11930 College Blvd, Overland Park
(913) 469-1800

Recent Reviews

Christy Earnshaw

I love this Starbucks because the people are so friendly there and the wait time is very short.

R. C.

From coast to coast, these guys are great. I always find a Starbucks when traveling if I can’t find a local drive through coffee shop to try. Only problem out in the Styx like this is that the line is very long... it’s the one spot of civilized society for 100 miles, so this makes sense.


They always make my double chocolate chip Frappuccino perfect each time and Junebug his cup of cream

Janice K Close

I don't go to Starbucks. Too expensive

bruce Burns

Love this place

Kyle Starr

Great staff, clean store, slightly higher prices but not horrible. Deli, butcher, and bread department. Starbucks inside. Brand new carts and a decent supply of essentials, such as masks, toilet paper, e.t.c

Crystal Moore

Love their self check out

Abe Watt


Erla Scherschligt

Not there


Great service as always!!

nathan beyer

Sunday Indonesian Brunch! Rendang is Awesome!

James Lowery

Starbucks is starbucks so you know what you get so I won't waste peoples time with a boring description of what I order. I enjoy this location specifically because of how fast they cycle people through their drive thru and how nice the baristas are. Even when the store is experiencing the usual rush of morning coffee monsters, you can still get in and out or through the drive thru in a timely manner. The barista was also nice enough to help me setup my Starbucks app.

Bill Braskey

As far as Starbucks go this one is run right. Fast, friendly, and efficient. The location is also well maintained. The only downside is the food options aren't great, but that's a Starbucks Corporate issue not a local location issue.

Krystal Leonard

Wish it wasn't expensive!

Mrs. Lisa Williams

Love my white chocalate mocha!

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