Shack Breakfast & Lunch

7940 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 897-2755

Recent Reviews

Mike Brodbeck

Stopped in for some brunch! Cool atmosphere with good service. I got a breakfast burrito called "make a grown man cry"... It was really good! Mimosas maybe a little pricey but they're good too. I'll definitely be back and would recommend it for sure

Ciera Fuller

BEST BREAKFAST EVER! The short wait was TOTALLY worth it. Food came out really quick and my iced coffee was on point. Definitely coming back with the whole family.

Sandy S.

Initially it was the option for Bloody Mary's that drew me in. Something that seems hard to find in KC for breakfast. I've been there twice for breakfast (once during the week and once on Saturday). You'll probably have to wait for a table, but it is worth the wait. I have tried two Bloody's - The Spicy about Mary and the Meaty Mary. Both are yummy! For breakfast in both visits, I had the Iguana Huevo Ranchero, because it was so delicious I didn't want to try anything else. It is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy and I'll definitely order it again. We've had pretty good service both times we were there. It's a great place to enjoy a drink and some yummy food!

Big Steez

Menu is different from your normal eatery! Fun themed options that don't disappoint! Prices are fair, and service is A-1! Food comes quickly and tastes amazing! Clean/spacey environment, with great art to look at, enough TVs to watch & a 5 star ambience! This place is a must-see/must-go!!!??

John Hill

Went there for a late lunch and the food was better than expected after reading many reviews. Our waiter did ok. They just need some fine tuning on preparation of food. Biscuits and gravy need more gravy and the waffles came out cold.

Elle R.

So disappointed with The Shack and how they're handling their busy hours. Pre-making food and serving it to your guests is not the way to handle the influx of customers. Your product is now lacking. Cold, chewy bacon, dried out biscuits, and cool eggs are not appealing and has erased our great experiences prior to today. It is so evident that the food was cooked ahead of time and sitting there under a warmer to be served up. I'm just irritated tbh and I'm not so sure I will return to give it another go due to the price alone.

ChristinaandMark Allison

Great food, big portions and excellent service! Loved it!!!

Ginger Lemaster

The food was great. The service and atmosphere was awesome!! Will definitely be back next time we are in the area.


Food is very good, plentiful and service was great. As good as the first visit and well worth the wait, as it was packed the entire time we were there.

Charity Upton

Wonderful food, family fun! Large portions. Great staff!

Amanda G.

Middle range breakfast prices and excellent food. I have never been disappointed by their food or their service. Even if you have to wait, they offer you coffee and water while you wait for a table. Everything smells delicious and tastes even better.

Tayler T.

Not good. Our waitress never asked how the food was, didn't check on us enough to see we had to stir our coffee with knives because there were no spoons. The food was greasy, not in a feel good diner kind of way. It tasted like frozen food unthawed except for the eggs on top. Should have stuck with old faithful First Watch

Kai C.

This place is a joke for seating big parties. The hostess needs to do their job better. They kept on telling our party of 9 that they are waiting for one more table to move.. Ok, that's fine. BUT that was an hour ago. A party of 8 came in, waited maybe 5 minutes and got seated before us. That was the last straw. We just left. Learn how to put tables together.

Eric M.

Love this place for breakfast. They have new and refreshing take on breakfast foods. Everything I have had on the menu, has been great. Their staff is friendly and fun. The environment of the restaurant is fun and lively. I like that you can write on the walls.

Quincy Swanson

My family and I visited the shack this past weekend while visiting family in town and we had a great experience! The food was fantastic and our server, Melody, could have not been any better! Looking forward to my next OP trip so I can get some more breakfast tacos!

Anne G.

Went for brunch with a friend and her little girl a few days ago at the Shack. The decor was different, but fun as people write over the walls. Our service was great, as the waitress was very attentive and helpful. I ordered their version on chicken and waffles. While it was good, also didn't stand out as unique. I thought the chicken seemed like it was frozen chicken they heated up and placed on some waffles. I did love that they had pineapple juice, which I loved. I would give thIs brunch place another try I might just try something different.

Holly Murray

Maddie recommended the salmon breakfast tacos and they were awesome! She was a very good server. We have never had a bad meal here! We go to the Overland Park 69 Hwy location.

Brooke B.

Always great service and food. Andy at the bar is great. Have ordered lots of different items from the menu. Never a bad meal

Mark M.

A great place to eat. The King of Club, Chorizo Breakfast Tacos & Why The French Hate Us are all solid breakfast choIces. I eat there once a week and always try to get Jessica as our server. She's always friendly, and gets our order right every time. She's the best!!!

Julie Rivers

WOW this is THE BEST BREAKFAST PLACE IN OVERLAND PARK. I have quickly become a regular here with my girlfriends. The mimosas are to die for, the service is always outstanding and so hospitable, and the FOOD-holy cow the food. I would come back for the food alone but the staff always treats me like I’m family. They give the best recommendations.. I want to try something different every time because I’ve never been disappointed. Skip First Watch, skip Another Broken Egg, skip literally any other breakfast restaurant and eat at the Shack. You’ll love it!

