Komotodo Sushi Burrito

13713 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park
(913) 802-4900

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Stella Zhang

Food is great, unfortunately service is lacking and the two times I’ve gone during covid-19 times, none of the employees are wearing masks. Both times I’ve visited, they’re just chatting away as they’re assembling the food with no mask on. I gave them two chances because I wanted to give them benefit of the doubt and hoped that they would be wearing masks on my second return (late June). Makes me sad that I won’t be returning as the food is good. But, with the really long wait times both times I’ve been there (I was only 1 of 2 guests both times) and employees not wearing masks during these covid times, I can’t recommend nor return to this business.

Travis Clemens

I love this place. Big sushi rolls that are as convenient as they are tasty. The avocado fries are excellent. I wish it was closer to home.

Kristen M.

Love this place. Been coming here since their grand opening. Today was the first time I got a bowl, and can I just say: the rice to toppings ratio is entirely on point. This place is amazing.

Gloria Rodriguez

I had the Spicy Tuna Burrito with a side of avocado fries. Let's just say I'm in heaven. Everything is delicious and so fresh. We say outside. Nice place, quiet. Friendly and fast serving staff.

Megan White

This was hands down the BEST food I have ever eaten in my life! We got the #5 and it was incredible! The owner is so sweet and helpful! I highly recommend coming and trying out the food!! We also tried their churros which were AMAZING!!

Kyle Starr

First time trying this place out, omg its definitely going to be one of my favorites. The fried avocado is creamy and has a crispness you will surely love. I got the #15 the diablo tuna crunch, and my gf got the #13 the chunky sumo lol I always love to be fair so, one thing they could change, is the styrofoam to go boxes. Definitely a must try.

Robbie M.

I found Komotodo's food rather underwhelming. I ordered through GrubHub and got the avocado fries and a spicy poke tuna burrito. The former seemed like an interesting novelty as I never ate them before. When I opened the box I was disappointed to see such a small portion of six slices, so basically it was one medium-sized avocado. At $5 I really expected more. Now, I know avocados aren't always in season, but even then the maximum *retail* price is about $1 each. If you take that extremely generous figure and add the breading, mild dipping sauce, and the five minutes of labor to deep fry, I don't see where the value is. The tuna burrito was a marginal improvement, but its problems were both from taste and packaging. I'll begin with the latter. The burrito was seaweed wrapped, but it wasn't sturdy. It easily began crumbling in my hands, so I'd recommend double layering the seaweed to maintain shape. Additionally, it was packaged in a paper wrap, but this proved unwise because the moisture completely soaked it. When I went to unwrap the paper from the product it pulled at the seaweed. The taste wasn't spicy, but rather it was more acidic than anything. I removed a couple pieces of tuna by themselves and tried the fish as-is, but it was so bland. Nothing spicy about that tuna. I also had a proper litmus test sitting adjacent to me. My seafood-gobbling tuxedo cat wouldn't touch the stuff, and normally she is on me like white on rice whenever I bring home sushi. Long story short, this burrito wasn't worth the $11 price tag. Maybe I'll give Komotodo one more try to see if this was a bad day, but otherwise I'm not convinced they're ready for prime time.

chris harper

This place is great. It's a touch pricey , but worth every penny. The staff is kind and beautiful. I'd give six stars if I could.

Amy C.

Interesting concept, and pretty good. Not exactly sushi though! You can definitely taste the Latin fusion spin. When we went they were offering about half of the menu, due to shipping interruptions because of Covid. Maybe we would go back again? It was tasty, but actual sushi and actual burritos are better than this funky mix.

Cindy L.

The process of ordering and paying at Komotodo was extremely inefficient. When I walked in, I noticed four employees working behind the counter. One employee asks for your order on an iPad and does not ask for your payment information. They ask you to walk down to the end to pay where there is no one at the register. Shortly after, one employee calls you to pay for your order without your food. What confused me most was that there was one employee sometimes walking back and forth between the two registers and telling other employees what to do but also completing another employee's task which wasted time and value. Another employee who is supposedly working the fry station may sometimes help out with the payment register at the end. The other two employees are working on making the orders but are not hastily assembling them. The waiting period attributed to the lack of an assembly line to fulfill these orders. I waited for at least 30 minutes to finally receive my order, even though they claim to be a fast casual restaurant. The food seems easy to assemble like a poke place or another fast casual restaurant and does not call for such a long wait time. I had sushi burritos from other places and wanted to try something different, having high hopes for here. I ordered the Spicy Poke Tuna bowl and the Sunrise Sumo bowl because of a promotion that they had. The pre-made rice for the sushi burritos was used in the bowls and extremely dry. They also only take credit/debit. However, the flavor combinations were well thought out and definitely eye-opening and fun for someone who has never had the sushi burrito experience.

Steven Verhulst

Its was pretty good. It's a little weird eating it like a burrito, but the fish was like butter, delicious. I wasn't big on the bowl, there was excessive sour cream and other suace. But next time we would just ask for maybe half of what they put on. We will be back

Myrnie T.

We ordered the Komotodo fries, Spicy Poke Tuna, and a Chunky Sumo bowl. The fries are amazing- probably dipped in a thin batter, really well seasoned and crunchy. We both threw our bowls away after a few bites. The tuna was cut much too large, and it was a bit mushy. I know the business is going to read this, but the flavors were all off. There was too much topping for the amount of rice, the wakame salad was not a good match for the flavors, the mango tasted like fish (maybe they're stored in the same freezer?). All in all it just came across as gloopy and mushy and cloying. The chunky sumo was the same- fish too big and mushy, too much sauce. Two more things to note: every sushi burrito has wheat. Something is deep fried and battered. Mine had french fried onions- I didn't know what "onion flakes" were but that's not what I was expecting. Also, it took 25 minutes for our order to be made. That seems excessive for something that only needs assembly, but maybe they were frying everything to order. None of the staff was wearing masks either, if that matters to you. And they put hot fries in the bag on top of cold poke. So: don't come here for poke. But if you try something else, you might end up as happy as the rest of the reviewers!

Monique B.

Just go try it already.‍ Great food and very nice staff. I always get the Diablo Tuna Crunch Roll. The Avocado Fries though are

Erica Crawford

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great people. Came here with my family. They were awesome to explain the different items if needed. Food was outstanding and very well priced. Got 3 sushi burritos and the triple play fries (seasoned fries, avocado fries & portobello fries) Yum!!!! Well worth a visit. If you like sushi, this is a must for you.

Gracie Shaw

My Aunt and Uncle took me there today. We all loved it even my 11 month old cousin liked it. The owner is super nice andhand I like how she has her own little twist to sushi. 10/10 I recommend.

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