Shack Breakfast & Lunch

7940 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 897-2755

Recent Reviews

Jenifer Strange

We got there early enough ( just before 7:30am) on a Saturday that we did not have to wait. Have tried to go before on a Sunday morning, and always a big wait. Our waiter was great! Seemed like he enjoyed his job. Food was yummy. God bless.

Antoinette Bridgeforth

OH MY GOODNESS!! That was GREAT!! This was our 1st time and only stopped in by chance...trying something "new"

Mark P

Cozy place with a boisterous atmosphere. Food was amazing and delivered fast for how many people were there. Portions are generous and great for splitting with a tablemate. Hardest and most entertaining part was reading the menu. Everything looks delicious and has creative names. There is a bar serving equally inventive drinks. Very popular be prepared to wait a half an hour. Bottom line, go and bring friends for great food and laughs

J Heap

First time there and loved it! I had one of the breakfast burritos and it was spot on. Great drink menu too. Only problem I had is, there were just too many items that looked good so I guess that means I will have to come back.

Austin Mason

Great food. Wonderful staff, and good atmosphere. Was greated immediately, had a bit long of a wait for 4 people but it was well worth it. Their adult breakfast beverages are different, but they taste amazing. Highly recommend taking the family out for lunch and gathering with friends.

Jerry Hensel

Wow! Great food and fast efficient service. I had the corned beef skillet wife had the Ruben don had the Meg Ryan special where you or choose from many options. Loved what we had. I’m jealous of locals because you can go there whenever you like which should be every freaking day!!!!

Geoff Suare

Best brunch I’ve had in a long time, we just moved here and my sister came into town last weekend so I decided to take her here and we had such a great experience! The decor was a blast, so cool that we get to leave our mark on the wall. Service was good, food was excellent and timely. The bartender had us rolling while we waited for our table, hilarious! The manager even came and stopped by just to chat for a few minutes which really made it feel like home. No frills here, just hospitality. The restrooms seemed a little outdated, but were fully stocked with the necessities and were mostly clean. This is my new spot to take out of town guests, I will definitely be back soon. If only it were a little closer to my house. When will they open one up in lee’s summit? Even then, I may still return to this location simply due to the staff.

Matt Kolins

Very good breakfast restaurant. Fare is generally classic, but with a fun twist, presented in a playful and sassy manner. And you can write on the walls! (And somehow the walls are still absent of phalluses.) Food was good and staff was very pleasant and helpful. The one sour note was the coffee. Unfortunately they have nothing better than very generic bitter and flavorless coffee. If Shack were to brew their coffee with fresh beans from a solid local roaster this would easily be five star restaurant!

Sherri D.

Great food & service! They accommodated our large group after a soccer game this past weekend with such grace & efficiency. The food was wonderful & we had a great time!

Josh D.

Best breakfast spot in KC! Can't beat a real country fried steak, eggs and hashbrowns with a shot of Jameson! Breakfast shots are alive and well with Andy at The Shack!

Dorian O.

This Columbia based chain does a really good job with comfort food. The decor is basic and the crayon deal on the walls has been done many times before and better. But the food is the star here. Loaded hash browns are delicious belly bombs if you like that for breakfast. The short rib dip sandwich was very good. The bun was light, and super fresh. The beef was very flavorful and delicious. Can't wait to go back and word is on the street that a Plaza location will open soon.

Jennifer W.

The Shack has been on our breakfast must try list for quite some time. This weekend offered a perfect opportunity when my parents were visiting from out of town. We went on a Sunday around 10:15 and for a party of four the wait was 35 - 45 minutes. We put our name in, grabbed some coffee (their coffee was delicious, and molten lava hot) from a carafe in the waiting area and settled in. They really had tables turning quickly and we ended up waiting about 30 minutes. We were seated in a comfortable booth and greeted by a very nice waitress. We all ordered something different and there were at least 10 things on the menu that I wanted to try. My husband got the Make a Grown Man Cry breakfast burrito, my dad the corned beef and hash, my mom the why do the French hate us and I got the If Tim and Biebs Went to Prison skillet. Now, I have no idea who Tim is, but the breakfast named after him is delicious!!! I got my eggs sunny side up and the yummy yolk ran down into the gravy and hash browns and was so scrumptious! The chicken was tender and the biscuits were flakey. There were some yummy looking adult beverages that we didn't try this trip, but will next time. We'll be going back again for one of those other 10 or so entrees I saw that were calling my name!