Kenneth King

We love the place but need to get there early or wait 20+ minutes for breakfast. Great fun environment with farmy decor and cheeky logos. Menu is fun to read as the items all are named goofy names. And food lives up to expectations. Our server, Dani, was great. She was attentative but not hovering or ignoring us.

Luisa D.

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this place! Make sure you get there before 2pm as they close early. Food is worth the $$ and keeps you full the rest of the day. Plus, it's delicious! Will for sure be back!

Brad P.

I gave this a 2 star because of the following. - My "Not A Real Benedict" came out cold. This has ribs underneath eggs over easy on top of a biscuit with a holindaze sauce over it. The ribs hadn't even been warmed up, the eggs were cold also. The only thing warm was the sauce. Now all this being said I had the Gastric Bypass d One over 7 years ago and haven't had an entire hot meal since. I do like to at least have a bite or two that are hot. A normal customer would be very angry if this happened to them! I will give this place another shot someday, because it has a great atmosphere and employees. But I will not order the above again though!

Julia Noelle

I’ve been here twice so far and I definitely want to go back. The only reason I haven’t gone more was because we live kind of far away. I got pancakes both times. They were amazing and huge! They were definitely worth the money. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. I can’t wait to go back.

Jim Rosberg

Good breakfast. I'll try lunch another time. Slightly higher price than some but decent. Not busy when I was there and the service was good.

Catherine R.

Reasonable prices for huge portions. Intimidating menu with lots of options. Not a classy joint but decent food that will satisfy a breakfast craving.


Menu with a sense of humor and the food is delicious. The biscuits are amazing. Only been for breakfast but I’m sure the rest of the food is just as delightful. Staff is friendly and very nice.

Greg L

Omelette was nice tasting but it must have been the first one the chef ever made. Lol. It came out like scrambled eggs.

LaShandra S.

This place was amazing. Super unique decor and creative design. The customer service was fantastic as well. Our food arrived hot and so delicious. (Make a grown man cry) Full of flavor and seasoning. It left us feeling full and we had enough to take home for later. Will definitely come back!

Max J.

Dont be fooled by all the 5 Stars. If you read thru them, you can tell most are canned reviews. After years on Yelp, you can tell. Godawful place. First off, the decor feels like you're going into a dilapidated bathroom in a college bar. It just teaches you not to believe the opening day hype but many restaurants like this survive for a while on an initial opening day reputation. Check out the picture. My corn beef hash was all fat totally inedible served in a pool of grease. And what on earth was the idea of putting mustard on top of it? No chef in the world would recommend that and I've never seen it and it was terrible. When I showed it to the waitress she could care less. No restaurant has ever survived in this location and this one will not change that pattern.

Aaron Caselman

Great atmosphere, excellent staff, and the food was spectacular! The price was pretty good too; my fiancé and I both ate here for about $30 and we each got an entree with a drink. The whole experience was exemplary from top to bottom!

Josh Johnson

My my my...This was delicious! I cant say enough about The King pancake. The best breakfast item in Kansas city...fight me! I had " Why the french hate us" it was awesome. My buddy had something about somebody going to jail. It was very good aswell. But as I said the King Pancake is out of bounds. The atmosphere is great with good music playing and the bloody Mary's were on point. Will definitely return!

Mark Marquez

First time to eat here and was very pleased. Good food and Great Service in a time where they were very busy. Highly recommend *******

Arjun Balaji

Omlettes, Skillets, breakfast smoothies ..

Raquel Gitch

We had such a great time here. Our wait was long but we were quickly approached and asked if we needed drinks from the bar. Once seated our service was great. Oscar was very attentive and friendly and didn't miss a beat with our requests. My meal was delicious and there were no other complaints from the other 3 I was with. We will all return for sure.

steve mantooth

The variety of foods is excellent and the flavors are amazing! It looks like a shack and is very clean and the staff is very friendly. I try to stop here every chance I get. Love this place!

Neha Talwalkar

I seriously did not like ambience. I do not like names written all over furniture, walls even on hand dryer. I spent about 15 minutes just reading menu and trying to understand it. Though its funky, I don’t want to spend so much time just reading it. The order arrived fast but skillet portion was very little. If you spend 10-11$ on some food, you expect it to be bit more. I did not like the taste and now there is a buttery residue inside my throat which I want to wipe it.. Eggs were really bad. It had no taste.

Jan L.

I enjoyed my lunch meal here with a friend as I was visiting KC and reconnecting. Their food is heavy. No salads, which I think is a miss on their part. However, I was able to order sides to stay away from wheat and dairy. If those aren't issues for someone then they are a great place to congregate with family and friends. Beware of the weekends. They fill up fast and are quite busy. I visited during a weekday at 11:00 am so the restaurant was only half full. It had a quiet buzz of conversation, but I could easily converse with my friend as we lunched for two hours catching up on life. The service was good. The food was good. The atmosphere was very nice.


Applebee’s but writing on the walls instead of junk. Food was filling but unexceptional. Service was great. Coffee was weak. Overall I stand with an average rating.

Jamie Greer

Great menu with options for people who want a more traditional breakfast or something more unexpected. It's a fun, casual space with great service. You should expect a wait during peak hours, but it's totally worth it!