Chili's Grill & Bar

2021 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka
(785) 271-9777

Recent Reviews

Alora Price

Great food, great service. Jakobi was absolutely wonderful and a great conversationalist. Had a great time ?

Scott Mendenhall

Food good. Service good. Family place.

Emilio Marinez

We waited almost an hour for a booth which was crazy because we saw empty tables everywhere. We didn’t leave a tip for the waiter because every time we asked for refills he would make excuses like the bartender is the one who makes the chocolate milk for kids. He was the waiter why blame someone else for your responsibility? We never got chips and salsa and the food was mediocre. The cilantro in the food was mostly stems. The table we were sitting at was extremely sticky from the previous guest. Not a great experience.

Kim Johnson

The 3 employees at front counter didn't acknowledge us for several minutes. They kept talking to each other with backs turned but even after they realize we were there didn't apologize. Waitress was very good even though she stated she was new. Food was good though it took a while to get served.

Robert Stambaugh

Great place for lunch. Today we ordered mushroom jack and chicken fajitas. They were out of mushrooms. The server told uh s as soon as we ordered.

kheo smith

Good food you been to one chili's Applebee's Friday's you been to em all however they did have a pleasant staff helpful we did happy hour food was good. They have a happy hour menu that's at the bar only (strange) still though the server asked her manager & they allowed us to use the menu at the booth so salute to Brooke (our server)

David Jeffries

Ordered curbside at 7:45pm on a Saturday. ETA was 8:23-8:28pm. I checked in at 8:25pm. At 9:00, I went inside to check on my order, only to find it sitting on a shelf, cold. I was told that I should “never order curbside on a Friday or Saturday”. I waited an additional 20 minutes for my order to be remade, only to find it just reheated. The pasta was hard and dry, as well as the chicken in the pasta. The garlic bread was still cold, and really tough. The margaritas were good though, hence the single star.

Debra S.

Last time at this location was 2 yrs ago and I gave 5 stars. Today not only was my experience poor, the food and treatment was unacceptable. Did a curbside to go, ordered at 4:55 on a Wednesday. Arrived at my pickup window time 5:21. Got out of car to ck order that was put in back and received 1/2 slab of ribs instead of full slab I paid for. Covid is Red in this area which is why I did curbside. I go in and Crystal has mask below nose, rubbing her forehead, hair, and face, opens the tray and sees the half slab. Goes to get the Mgr (Lee) and comes back to say he is very busy. I ask for refund. She goes to get him again and he comes to register, looks at the receipt and again opens the food, makes no eye contact, does not apologize, does not say a word to me. My appetizer is now cold. I again ask for a refund and Crystal walks away. When she comes back I ask how long, tell her I need a new appetizer,, she says 5 min. (25 min later I have the cold 1/2 rack, they added another 1/2 rack and I have a cold Texas fries- she never acknowledged my request for a replacement.) The Mexican rice serving is shown in pics, it tasted like it was scraped off the bottom of the pan and very small portion. We rarely eat out and was very disappointed in this whole experience. And I put a tip on my order. The ribs were unfortunately very dry. The roasted corn was awesome.

Corey Cook

Food was good as usual. Hostess wasn't very friendly while busy. We paid to play games on the table tablet, and it died. We told an employee and they said just tell your waiter. When we told the waitress, she came back and said your transaction didn't go through but you were charged $1.99 for the games and asked if we would like it taken off. We said yes please, we were trying to play games. We were also planning to order drinks and dessert, but the waitress never tried to get us a working tablet so had to pay the old fashion way, didn't order extra food or drinks and didn't tip as well as usual.

Jason Cohen

Chili's is pretty consistent with their food. The greeter gal was a little strange, but I can't hate on someone for being a weirdo.

Jenny W.

Went to Chili's last night. Called ahead to let them know it was a party of nine. . We waited an hour in a very hot restaurant to even be seated. then they say they can't push tables together, so we couldn't even sit together. Why wasn't I told this on the phone? Then we waited literally 2 hours for our food. The hostess was rude and looked mad the entire time. The food was okay and our waitress was was good, but we'll never be back. What a wasted night.

Kyle Smith

The food was very good. But, we were first seated in the bar. After 10 minutes with no contact, let alone water or a waitress, (although the lady behind the bar was having a long conversation with another customer)I approached a man bringing out food to another table - asking if he was our waiter? He brushed me off. So we asked for a seat in a different area, where we had a very attentive water. But, our appetizer never arrived. The waiter was very apologetic and the manager (who was the earlier 'waiter') came over and gave us the great news that we would not be charged for the appetizer we never got.

Drew T.

They were busy for a Wednesday night that's for sure but it seemed like it was well ran, cooks were quick and staff were on it. The manager on hand was great you could tell she could lead. Surprisingly no complaints for a chain restaurant. Thanks. Oh and the bartender was great too!

Eric Snell

After service my wife and I along with another couple went to chili's for lunch. The food was excellent and our server (Jakobi) was great. Just great to go to a restaurant and get what you should expect and more. Thanks chili's for a job well done.

Greg Henley

Great service, solid food. Reasonably priced and just an all around nice evening. Also, signed up for their rewards program and got a nice little coupon, don't miss out on that!!!

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