Courtney K.

This was my first time at the Shack. I had a few friends visiting from out of town and we wanted to go to breakfast before they made their drive back home. I love breakfast food so I am always willing to try new breakfast places. When we walked inside, it wasn't quite what we were expecting to see. All of the walls have writing all over them. Which I guess kind of explains the name "Shack." Apparently you can sign your name to the wall, but you can only sign it once. There's rules on the front of your menu about signing, which gave me a good laugh when I read them. I am a typical breakfast person, such as I like pancakes, french toast, waffles. After we ordered we could not believe how fast our food was ready. The portion was huge which was totally worth the price. I couldn't finish it all so I had breakfast for the next day, too. All of my friends agreed that the food was delicious and they said I made a good choice for having breakfast there even though I had never been there before. I will definitely be back.

Alyssa Ross

Our server Emma was great!! And the food was pretty good especially the strawberry cheesecake pancake that is on special right now. Four stars because the hash browns were super oily!

Caitlin Horsley

I went to the Shack for the first time today. I ordered the "Buttermilk Pancakes", but what I got was a very thin almost crepe-like pancake. They gave me some syrup in a miniature pitcher that was less than half full and only covered a fraction of my pancake. I also ordered eggs, which were good, but there were chunks of black pepper scattered throughout, which was not in the description. Go to LePeep, they are much better.

Yhara D.

The food was delicious! The eggs were well cooked, not over cooked and not runny. The bacon was cooked perfectly, not too soft and not too crisp. But the Merica French Toast was amazing. It was sweet, light, and yet filling. The fruit provided a nice balance to the sweetness. I must say my first bite made me proud to be an American lol. The Pancakes were good, really rich so a nice glass of milk or a boozie shake paired with it is nice. The Meaty Mary was a pretty simple Bloody Mary, the beef straw was a bit much so a regular straw is recommended. I'll definitely be returning to try other items on the menu.

Douglas W

Love the Shack for breakfast. Tried lunch last week and it wasn't as good. This is a BIG breakfast place and they are very good at it. Creative menu considering it is breakfast.

Dan D

Head and shoulders above other breakfast places in the area. Large portions, tasty food, great service. Samantha did an awesome job in keeping our glasses and cups full and making sure we had all we needed. Amazing Gluten Free menu and staff awareness. The 10 minute wait was worth it! We will absolutely be back.

James A.

I had been driving past this little gem for weeks and finally was invited to meet there for a business breakfast. I was early and was welcomed warmly and seated in a quiet area because he said he thought we might enjoy some peace away from the usual loudness of a restaurant. Very nice. Then, we were well attended during our talking but not rushed or burdened. Really good experience. The menu offered a nice variety. I ordered the breakfast banana split. It was healthy and wonderful. Fruit, yogurt and granola all well designed. It made me wonder why other breakfast places didn't offer this. Fantastic. We paid and got out of there easily and swiftly. Great experience. Good food. Now my favorite breakfast place in Overland Park.

Amani R

We’ve been to The Shack 5 times now, and the service and food quality have gotten worse each time. I don’t know if we’ll return after this visit. Today, we asked to be seated in a booth instead of the long tables. As the waitress wiped the table off, she swept all the crumbs and water onto my mom. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t do it intentionally, but even then, the lack of care is disappointing. After that, our order was taken much later. Past few times, our hash browns have came out soggy and the scrambled eggs runny.

Elizabeth Mowery

The Shack is delicious food, fun environment! So many good things on the menu, we had a hard time deciding! My meal came with a side of fried green tomatoes, they were delicious! (I was hesitant because I’d never tried them before, but now I’m sold!). This place gets super busy on the weekend, FYI.

John Sorrick

Good food, fun menu names. majority of our food was good. Had one dish that was on the salty side. But everything else was good. Definitely will try again.


Ordered chicken and waffles. Got home, box had a half waffle with coleslaw dumped on it, no syrup, and a strip of chicken. Poor quality, waste of money. Pitiful.

