Chili's Grill & Bar

2021 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka
(785) 271-9777

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Went to Chili's to get my usual boil of Chili only to be told that they longed serve Chili. Why would they do away with Chili that started the restaurant? I hope they bring back Chili soon?

Donna Ryan

Food was good & we were seated right away. Pleasant waitress & good atmosphere!

Cliff Mernhardt

Had a party of 7 and we had to set at two different tables not close enough to converse with the others. Table for 6 was available and we would have been happy to put a chair at the end of it and they wouldn't let us. Keep in mind, no one sat there the entire time we were there. Server was lazy. Not sure how you screw up fajitas but apparently you can. It was my mom's birthday and they brought a cup with a scoop of vanilla icecream, dropped it and ran. Never going back.

Stephen Osborne

Great service. The steak was so tough, I assumed they ran the cow around the parking lot to work up the adrenaline before preparing it 3 minutes later. The taste was great and all is well since I recently sharpened my incisors. Oh, and we crushed the chips and salsa. Excellent job, chips and salsa preparing guy.

Crandria 2001

Those kiosks always break or fail when I go to any chili's. Usually they log me out halfway through the meal but last time the kiosk was paying for our neighbors table instead of ours! Had to complain. Also rarely accepts my rewards I get for logging in such as free deserts or salsas. Good food, very expensive.

Kurrie Albright

Amazing food, server(Brad) wonderful

Kristina Douglass

Yesterday during the lunch hours my family and I came in. When we got there, there was a 10 minute wait due to Covid (we were seated in 3 minutes) and they only had 2 servers throughout the entire restaurant. The hostess and the manager helped out our server Jacoby get drinks for us. I have never had a more efficient and well mannered server than we did with Jacoby. They all worked together to make it a great experience. I truly appreciate the service we received and kindness we experienced. Thank you Jacoby and your team! Keep up the amazing work! We appreciate you!

Monica McKay

We are frequent patrons of Chili's. Best chips and salsa around!

Chloe Tucker

Waitress had an attitude from the moment we sat down. We had already figured out what we wanted to eat and when she came back I said to her were all set to order everything and that followed with an eye roll. She focused her attention on her other tables than us. It was so annoying to the point that she got no tip. I only tip people who actually care about my families needs.

Lorry Lingenfelter

Wonderful service and wonderful food! Our hostess Tessa and Elijah were amazing and so was our server Lee! Will be back for sure! Thank you!

Ben McLain

Server was awesome! Manager made sure we had everything we needed. Very hospitable!

Patricia W.

TWO HOUR LUNCH! Was expecting a bit of a covid wait, so we set in our car for about 30 minutes. Understand with covid. When we were called for our table, we were seated in a part of the restaurant where the AC was NOT working in 'August'. We were already hot from waiting outside and we wanted a little relief from the heat. Before waiting outside for 30 minutes, they should have informed us that part of the restaurant was without AC. The good news, they were able to move to another part of the restaurant with AC. The bad news, for some unknown reason the waitress had a chip on her shoulder and seemed a bit miffed to have us sitting in her session. She never introduced herself, but overheard her tell another table her name was April. It took forever to get our meal; however, when we finally got our hamburgers, they were absolutely delicious. Chili's food outstanding; customer service terrible.

Erika Weed

Words cannot describe how brilliant our server Katherine was. What grace! What poise! What elegance! At times, I swore Katherine must’ve had eight arms the way she seamlessly catered to our every whim. Would it be blasphemous to say that I felt as if God herself was serving us that evening? Never have I encountered such talent from an individual. I fear I may never go out to eat again as my experiences will never live up to this one.

Derrick Jones II

Honey Chipotle Crispers & Waffles

Katie Akers

We called ahead and were told 15mins. It took 45-50mins. Then we found out we couldn’t sit together as a party of 7. Slow service. Food was hot and mostly good. Manager never stopped to see us.

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