Kung Fu Tea

7504 W 119th St, Overland Park
(913) 283-9207

Recent Reviews

Hojin Moon

Oh my gosh. I loved it! I say WOW when I try their Oreo WOW drink. They have really good drinks and a variety to choose from. Staff are funny and kind. 10/10 would recommend. Also, AMAZING HOSPITALITY

Miquelas Couture

The young ladies were awesome, friendly, and helpful it was my first visit, my drinks were good (large Taro and Mango Snow both with less sugar yummmy!!!) I visited around 8:40pm

Jason H

There are a ton of options on the menu and the staff was able to guide me towards a honey oolong milk tea that was excellent. I'll definitely return.

Suvra Roy

I have had kung fu tea before and although I liked it I wasn't 100% convinced that I would develop a liking for it sometime soon. But at this outlet I really started apprrciating the great taste and refreshing nature of the drink.


I have had kung fu tea before and although I liked it I wasn't 100% convinced that I would develop a liking for it sometime soon. But at this outlet I really started apprrciating the great taste and refreshing nature of the drink.. I like the bubbles but next time I might ask them to reduce the amount of it so that its not an overdose. The service was food and fast.. Must try if you haven't had it before...

Jenna Miller

One of the best bubble tea shops around. Lived in Taiwan for a while and finding decent bubble tea has been difficult. This place passes! Large menu so if you're not sure, a regular milk tea with bubbles or the passionate fruit green tea with bubbles and/or nata jelly (coconut like flavor) are good options. It can be pretty busy and space to sit and enjoy is limited. Better to plan on taking it to go.

Emily Ponce

Best bubble tea Iâ??ve had! Love the fact that you can modify just about everything especially sweetness. I will be back for sure!

Shadman Hassan

Very nice employees here. They're quick and friendly. Definitely recommend to everyone

Cat Cat

Great tasting, and it's fun to stab the straws into your drink lid :)

Marcella Nichols

Yum! I tried the Oreo Wow bubble milk, and it was delicious. Every sip was like eating a perfectly milk- soaked Oreo. It was basically a lighter milk shake. Every single bubble was delicious and had the perfect consistency. I first visited this chain in California, and I'm so glad that now it's here in Overland Park. The store is small and a bit tucked away in a shopping center, so I hope they will stay busy.

Stephanie Baillargeon

Awesome teas that you can customize pretty much any way you want. The space itself is small and fills up pretty fast, but they always get your drinks out quickly.

Lexi Chukwu

Love the service here! The cashier was so sweet and understanding when it wouldnâ??t take my card. Will definitely be coming back!!!

Cuong Tran

My go to place for Boba whenever I am feeling down for Boba tea drinks. They are consistent on their drinks.

Ricardo Hernandez

refreshing and delicious! Clean restaurant with quick and helpful staff


Lovely place to hang out with friends. The boba tea here is the best in town

Debbie Nowak

Menu is great, but a little hard to understand select what drink you want. Although the staff was very nice to me and helped a first-time boba drinker throughout the menu. I will definitely by returning!

Sam Belling

Delicious tea! A lot of different choices for any occasion you are feeling.

Minna Kim

Really enjoy the milk teas but too high in price. The â??mediumâ? cup looks more like a small to me . The staff is friendly and they have good suggestions.

Adam Sequoyah

Excellent drinks with a great range of customizability. First time here, the clerk quickly explained each step how to order. Non-gluten-free is the exception to the rule here, and there are icons for these drinks/toppings as well as for those with caffeine. My yogurt green tea drink was excellent. Looking forward to trying some other amazing-sounding flavors. And types of drinks! Espresso and coffees, fruit slushes, etc. Also, the shop is tiny, but on a sunny Saturday with constant patronage for the half-hour I was there sitting, it was almost but not quite too crowded.

Crimson Sparrow

Refreshing and oh-so-customizable! Get gluten and caffeine free options, too! Choose your base, your toppings, your add-ins, your sugar and ice levels and voila! The honey black tea is fabulous and so is the yogurt green! New favorite!