Sharon M.

I tried to love The Shack. I really did. The first visit was okay except for our breakfast wasn't freshly cooked. Based on the reviews of my fellow esteemed and trustworthy YELPERS, we went back the next day. I was determined to love The Shack and taste some of the amazing food I'd heard tell of. When we were ordering, I even told my server we were coming back as a 'second chance' to experience how great they could be. I told him we'd been in the day before but were disappointed in the heat lamp temps of our entrees. He told me they were probably just too busy the day before. Apparently, they were "too busy" to serve hot food the second day too. He dropped off the entrees and disappeared. I had to flag him down and tell him my hash browns were only somewhat warm. He brought me out another serving, and they were hot. That was fortunate, because... we didn't see him again until he dropped off the check. No 'check back in' to see how things are at this place! On the plus side, the entrée names are fun. The restaurant was clean. Entrée portions are large but the prices reflect that. I had the 'why the French hate us' and it was well put together. My friend said his entrée was "just okay". I remain puzzled at the disparity in our experience and that of others. Color me disappointed and underwhelmed.

Maggie C.

You ready for some friendly service and delicious and healthy options for food? Enjoyed this location, just as much as the Metcalf location. Same menu, same friendly staff, and fun ambiance. Tried the "create your own omelette" (I love that you can sub for egg whites for no charge), which came with a side of hash browns and an English muffin. Food came out pretty quickly. I got mine with jalapeño, chicken sausage and Brussel sprouts. I added some Tabasco on the eggs, and ketchup on the potatoes, and we were good to go. The best part about this place is that I always leave without feeling like I need to go home and crash. They have options of all sorts. You need gluten and lactose free, like me? Ya got it. You're vegan or vegetarian? Yep. They have it. Still my favorite place for breakfast in the suburbs of KC


Love the shack! Andy and Daniel at the bar are the best; and treat us like regulars every time we come in! The food is always worth the wait, the drinks are great, and Gluten Free! 10/10 would definitely recommend

Christopher Christensen

Not impressed. The atmosphere is true to its college town roots but that's where the draw ends. The dining area was pretty bare and nothing special. Service was relaxed to say the least. We were met, after waiting longer than expected, by a waiter with a shake in hand for someone else. Picked up the menus with the same hand the shake was in and led us to our table. After being seated we were only offered pwater or coffee to drink. Food was slow getting out and not really worth the wait. All and all it was a one and done experience

Ayah A.

Service was incredible! There's a wonderful laid back atmosphere and it's very friendly. One of the staff offered me helping of one of their smoothies, which was seriously tasty. (I'm normally not a smoothie person). The food was decent fare. I think their frying oil is past its smoke point because my chicken tasted a bit synthetic. Good waffles though. This is a really fun place to try and makes a nice tourist spot.

John Rau

1st time visit. Food was great. Interesting and eclectic decor, has a homey vibe to the restaurant. Cute names for the menu choices. You are encouraged to sign your name on the walls, too. More comfort food than healthy food so just be aware.

Neil Crabaugh

Good food, great service, unique space. Cost was higher than I felt comfortable. If the first three things hadn't been so good, I would have given three stars for the value. However, there are better restaurants for breakfast/brunch that are not as expensive. I'd go back if invited.


I met a friend here for breakfast. It was our first visit and we were not disappointed. The food and service were both great. There are crayons available for drawing on the walls, so it seems like it might be a fun place for kids.

Tracy B.

