Lemongrass Thai Cuisine

7316 W 80th St, Overland Park
(913) 385-5566

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Nick Robertson

I will go to Thai Place on 87th every time from now on. And I will encourage everyone I know and everyone that reads this to do the same. Placed an order at around 1:30 for noodles. The rice noodles were so over cooked and already broken up. Chop sticks went straight through them. Just ended up being a pile of sludge. The pork tasted great, and the overall flavor wasn’t bad, but the texture made it inedible. $15 down the drain. Something like this happens every time I eat here. Never had to waste a plate at Thai Place.

DeleaLenee Oglesby

Unbelievable food. My first Thai food experience ? I am a fan.

Justin Noggle

Such great Thai! I had the Red Curry Pad Thai - Hot, and it was amazing.!

Kushal Shah

Great food! Very flavorful. Would go again.

Bill W

We had the duck noodle soup which was delicious. We also enjoyed the traditional dishes, Gapow and Sen Meek Pork. We were able to choose our level of spice. Very good service and very good food.


Service was great places very clean food was delicious. Great atmosphere and plan on going back with more people.

Aleeza R.

Amazing food and very authentic and delicious. By far my favorite Thai restaurant of all time. The pad thai is a wonderful choice and all the curries are also very tasty.

Scott W.

Amazing food. I was really blow away at the flavors and so many choices on their menu. Prices are very reasonable and have lots of choices if you are vegetarian. This is going to sound so bad but I've never had crab rangoon in my life. The crust was so thin and just perfect. My girlfriend said that before I tasted one and I was like yeah sure. But damn! I had the sea food surprise and the flavors were so good. It was all perfect. The staff was wonderful. Will be going back many times with friends and family next time. Now this place is one of my top 5 restaurants in the KC area. Can't wait to try so many of the items on their huge menu.

Scotty McMasters

This is my wife's favorite Thai restaurant. I really enjoyed the Crab Fried Rice. Had a newer server who did a great job.

Marisa P Javier

Our first time snd the good was great. Definitely I’ll be bavk

Harmanjeet K

I greatly value the flavor profile of each dish I order from Lemongrass Thai and it's easily my go to Thai restaurant for ordering take out. They get the thickness of the curries, flavors of the kefir lime and lemongrass and the spice level absolutely right. Their portions are adequate and the pot size soup has a great portion too. My favorite dishes are their panang curry, chicken gapow, chicken pad thai, lemongrass chicken, chicken basil fried rice and chicken satay. I did order calamari a few times but it never hit the spot. Also, their chicken pad thai is really amazing. I haven't eaten pad thai like their's anywhere else until now. I will continue to order again because their server, Wie I believe her name is (I apologize if I've spelt it wrong) is the sweetest and always takes the order particularly well. We adore her!

Ang Davis

Excellent service and attentive to food sensitivities. Delicious. I had the spring-rolls and Pad See Eaw. Nice ambiance, was perfect for catching up with a friend.

Shantel Harris (Telly)

Some of the best Thai food in the kc area. Food is amazing and the restaurant's aesthetic is beautiful!

Elijah B.

I'm sure the food is good, but their service is so bad I may never get to try it. Someone needs to step in and adjust fix management. Customers don't need to know why the order is wrong, just that you will fix it. They finally fixed it and got it ahead of the rest of the orders, but finally after 2 hours I'm getting to try my food. Half is fresh and warm the rest is cold. I love small local food places and my family raves about this place, but there are plenty of good food places with much better service. The saving grace, the food is really good. My advice, double order triple check your order as being complete before getting home.

Vagabond V.

I LOVE Lemongrass. Their Panang Curry is super yummy. Can't stop won't stop ordering Green Beans and Red Curry. Typically not a huge fan of yellow or green curry, however Lemongrass managed to find a fan in me. They just know good flavor. The Pad Sea Eaw and Pad Pet are great! Looking forward to trying the Pineapple Curry soon and Cashew stir fry. I'm a creature of habit who finds a dish and commits to it. Lemongrass is so good I just keep trying more dishes and have yet to be disappointed.

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