little tighter, to where the two ends of the nori sheet met up again and locked together, the issue could be remedied quite easily. The only thing I would change about their format is likely because my old sushi burrito haunt has me spoiled. Here you have the option to customize the 15 presets they have on the menu, but the other place had it perfect, giving you the ability to build a burrito or a bowl. Choosing nori/soy paper, what type of rice, and then breaking down their pricing by # of meats and toppings. Of course, a few ingredients had an additional charge, but if you want your avocado and mango to be fresh, you don't mind paying it. If they added in the ability to build your burrito or bowl and fixed the structural integrity issue, that would up it the half star to being perfect for me. Definitely give them a try!

Andrea A.

I went with some friends on a Sunday later afternoon. I really enjoyed the concept of sushi burritos. I was super excited to try this place as I heard great reviews from many friends. I was disappointed that they were out of a lot things like avocado fries, the mushroom fries, and shrimp (which my friend found out after she ordered and for her food). We tried the poke balls and they are okay, but make sure to ask for some sauce to go with it as they were dry. The burrito was good, nothing to write home about though. I did enjoy the churros, they were warm and delicious. I left feeling disappointed. We are wanting to go back and give it a second chance, but not on a Sunday and hopefully with a staff that is more friendly. Quick things to know: no cash, ask for sauce, and order the churros!

Raul A. Dueñas

Very helpful staff. Was a little wait but well worth it. Everything was made fresh to order. Will be coming back soon.

Adam Rahman

The food was pretty good and tasted pretty delicious. The atmosphere is great and the service is pretty nice. The employees are pleasant and happy to assist and give information about the food and concept. I will definitely try out this place again and see if I can achieve greater customization!

Brandon D.

My wife and I had very high hopes for this place and made a point to go here tonight to try it out. Upon entering the restaurant is decorated very nicely, and the menu is laid out well. When we ordered we were told it may be a wait as there were a number of orders in front of us. I didn't realize 'a wait' was going to mean 30-45 min. We sat down to wait and it was all of 45 min before our two burritos were ready to take home. After getting home we were pleasantly surprised that the burritos both looked very nice and well made, like giant sushi rolls. They tasted decent, but nothing spectacular. Given the price we paid I expected a lot more than what I got, flavor and otherwise. Don't think we'll be back.

Clint W.

Very creative and a great new way to have a burrito. The flavor wasn't bad but the texture of the rice for an Asian was too hard. May be fine for some palates. $13 is pricey for a salmon sashimi burrito. Now the Avocado fries were the best part of my $20 meal.

Brittany WD

The two workers at the time were amazing!! So helpful in explaining the menu and what people like off of it! Great portions! Took some food home to! Loved it and will be back.

Bobbi T.

We have been looking forward to trying this place for the longest. We wanted to try everything on the menu, but decided to just order a few items to try it out first. After we ordered, it took about 22 minutes from when we paid to when they called our names. I thought ok, the food will be fresh so it will be worth the wait. When we got our food, I noticed some items were already pretty cool and others were piping hot. It would be nice to give people the option of coming up to get their food when everything is done or as it is done instead of getting. We tried the Firey Crunch Bowl, Poke Balls Crab, Carne Asada Fries, and Triple Play. The Firey Crunch bowl was ok. We really didn't like the surimi crab mix that was in there. We definitely prefer a more flavorful crab mix. The carne asada fries were one of the items that had really cooled down. The carne asada itself was so salty and dry. It tasted like it had been reheated for too long, definitely not cooked fresh. The breading on the Poke Balls were too thick and my daughter just ended up eating the filling. All of the appetizers were ordered were overly salty. It almost tasted like the lid came off while they were seasoning it and they tried hard to remove the salt and removed as much as they could and served it. We forced ourselves to try to eat as much as we could but weren't able to finish any item we ordered. And if you know me, you know I hate wasting food! I have heard from a few people that the burritos are better so we may give this place another shot...but definitely not ordering anything we already tried!

Cierra Mist

Nice staff, lot of different options. Just wish the rice would’ve been warm. Taste kind of old, but the sauce on my Hawaiian bacon was yummy.

Doug Mounday

Super awesome. I had the Spicy Poke Tina. Did it as a wrap. Seaweed and rice wrap. Only downside is the seaweed is a bit tough to bite and chew. But, as a bowl this would be the bomb. Great bold flavor. Tina is fresh. The bite of fresh cucumber helps offset the heat from the fresh jalapenos.

Anthan Swearingen

Staff was lively and fun to talk with. They kept us up to date on how our food was doing while it was being made and it turned out phenomenal. If you're looking for a fun and casual place to eat, you should for sure give them a visit!


What a cool concept. The food was awesome. I got the #3 and the mushroom fries. So freaking fresh and tasty. Loved it

Renata B.