John Dondapati

The first time was a big miss but I'm glad I sent back the second time. They redeemed themselves. Best bubble tea in Kansas City area

Tiffanie Angelo

The tea + smoothie quality are very fresh and authentic. You can actually taste the green tea buds flavor. They can become crowded during peak periods but service is doing as fast as they can. The only ding i would put is the extra charge for boba or any single toppings in the milktea. One topping should be automatically included with price of one tea.

Kendall LeeAnne

My mom is from out of town and makes a point to come here every time she is in town. Multiple times usually. She loves their tea. The girl that was working today was the rudest employee I have ever encountered in my life. We will never be back and you will loose many if she remains employed there.

Susanne Brooke

very nice customer service. place is a little small for all the people that were in there. it has too be good if there's no room to get in.

Vanilla T

I love Kungfu tea! My favorite is Peach Oolong tea

Jasmine Vasey

Bought my boyfriend his favorite slush! Mango Snow with Tapioca. Always good without fail

Jasmine Vasey

Bought my boyfriend his favorite slush! Mango Snow with Tapioca. Always good without fail

Jasmine Vasey

Bought my boyfriend his favorite slush! Mango Snow with Tapioca. Always good without fail

Sarah Ballew

Poor service. I have been multiple times and while I like the tea, the friendliness and overall customer service is severely lacking. There is one gal in all the times I have visited, that has been friendly and professional. However- every other employee I have encountered is unprofessional (on their personal cell phones every time), uncommunicative or rude. They also donâ??t seem to know their product. I asked a few questions about ingredients (due to food allergyâ??s) and the answers given were not correct once I looked up the ingredient info myself. Having employees that understand customer service and good work ethic would serve this shop well.

Sarah Ballew

Poor/rude service. I have been multiple times, and love the tea, but am surprised at the lack of basic friendliness. I ordered my drink, it was pretty clear, they made it and it was wrong. I came back and informed them it wasnâ??t right- the gal who had taken my order didnâ??t apologize or communicate. She refunded my card- took my drink, rang me up again and told me the amount. So now Iâ??m paying twice (she didnâ??t provide a refund receipt, nor ask if she could refund and then re-

Taylor Watt

Had a passion fruit milk tea with nata jelly. It was very delicious.

Afreena K.

I love Boba Tea and I was super excited to finally try this place since I heard a lot of good things about it from friends in different states. I always judge a place by its classic milk tea with boba. Man. This was epic. I tend to like to drinks on the less sweet side, so I got 30% sweetness only. The boba are also nicely sweetened too. I also loved this place because there are so many different ways to customize your drink! Definitely will be back!

micky a

My nephew is now hooked on bubble tea. It's somewhat expensive and probably not worth all the calories but it is definitely a great treat once in awhile. They were helpful during the ordering process.

Jeremiah Beltran

Fast and furious. This place is great. Great drinks to your order.

Lynsey Gentry

Really great boba! I personally enjoy the Strawberry Milk Slush Boba

Rose H.

Originally from California the home of all boba shops. When I found out that there was a king fu tea immediately got in my car and drove 30+mins only to be very disappointed with this place. I ordered a Almond MT, but I was unsatisfied and hope they were able to exchange my drink for something else, I was willing to pay the difference but one of the girls told me "sorry were not able to fix drinks or exchange it" so I ended up throwing away my drink cause it taste like shit.... anyways I would rather be on a boba diet until I fly back to California and get better tea and better customer service.

Eko Setiawan

Ever since we found this gem in our area, my wife and I frequented this place at least once a week. Tried different toppings but my favorite is the mango jelly in Thai milk coffee. We even got our own stainless bubble tea straws so we are set as regulars ð??? By far this is the most affordable bubble tea place in this area. Fun to see their shaker machine and the sealer machine to finish your order.

Amy Wahlgren

Wish I lived closer to this place as they have good honey milk tea and you can get the tapioca balls added. Would recommend to any who like trying out different teas as they are quick and have lots of options.


they offer all kind of teas, cold or hot or smoothie or slushie as well. You choose your flavor, even the level of sugar or ice that you want ! it was the most delicious mango slush I had in my life !

Weiwei P.

It's really hit or miss, depending on who's making your bubble tea. Girls working there can very slow and little dull.