Pizza Hut

1315 S Front St, Russell
(785) 483-5688

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Ben Turner

Very nice woman. Working at the counter. Had called in and placed an order while we were traveling across the state and our order was ready to come out of the oven. Hot and delicious.

Matthew Campbell

I usually give pizza hut the benefit of the doubt. Sure they're not the greatest pizza hut, but they seemed to try for a while as a chain. Well it seems like putting in any kind of effort is over for these chain restaurants. The service was terrible. The salad bar awful, and the pizza was horrendous. I thought the service was terrible because I noticed a sign at the door about short staffing but this proved to not be the case as I saw 6 of the 6 on duty employees standing around the desk and getting drinks. The salad bar looked like all the ingredients had been sitting there all day. The pizza looked like the crust came frozen to the store so all the workers would have to do is put on sauce and toppings, but this turned out terribly as the crust was dry and flavorless and they barely or on any toppings as at least 33% of this pizza was crest and terrible toppings. When we paid the waiter, if you could call him that, didn't put our free "book it" credit on the ticket. I don't know if this experience is just at the Russell Pizza Hut, but if it is and your near Russell and hungry for pizza I suggest you drive the extra hour to Salina for if you choose to get pizza at pizza hut there, you'll be too hungry to care about the terrible quality.

Johnny Keener

This is how our food showed up tonight from Pizza Hut in Russell. When we talked to the manager Hannah she said not our problem since we ordered online!!!! Also refused to make us a new Pizza. Also refuses to give us general managers name and number


Overall a good place provided you ask for light sauce as they tend to overdo it if you just get regular.

Cheryl Whiteley

No stars deserved. What happened to Pizza Hut? Why such a disappointment when i paid over 36 dollars for a lg original stuffed crust and order of was like thin crust, but with stuffed crust. It was the only part of pizza that wasnt too dry. I used to think pizza hut was first rate. Wrong so disappointed.I have pictures of the pizza measuring thickness of crust. So wrong.

Larry Hawkins

The staff was very nice and attentive. The restaurant was clean and the pizza was great! Good job Pizza Hut folks.

Jose Lira

Super clean and host was very nice got my order wrong but still would re-visit, highly recommend

Matthew Sloan

I came to your restaurant today at 4:30pm and was refused to be seated for dine until 5pm...really I was the only customer in there and the one employee working is too lazy to serve one person 30 minutes before his server shows up?!?! This winter I ate there several times in the middle of the afternoon when only one person was working but not now because this guy would've had to put some effort into collecting his pay check!! As a business in the service industry your service is horrible at best! Sure I could have made a carry out order as a truck driver I'd like to sit at a table to eat! I'm sure as a corporate chain restaurant no one really cares that I won't be back there ever again! One more suggestion for your future customers remind your employees that personal hygiene is important is the service industry

Bonnie Miller

We went there for a late night snack at 9pm and the lights were on and there were 2 employees inside. We went up to the door which said they were open til 10pm and we're greated by one of the employees that said they were closed. When we inquired why the sign on the door says 10pm he said it was wrong and they close at 9pm. I think they didn't have any customers and just decided to close. He said their hours have been 9pm for some time. If that is the case then why don't they change the sign or put a paper sign in the window.

Kari T.

Pizza ready when expected and tasted excellent! Better than any Pizza Hut back home in Florida.

Glenn C

We arrived at this restaurant 1 hour and 40 min before closing. The gentleman inside said there store hours sign was wrong and they were closing at 10pm. We arrived at 9:22 pm and they refused to seat and serve us. It takes less then 10 min to make a pizza. This is a horrible was to run a business. If your traveling through this town like we were don't plan on eating here if it's within an hour of closing time.

Angelique M. Christianson

Although it's super expensive to order from pizza hut, they rarely have good specials and the order they were suppose to replace for me, disappeared so I lost out on 30 bucks because the pasta was spoiled one order so that stinks. But when it's not spoiled, it's pretty good. And when there is a special where one can afford to even order pizza.

J Pfeifer

Fast friendly service of a delicious meat lovers pizza ?. The double fudge brownies were the perfect ending to the meal.

Dan S.

I'm a trucker so I preordered over 2 hours ahead. Because I'm on a time limit. I get here and my pizza and wings are done but not my cinnamon rolls. Instead of letting me know they put the cinnamon rolls in and I sit there for at least 10-15 minutes while I'm illegally parked outside in my big rig. What's the point of ordering ahead of time. I walk in and there's 3 employees. Apparently not doing anything since they can't make a simple order.

Mark Blehm

The Pazones were over cooked, and toppings were missing on the pizza. Said to spend 60 dollars for this.

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