Ever since a friend suggested we dine at The Shack, I got so food happy. I looked at the Happy YELP reviews, read the menu, talked to people who had been here. I was so looking forward to this dining experience. The big day had finally arrived!! Still happy as I entered the restaurant and got to take in all the colorful signatures and artwork on the walls. There was even a lit sign that spelled out BACON. How could this be anything less than wonderful?? We were even seated under the C in bacon. The server took our order and I knew I was getting closer to happy food! Only, I wasn't. Not by a long shot. I was still kinda happy after 10 minutes. I was not happy at all after 20 minutes of not seeing our server. At 30 minutes, I was Rambo mad. Grabbed my purse and headed to find our server. She saw me coming and apologized profusely for IGNORING our table for half an hour. She tried to distract me with compliments about my shoes but that didn't work or help. She knew I was dug in and wanted service. She also knew she had ignored us for a long time. I settled down long enough to order. Heaven knows I had plenty of time to read the menu. I ordered the chicken fried steak and asked for toast. When the meal arrived, guess what she forgot?? Yep. The toast was nowhere to be found. At that point I wasn't going to send out a search party for the toast. I was going to eat as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there. The toast would be a casualty. At the very end of the meal she said, "You never got your toast, did you?" She knew the answer by the look on my face. Amazingly, the long-lost toast magically appeared. The food was delicious. The menu was entertaining. The venue is nothing short of charming. It was easy to park and everything was comfortable, the service, on the other hand, was The Worst I've Ever Had. I will go back again to see if this was an exception to the rule. After this first visit, though, I am not inclined to hurry back to be ignored for 30 minutes by a waiter who cannot bring all the food out at the same time. The Shack needs to shape up!

Bob K.

The Shack has become my go to any-day breakfast choice. I don't always get my way, and it can be a little more pricy that others in the area, but the food combinations that are slight off the norm make it a place that stands out in a very good way. I'm not sure that I can describe the place. It's not exactly upscale, but you could come here in your Sunday best. Its got writing and grafiti from patrons on every possible surface. It's packed on weekends, and consistently busy on weekdays. The service is hyper friendly and attentive. I'm not even going to try to describe the food, because I don't want to give the jokes and puns away. I've eaten from every part of the menu, and have never been disappointed. The have monthly specials that are creations sometimes oddly put together. Sometimes I will order one and think, "that's good, but I don't want it again." Sometimes I am deeply disappointed when they get rid of one I fell in love with. It's all good here. If you don't want to wait out the Sunday crowd, stop by for breakfast or lunch on any weekday.

Richard N.

The bomb breakfast! The blueberry pancake with the blueberry compost was INCREDIBLE, no other way to put it. KC is an amazing food town that people either sleep on or just know little about. In fact, I'd go so far to rank it 2nd only to NOLA from a cuisine standpoint, not sure you can go wrong eating anything in KC. ANYTHING and this place is no exception!!!!

Dillon Gasper

Loved eating brunch here! The food is some of the best around and comes at a very reasonable price. The service is great and very friendly. There are quite a few regulars which speaks to the value of this place! Would highly recommend for a brunch spot! The food is amazing

Eddie Canis

Wonderful place to get pancakes the size of a Plate :), Had the King and it was delicious. Crispy bacon on thee side. Coffee and orange juice. Coffee came in a large Carafe. Excellent staff. They watch out of each other. Fun decor. Total on meal $17.45 , Spirits lifted and refueled. Priceless

Kyriana Foster

My bridal party, family, almost-husband, and I are here for breakfast the day before our wedding, my "Bachelorette day." I could not have chosen a better restaurant to start our day! The food was delicious, the service was good, and having two drinks with my breakfast was the perfect way to kick off my day. My friends/family and I had a good time, and I look forward to returning.

Traci Meeds

Great, friendly staff. The humor out into this place is great, the menus, the staff, even the bathroom doors. Food was tasty. Prices fair. Unexpected flavors (a good thing). Great experience.

Tom J

Awesome food. I had the French hate us, excellent and huge portions for low cost. Great spot and coffee is delicious. Andy was great server

K'la E.

New favorite Brunch spot, YUP ! First off I will be honest the wait times can be upwards of 40 minutes but you won't regret waiting ! This restaurant is good, the inside is unique, the menu items are so fun, and the staff is all kind. We came in right when you'd expect the breakfast rush to start BUT THATS OK ! After we were seated our server greeted us promptly. She even went over a few options on what to order because seriously every single thing on the menu sounded so good, and not because I was hungry ! My husband got the Gringo Killer, I got the "make a grown man cry", the kids pancake, and the kids French toast. The food was every bit what I wanted it to be. It was flavorful and their green salsa on top of anything is going to be so good ! The food was fresh, well thought out, and it got to us super quick after ordering it. I really can't wait to come back and try a few of their drink options and go though the menu ! PS: Ask for a sharpie and leave your own mark on the walls. :) ALSO, BEST CHORIZO WE HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME, go ahead and order it too !