1435 S Fossil St, Russell
(785) 483-6554

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Chloe Lane-sullivan

Awful service. Went inside because the drive through was packed the drive though was cleared out before we got our order. Three numbers after our order got their food before us. Lots of moping around taking their time in the kitchen showed they didn’t really care about anyone else’s time except their own. Their ice machine was clogged with huge chunks of ice we asked someone to fix it they cane over opened the top of the ice bin and then left stood there for a good 15 mins waiting for someone to come back and no one ever did. We then asked if they could fill our cups with ice in the back and we were blatantly ignored.

Donald Taylor

Cold sandwich, and the cheese not melted. It's not that difficult to get things right. Maybe my expectations are high however if I want a double cheeseburger then please make the sandwich warm.Food: 1/5

Arlan Simons

My cheeseburger was cold and too much ketchup. My wife's chicken sandwich was plain. Worst food I've ever gotten from a McDonald's. You would think that right at the beginning of lunch hour, the food would be hot and fresh.

Kellie Doyle

I get it, emergencies happen but this store needs some serious training in how to handle gas leaks! Having the manager on duty FREAKING OUT to clear the store yet no one knows why, general managers and regional managers in the back of the store having a meeting and all the other employees are all trying to figure out why this guy is freaking out yet not one single person that works there thought you call 911 and report it! Seriously??? Customers all go outside while employees stand holding doors open vs moving to safety as well. Semi driver still unloading truck in to the stores, construction guy still working on the roof and manager still running around freaking out and no one calls 911!!!!! Great safety team!!! Fire dept finally shows up with a pickup truck! That’s it, no actual fire fighting equipment!! Mind is blown!!

John S

Fast, prompt service. Typical McDonalds food. Great off highway location to keep me moving on down the road to Denver.

Sherrie Madison

This evening upon returning home after ordering for our family of five. We found that our four year old daughters Happy Meal, was certainly not Happy as it was missing the ever coveted toy! I placed a phone call to kindly report the missing item and was not only met by an extremely kind young man on the other end of the phone, but also two nice ladies in the drive through who not only made right on the toy, but also included cookies! Thanks to the Russell McDonald’s crew for making things right!

Jordan Hammack

Closed down lobby and they've shut down early, been rude to doordash drivers and now can't process coupons? So my free large fry is now like 4 dollars. This place is turning into a jokeEDIT: 08/19/22 leaking sewage. Absolutely horrible smell

Joy Straley

Russell is a stop when you need a stop. McDonald's is right off the highway; when I walked in employees were clustered talking, hopefully "training"? I went into the bathroom. Two stalls - one has sign saying door won't lock "sorry for the inconvenience" so I choose the other one (I like privacy) but too late I discover there's no toilet paper, REALLY? Of all the people standing around not waiting on people couldn't one check bathrooms to make sure they are customer ready. Sorry, but no purchase here.

Amanda Payne

Location must be short in inventory. Fry buckets were all half full, had 9/10 chicken nuggets in my basket, and was given 1 sauce with the nuggets.

Brian Dyer

Best Mickey D's I've been to in a long time, even if they didn't have lemon wedges

Sandra Teng

Staff were super friendly and the interior was clean and chic. We loved the new McDonald’s design. Don’t forget the vanilla cone on a hot day!

Lisa Harris

in a semi skinny manager rude worried about giving u another syrup no one like one for dry pancakes.

brandy connolly

Pretty clean and the food was really good traveling w 2 kids across country back home

Melissa Rorabaugh

Stopped by got chicken mcnugget meal usually there good theses nuggets must be laying around for hour. Step up ur game. With prices being so high.

Sarah Maske

Really 7:15pm on a Saturday evening and they have their Frappuccino machine cleaned for the night. Really, your open for hrs yet. Errrr

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