Taste of Africa

11240 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 897-1000

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Brian Neilson

Wow.Bursting with flavour. Best samosas in town and I've been to at least 10 Indian joints. The stews were spicy and complex. Definitely going back.Beer would be a nice addition... Maybe they'll offer that someday.

Boba T.

This is one of the places that should be more popular the food is so good! One of my favorite places to go to now and I will visit this place more on! I reccommend the chicken stew at the hottest flavor (if you can handle spice) it's super flavorful and the workers are really nice !

Zeena U

I can’t believe I have only just discovered this place! Amazing Kenyan food to fill your belly! We ordered the peanut butter chicken and lamb stew with chapati, masala chai, and sweet banana dessert. Chef’s kisses! Owner & cook Doreen is great! Highly recommend!!

Caramel Cube

This food was everything I needed it to be! Omg I can't wait to go back!!! The service was amazing and the whole vibe of the restaurant was on point!.

David Towner III

A little pricey but what isn't. Wanted to buy the COOL JEWELRY. Love the CHAPAITI and SAMOSAS. Brought a friend who was not enthusiastic about trying something new but they enjoyed it and ate all the leftovers for a second sitting. They did great on the LAMB. It didn't have the usual "lambey" flavor that is so hard to avoid. One menu item says Lagos which indicates Nigeria but I got PEANUT CHICKEN with CORNMEAL MASH and that took me back to my friends in Zimbabwe so far from Nigeria. Traditionally eaten by hand, the flavorless mash is like a cool drink of water for your taste buds when you flatten it into a one bite tortilla and use it to pick up the stew which is packed with a punch of flavor.

Judith Abbey

Absolutely delicious! Flavors and seasoning and just great food! They have some killer fried fish, delicious beef and chicken stews, stir fry and desserts are amazing! I highly recommend. You may have a bit of a wait but it’s absolutely worth it. They are so nice and polite and even the chef came to apologize for the delay and offered us desserts. If you’re looking to try some East African food, please go here!

Enriqueta Quakenbush

Peanut butter & chicken guys give it a try. Sooo good, I appreciate the fact that her place is by my job. ? ? ?❤

Hazel T.

Very delicious food! Got the chicken skewers with plantain banana and cabbage. The server was nice and hospitable to us. I'll be going back again soon!

b s.

The food is delicious. The beef stew, samosas and everything we had was great. Chicken kabobs were a bit dry. Great, friendly service and very reasonable prices. A great addition to the area. Lots of parking and very pleasant inside.

Emily Gartland

One of our favorite local places. Chicken pilau and peanut butter chicken are our favorite entrees, also love all their different sides and the samosas! Our toddler loves their food too! Lots of flavor but the spice level is not too hot

Kevin Nilges

What an awesome place!! My family and I are doing a tour of international cuisine and decided to go to Taste of Africa. The food was excellent and the staff and the owner were so friendly. We learned quite a bit about their restaurant and the food by visiting with the owner and he was gracious in answering our questions. I definitely recommend trying this restaurant. You will not be disappointed!

James Nilges

Food was delicious and the staff treats everyone so warmly. Definitely going back soon and I recommend others do the same!

AudreyAnn Painter

Some of the best food I have had in a long time! ?

Jennifer Rawls

So delicious! I loved everything I tried! Can't wait to go back for more!


It’s worth a try !Lamb stew 8/10Chicken stew 8/10Beef Samosas 10/10Chai Tea 9/10There seemed to be only a single person working at the place and things took forever to prepare. Otherwise, the food was delicious.

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