Kung Fu Tea

7504 W 119th St, Overland Park
(913) 283-9207

Recent Reviews

Martha Elliott

My favorite drink is the Passion Fruit Geen Tea. They suggested Nata Jelly with it and they were correct. Anytime I'm having a bad day thats where I go to give me a pick me up. You can order in store or on the app. One customer in the store at a time but it usually just takes a few minutes.

Tim Neaves

Love my pina colada slush, only complaint is i have to go home to add my rum to it, tastes delicious either way.

van zelfden

this manager here is very helpful! the staff are always polite and they make the best bubble tea in johnson and jackson county (overland park to kcmo)!

Tiur Mawaddah

I really like their option that costumers can choose how much sugar they want because I don't want my drink to be too sweet and Kung Fu tea has delicious boba, I love it.

phuong nguyen

Worst customer service ever! Came in with my husband. He wasn't sure what he wanted so he needed to look at the menu. We was then told by the staffs if we're together then only one person can be in the store (which I understood). But how can he stay outside the store to look at the menu and decide what he wants when you guys don't post up a menu on the window or anywhere else visible beside inside the store on the screen? After my husband decided what he want to do he did go outside and wait. I waited 20min for someone to take my order. I know they was purposely ignoring me and make me wait to take the order as they proceed to "clean up" and do online orders that was just printed in the printing machine. After I got done ordering I was then told to go wait outside because they can't have more than 6 people in the building. So I'm wondering why did they not say that to the other people who have ordered ahead of me and more people was coming in after me to order? They also messed up on my order when I have ask for bubble in one of my drink. When it came out there wasn't any bubbles and they gave me an attitude about fixing it. Not sure if the management or owner have changed but this is the worst customer service I ever experienced at this location!

Madelyn Byrd

I got the coconut milk tea and it was amazing and my freinds enjoyed it to I fully recommend to come and get a drink. And they have very nice service ?

Dodson Clan

Always good. We love this place. The coffee popping bubbles in hot taro milk tea is our favorite. And don't worry... They always tell you the bubbles will pop... They don't.

Rainer Karunaratne

Good place to have some good bobba

Richard Brown

The food is always fresh and flavorful, employees gives good service. I really like how clean it is and ambience. I highly recommend this place.

Kim Avery

The best!! Freshly made bubbles or tapioca balls etc here! So no worries about food imported from another country.

Alena L.

I've been here many times since it's been open and each time I left content with my drinks and suggestions made by the staff. It's been a while but I decided to swing on by again. There were new menu items which seemed interesting. I ask the staff what their recommendations were and they gave very high praises to the Sesame Match and Yogurt Green Tea. I decided to listen to their advices and spent the $10. I really wish I hadn't even come in. Before I even started my car, I tried both drinks and was disgusted. The sesame matcha had a funky bland chalky residue. The yogurt green tea also had a funky flavor and was not very sweet or flavorful. I've had oriental flavors such as winter melon, yakult etc before but these drinks were plain gross. I asked if I could change out the drinks for something else and was told that it was corporation policy not to remake or exchange drinks. That's very disappointing. Today will be the last day I spend money at any Kung Fu Tea chain. Definitely do not recommend.

Amy S.

Just tried this kind of tea for the first time ever! Loved the different options, along with the explanation of each that the person taking the order was willing to give us. We went with his recommendations and enjoyed each flavor. Teas are made fresh and served completely sealed with is a super nice surprise. The only thing I didn't love about this place and the reason for four stars instead of five, is that it is very packed inside and uncomfortably awkward. The area where you sit / order is all extremely small and doesn't allow you to really hang out and enjoy your tea on site unless you're all alone and snag the ideal spot at the bar along the window. If it was bigger inside or had more seating options, people would definitely congregate here and they'd likely get a lot more business.

Angie W.

I love Kung fu- it's the best bubble tea I've had in the states. However, I was disappointed with tOdays bubbles. I like the clear bubbles however today they were hard and it was like i was eating plastic pellets. Not impressed hopefully next visit is better!!

John M.

To whom it may concern, President of France or cowboys, we had a very pleasant visit to this establishment. Therefore, thy shalt receive 4 of my'st star. Hither! Rejoice, Ho! Rejoice thy cuisine for gift from heaven it is!

Peter Fletcher Easterwood

All dairy free options aside from a select few. Will definitely be coming back to try all the different types of teas and boba!

cyrus s

Nice place. Good staff! Always busy. Cons I would say is the menu. Only two menus available with one being all in Chinese (which no one could read) while everyone else is waiting for that one readable menu. They could have simply had both languages in one menu?

Jack Sippel

Fast service and lots if options for customization. Very little seating and what there is in bright sun during the day. This is a bubble tea shop not not a place with a variety of tea leaves of differing styles....its all about the add ins. Mostly young customers. Price was moderate.

Joe C.

5 buck for a glorious tasting boba is a great place in my mind. I would say the large is about 24 ounces(?) with enough boba to run out of milk tea before boba and would last at least an hour. Unless you are a binger like me-if so maybe 10 minutes max :). Great friday treat! 11/10

Cindy Kulphongpatana

Love the varieties of tea. This my Starburst!!