We had planned a double date to try sushi burritos and we were sooo excited! Walking in, the place looks awesome, great decor and style with an ordering line like chipotle, and a few indoor tables for dining in. The chairs were uncomfortable and I'm not sure how it would have been if we had more than 4 people as there weren't many tables or options for large groups. Now the food!! The menu offers some great sushi burrito options. You can get them in a bowl, and nachos too! I got the reef & beef. We wanted to try their specialty fries, like mushroom fries and avocado fries but they were out of both sadly. Our friends got an appetizer but we decided we would order the churros after we ate. My burrito was really good, but I noticed when I received it that it was missing the shrimp so when I asked the employee about it, she had told me they ran out of shrimp. I wasn't too happy that they didn't tell me about that because I would have requested crab or something else in its place. They seemed to be out of a lot of things unfortunately which I think was the biggest downfall of the night. I also wished they would have an option to make your own sushi burrito. I read a lot of reviews and just FYI, I didn't find it hard to chew or eat, it was a little messy but it wasn't "difficult" to eat. Also, the teriyaki sauce and pineapple chili sauce are so good! They really make the burrito more flavorful. We will probably be back and hopefully try some of the things we missed out on last visit.

Priscila F.

Didn't hear about this location until my bf and I were in the area but I'm glad we stopped by! The location is convenient and has great parking all around the location. I gotta admit the sushi burrito was pretty hard to eat because it kept falling apart but overall it was pretty good. I got the rackin roll and it was sweet but soooo good and they also have a variety of sauces that you can ask go get with your meals! As an appetizer we got the avocado fries and they were sooooo good, although they were alittle more breaded then I would want them to be, they came with a dressing on the side to dip them in. Not somewhere we would have as a first option to eat but will definitely keep it in mind.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Food was very well prepared, delicious, presentation was great. Owner/ manager was extremely nice and she made me feel exceedingly welcome. One note pay attention when ordering some menu items can be a bit spicy. Overall excellent experience.

Marissa Hill

Tried this place with a friend that adores sushi, and her and I both approved!! I enjoy all of the components of sushi, minus the raw fish. I asked if I could substitute grilled chicken instead, and it wasn't a problem. All workers were pleasant and helpful. Cool atmosphere. Prices fair. And you definitely won't leave hungry. Avacado fries absolutely delicious. Will be back again!

Tiffany Verstraete

Yummy, but the meat portion is definitely not scaled up from sushi, you get the rice and seaweed and veggies, but very little meat. The avocado fries are delicious perfectly cooked and crisp. Worth one trip, but I don't think I would return based on meat amount. Lots of spicy options, I would appreciate guidance on how to modify for more mild taste preferences.

Kay L.

Love the sushi burrito fusion concept. The food is delicious & fresh; the spicy poke bowl is my favorite -- a very pleasant heat. They lose a star because the grill looked truly horrendous on my last visit -- like, bad enough that you make sure you're not ordering anything grilled. If you're going to have an open kitchen, please keep the grill at least moderately clean. The layout is bright and open, but the music is usually far too loud. Also, this is a no-cash establishment, credit or debit card only.

Jason G.

Sushi burritos. it's a thing. you got to try it. at least once. I'm a big sushi fan and for me it is like eating a big sushi roll. I had the tuna burrito that was wrapped in seaweed. so good. we also had the avocado fries. we were expecting french fries with avocados on top. not here. these were fried slices of avocado with a Delicious dipping sauce. a few things - this is not fast food. you will wait a bit for quality here. and, cash is not king. credit cards only. if you are not sure about any of the selections the staff will be happy to help.

Elise M.

I came in here as the concept seemed fun and Unique. Overall it was. I ordered the spicy poke tuna sans jalapeño and sauce along with some portobello fries. The burrito was pretty good. I feel it could've been more flavorful. I got the sweet pineapple sauce and peanut sauce on the side. I really liked the pineapple sauce and would prob have a burrito rolled with it in the future. The peanut sauce was meh. It tasted fairly similar to the grocery store stuff. The portobello fries were great! They came with a jalepeno ranch that complemented them well. It wasn't too spicy. They have a nice assortment of canned beverages ranging from wine to energy drinks a and a soft drink fountain as well. It was my first time here and I looked at the menu beforehand but suggestions from the guy taking my order would've been appreciated. My order was a to go order and there were no utensils or napkins. I was glad I inquired before I left. I don't venture to this area often and I like to try new places. I'll most likely see what else is new the next time I come back vs rushing back here. My portions were very adequate and could've been shared between 2 ppl.

Elissa S.

