Q39 South

11051 Antioch Rd, Overland Park
(913) 951-4500

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gabriel taylor

This place is absolutely amazing. Very nice staff and the food is outstanding. Good prices also. If you want good barbecue, come here. I got the Pit Master Brisket with a side of fries and I was blown away. The brisket was cooked to perfection and it was topped with a melted slice of provolone cheese and fried onions and some of the best barbecue sauce I have ever had. Eat here. It’s worth every penny

Cathy Warren

We enjoyed our food here.the brisket was moist and tasted amazing. The chicken was a little dry and I couldn't get past the smoke flavor on the ribs but, I am very sensitive to smoke. We enjoyed eating here. Overall, the food was good and arrived fast and the service was also great!

Steve L.

Best BBQ in Kansas City! Pros: *servers were attentive and respectful *Brisket was tender and delicious, sauce not required *fries and ranch were unbelievably delicious, didn't expect them to be so good *the homemade sausage was delectable and I'll be getting it again *donuts and carrot cake were worth the calories! Cons: *the Mac and cheese order was overpriced for its size

Wesley O.

Everybody likes fall off the bone ribs! The ribs and sauce selection were quite nice. Would I get them again, yes! Will I get them again, doubtful (since I do not live in Kansas City). But if you're passing by I would for sure recommend this place. Top notch bbq in a barbecue town. Let's talk sides: Fries are nothing to ride home about, but all fries are good fries. The baked beans were really good, I can't believe how good they were, but I definitely would recommend these cool beans. They got a great flavor and some meat or something inside, go for them as a side. Service was super good. The dude running the carryout part of the restaurant is a hero. Give this man a raise. Overall I'm giving Q39 South a rating of 66 out of 70, so that's about a 94.2857 out of a hundo; and then in terms of out of 5 star rating that would be a 4.714285. Round that baby up to a 5; five out of five stars.

Lesa Wilm

Would stop again going through KC! Great BBQ! Great Service! Plenty of parking on weekend, had a pickup and 3 horse trailer/5ft short wall. Easy off interstate short distance to there. Food was so good I started eating b5 pic. White bean baked beans a must try!

Zero Dean

"When in Kansas City ya gotta get the BBQ" they say. And this place did not disappoint. Got the "Burnt Ends Burger" and a Cucumber and onion salad. The salad was good, but the burger shined.Burnt ends providing complete coverage on top of a burger from first bite to last? Wow. That was a taste sensation. I could've eaten two.I couldn't afford to eat here all the time, but it was definitely worth the experience.

Michael Brzezinski

Excellent brisket. Great texture on the pulled pork, but too much reliance on the sauce for flavor. Spare ribs were awesome but I should have gotten sauce on the side. The chicken was very plain. Also some steamed veggies that could have used some butter.

shelley wertz

Over priced all round$5 side of fries that wasn’t enough for one person.Side of Cole slaw that wasn’t even a half of a cup.$22 3 meat dinner that left my boyfriend hungry enough to eat half of my burger. The 3 meat dinner only has 5 pieces of sausage and 2 slices of brisket.If I’m going to spend $80 for dinner… it won’t be at Q39 again.

Patsy C.

It's not everyday you can find a restaurant with great food and EXCEPTIONAL service! Ali was our server and I highly suggest asking for him! He was attentive but didn't hover. He made sure we enjoyed our drinks and the food. He even brought me lemon for my water the first time I asked for them! My husband and I got the Pork Belly app and it was so good. Sorry we forgot to take a pic of it. And we both got the brisket and burnt ends. Both were extremely tender and mouthwatering! The fries were crispy and on point. The potato salad was good and the baked beans were just okay. Oh and you should try the basil strawberry lemonade. It was amazing and it didn't come in some tiny glass! You most definitely got your money's worth!

Catie M.

Quality: 5 stars Staff: 5 stars Atmosphere: 5 stars Best boujee BBQ in the city, hands down. I definitely recommend the onion strings as an appetizer for the table. So delicious, even non-onion lovers will enjoy! Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the meats either. Everything is smoked to perfection. Highly, highly recommend!

Paul Hansen

Salmon and salad


It's easy to see why this restaurant has won so many awards. We had the Angus Brisket and Burnt Ends. My husband had the slaw and I had the Cucumber & Onion salad. Best barbecue that I have ever put in my mouth. The Cucumber & Onion salad was delicious. Excellent service and your food is served rapidly.

Andrew S.

This restaurant came highly recommended for enjoying KC Barbeque in Overland Park, KS. Reservations were made which I highly recommend if you will be eating dinner there in the near future. Chairs are a bit close together with other chairs from other tables which creates more traffic. My foot was stepped on by a server and she won the battle on that outcome. Great drink menu, great food selections. I went with the Beef brisket combo (see the awesome picture) along with 2 sides, potato salad and baked beans. I couldn't even finish the meal, very tasty with a sweeter smooth sauce vs a vinegar style also used by Kansas folks. The difficult part was having a conversation with the guests I had with me. It's loud and you can hardly hear what the person across your table is saying. Service was excellent besides the food and management thanked us as we left, people waiting outside to get a spot when we were leaving. Parking gets filled up but you can park in other corporate lots during the weekends. I will be back for sure.

Ryan T.

This is a solid BBQ place in the KC area. The first one I have been to while on this trip. Get there and the parking lot is just a mess. Ordered online as I didn't want to try and get a reservation to eat there. I got the 3 meat special with BBQ Beans and Potato Salad. I went to do curbside pickup and there was zero parking for curbside orders. No big deal, park in a random open spot, and walked up to the pickup booth. A worker took my name and then said give me a few minutes and walked inside. Less than a minute later, and boom I am driving back to the hotel. I got sausage, chicken and beef brisket. The sausage was a bit dry and I only ate a few pieces overall. The beef brisket was soft and had a great bark to it. There was a line of bbq sauce on one side of one piece. This issue is, I had 2 pieces, so the bbq flavoring just wasn't there. The star of the show was the 1/4 chicken (thigh and leg) where the chicken was tender, smokey, and had skin on it. And then the skin had a lot of bbq sauce on it, which I wish knew earlier as I would have spread it to my beef brisket. At this point though in the meal, I wished I ordered 3 plates of the chicken. Personally, I would skip the sides, as they didn't do a thing for me compared to the chicken. I'm not sure when I will be back in KC, but I will put it on a list to try again.

Matthew Tottleben

Great BBQ, great service, burnt ends to die for.

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