Sophie Wang

Good bubble tea for the area and the price, considering it’s a chain store with a lot of options. This store is run by a sweet team that works hard to give suggestions for the next taste breaker or a crowd favorite. They are consistent with, at times, right staffing. Parking can be difficult in the area, but you won’t need to park for too long as there’s not much seating inside.

Tommy Chen

Kung Fu Tea has come to the Mid West! Very small store that's part of a mini strip mall. They have a few seats and a small counter. Drinks are constant in taste to that of Kung Fu Teas back in NYC. They also accept the Kung Fu Tea app for payment and loyalty points. The staff is very friendly and helpful. If you are a fan of good bubble tea, definitely check this place out!

Angelica White

Kung Fu might have the best boba in town, and I love love love their rosehip lemonade and watermelon lemonade! I'll be back again and again.

Hojin Moon

Oh my gosh. I loved it! I say WOW when I try their Oreo WOW drink. They have really good drinks and a variety to choose from. Staff are funny and kind. 10/10 would recommend. Also, AMAZING HOSPITALITY

Miquelas Couture

The young ladies were awesome, friendly, and helpful it was my first visit, my drinks were good (large Taro and Mango Snow both with less sugar yummmy!!!) I visited around 8:40pm

Erin B.

This is probaby THE smallest KFT location that I've been to. It's very much a grab-and-go place rather than a sit-and-hangout one. A counter at the window and one small table with two chairs takes up most of the room in the store. If there are more than just a couple of customers in at a time it feels pretty crowded. With that being said, other than the small size it is your pretty standard KFT. KFT has a fairly wide selection of drinks, some more adventurous than others, and since it is a chain they are usually pretty consistent with how they make them. That being said, you can do a lot to customize your drink (toppings, sugar level, etc) to your liking. They make your drinks pretty quickly and accurately, but since it really is just get in and get out, there's not much else to comment on the service. My favorite thing to get at KFT is the wintermelon milk cap with grass jelly and 30% sugar!

Lieu N.

My first experience was not too great here, but the last couple visits throughout the past year have been redeeming! I frequented here due to location and have had the opportunity to try a multitude of flavors from their menu. My favorite is the KF milk tea at 50% sweet. I wish they would bring back the baby boba!! However, I like how their boba is sweetened so you don't need much sweetness in the tea itself. I still am not a fan of their other tea varieties as they have still turned out pretty bitter for some reason as though the teas have seeped for too long.

Jason H

There are a ton of options on the menu and the staff was able to guide me towards a honey oolong milk tea that was excellent. I'll definitely return.

Suvra Roy

I have had kung fu tea before and although I liked it I wasn't 100% convinced that I would develop a liking for it sometime soon. But at this outlet I really started apprrciating the great taste and refreshing nature of the drink.


I have had kung fu tea before and although I liked it I wasn't 100% convinced that I would develop a liking for it sometime soon. But at this outlet I really started apprrciating the great taste and refreshing nature of the drink.. I like the bubbles but next time I might ask them to reduce the amount of it so that its not an overdose. The service was food and fast.. Must try if you haven't had it before...

Suvra Kanta R.

I have had kung fu tea before and although I liked it I wasn't 100% convinced that I would develop a liking for it sometime soon. But at this outlet I really started apprrciating the great taste and refreshing nature of the drink. I like the bubbles but next time I might ask them to reduce the amount of it so that its not an overdose. The service was food and fast. Must try if you haven't had it before...

Jenna Miller

One of the best bubble tea shops around. Lived in Taiwan for a while and finding decent bubble tea has been difficult. This place passes! Large menu so if you're not sure, a regular milk tea with bubbles or the passionate fruit green tea with bubbles and/or nata jelly (coconut like flavor) are good options. It can be pretty busy and space to sit and enjoy is limited. Better to plan on taking it to go.

Emily Ponce

Best bubble tea I’ve had! Love the fact that you can modify just about everything especially sweetness. I will be back for sure!

Shadman Hassan

Very nice employees here. They're quick and friendly. Definitely recommend to everyone

Cat Cat

Great tasting, and it's fun to stab the straws into your drink lid :)

Marcella Nichols

Yum! I tried the Oreo Wow bubble milk, and it was delicious. Every sip was like eating a perfectly milk- soaked Oreo. It was basically a lighter milk shake. Every single bubble was delicious and had the perfect consistency. I first visited this chain in California, and I'm so glad that now it's here in Overland Park. The store is small and a bit tucked away in a shopping center, so I hope they will stay busy.

Stephanie Baillargeon

Awesome teas that you can customize pretty much any way you want. The space itself is small and fills up pretty fast, but they always get your drinks out quickly.

Lexi Chukwu

Love the service here! The cashier was so sweet and understanding when it wouldn’t take my card. Will definitely be coming back!!!

Susan C.

Yes, yes and more yes. All the Y E S. Every time my husband and I come here, we know what to expect. Quick service, ability to modify sweetness and ice level and always, always, ALWAYS delicious.

Cuong Tran

My go to place for Boba whenever I am feeling down for Boba tea drinks. They are consistent on their drinks.

Ricardo Hernandez

refreshing and delicious! Clean restaurant with quick and helpful staff