I moved to KC from Los Angeles about a year and a half ago. I was recently telling a co-worker about the magic that is a sushi burrito, and wondered where I could get one in KC. Lo and behold, a sushi burrito restaurant was opening up on OP! My husband and I were anxious to try it and finally had the opportunity last night. It was so close to being great! We tried the spicy poke and the chunky sumo burritos, and some avocado fries for my kiddo. I really appreciated that the guy who took my order let me know the spicy poke sauce and jalapeno combo was very spicy, so I got the jalapenos on the side for my husband. The girl at the register seemed very over her day and had a weird attitude, and did not offer us drinks. The atmosphere was bright and clean, and though the music was wayyy too loud it added a fun vibe. The food came relatively quickly, and was very high quality and fresh. The avocado fries were just the right temperature for my toddler to begin eating right away, which was a pleasant surprise! They were a little boring though, perhaps could have used some flavoring in the breading. The Chunky Sumo was good, but bland. It desperately needed wasabi. A douse with soy sauce helped, but I was looking for stronger flavors. The Spicy Poke had a really great flavor combination, but the spicy sauce was so overwhelming! A little of it goes a long way, and it was soaked in sauce. I know I'm not the chef and I've only tried a few items, but as someone who has eaten many a sushi burrito in her day I think a few small tweaks to the recipes - wasabi, ginger, more umami flavorings, and a thinner seaweed wrap - could really elevate the menu. My final thoughts would be to add a small rice bowl option for kids, if there wasn't one already on the menu, and make the water cups a little bit bigger so you're not going back and forth to the fountain during your meal, especially on hot days and eating spicy foods! I am very excited to see something like this in Kansas though, and am glad to see they had a decent crowd. I hope this place does well.

Tyga M.

The concept is really unique, and the execution is legit, but not mind-blowing. I had a chunky sumo bowl, which was good, but not as spicy as I was led to believe when the sauce was mixed with other ingredients. A turn off for me was the avocado fries - the one I had was SO salty (the breading), that it deterred me from enjoying the others. The restaurant's setup reminds me of Chipolte's, and if busy, you might have to share a seating space with another party. I'd go back, but I'm not going out of the way to do so.

Cindy F.

Been here weekly since they opened. I've had the spicy tuna poke burrito, the sunrise sumo bowl, and my favorite so far - the chunky sumo bowl. I think the tuna tartare is unique, and the surimi crab. Owner is super nice, and very passionate about her restaurant. The fresh flowers and doterra oils are a nice touch. I love how super clean everything is.

Nick McCoy

Great food! My wife LOVED the avocado fries and the egg rolls too were "some of the best" she's ever had. We both ordered the Reef and Beef burrito and they were mouth watering! We went in the evening so it wasn't too busy and we got our food in a very reasonable amount of time. We will be back!

Roman Michael

I first tried sushi burritos in Las Vegas in 2018 and have been wanting to find something similar in KC ever since. I really wanted to like this place. The service was very friendly and pretty quick. The price wasn't too bad. But I was disappointed with the (lack of) flavor of the burritos. Unless you add a lot of soy sauce, I honestly couldn't taste much. Maybe it's just me. I will say that the avocado fries are delicious and they had really good sauce options.


Komotodo brings a new element to Sushi eating I have yet to experience anywhere else. This brings one extra star to it's review. The food is good but not overwhelmingly amazing. It's about average for sushi. The overall makeup of the "burrito" is decently packed and decently full of flavor. However the quality of the salmon is sub par and lacks overall flavor. The crab is decent and good on its flavor but nothing to brag about.

Stephanie Williams

This place is one of the best things to happen to KC! While they’re just recently opening..the food was absolutely delicious! Beats paying triple at a sit down Sushi restaurant, amazing selection and not to mention, also great selection of drinks! They have Bang, El Gose (try it), and wine! So proud to have this eatery in KC and can’t wait to be a customer for life!

phuong nguyen

Went here to try with my husband. There was no direction in where to go to order the food. Waited 20min to put in an order. Then had someone else comes up and try to order before me and they got a voucher because they said they was pointed in the wrong way to order their food and that they have waited 10min on the other side. We waited and let them go first but didn't get any accommodations. We order a Reef and Beef burrito, Spicy Tuna poke burrito and avocado fries. We then waited almost 25min to get our food. The food look very good. Took a bite of it and was very disappointed. The rice did not taste fully cook nor did it taste like sushi grade rice. There was suppose to be sauce in our burritos but it tasted very bland, no sauce in site. The burrito was not tightly rolled so once you take a bite everything just fall out the wrap. Must say we was very excited to try this place, but after the experience today I don't think we're coming back.


Now, the flavors aren't half bad. I got a #5 & #6. The sauce needs a little work. Only major complaint I would have is to not cut the sushi burrito in half with a serrated knife. I spent a few minutes picking out foil flakes on each half. Definitely something different to try.

Asa Barnoskie

This is a very cool concept, but they need more time to improve efficiency. We placed our order at 8:15pm on a Wednesday (opening week). It took 28 minutes to receive our food and there were a few others who were there before us that received their food at approximately the same time. This was with 4 people working the counter. The food is okay, but I’d rather spend $15-20 on an actual sushi roll(s). The burrito was smaller than expected, and I feel like I get more food with a $10-15 roll at a typical sushi restaurant. The rice bowl is worth the extra dollar due to the significant increase in size. I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.