Jersey Mike's Subs

2121 SW Wanamaker Rd Suite 115, Topeka
(785) 273-7827

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Jeff F.

This is one sandwich shop I will never go back to. I was asked by my other half what I wanted from Jersey Mike's, which I've always considered to be a decent sandwich shop. Tasty sandwiches with a good selection of toppings and helpful staff. I checked the online menu and chose a BLT with mayo, salt and pepper. My son chose a chipotle Philly cheesesteak. When she got home with the sandwich...and I do mean one (1) sandwich, it was supposedly mine. Only it was a T. I took the sandwich we received back to the store and told them it was a BL with no T, and that we didn't receive my son's chipotle Philly cheesesteak. They claim that she left before the cheesesteak sandwich was ready. Q #1: Then why did you hand her the bag containing only one sandwich?They took my BLT and put fresh tomatoes on a sandwich that was already over an hour old. The girl that made the BL said she was not told to put tomatoes on the BLT so she didn't. Q #2: Do you really have to be told to put tomatoes on a Bacon Lettuce and TOMATO sandwich? These are not my issues with this place. My issues are:#1. New tomatoes on an old sandwich, with refusal to make a fresh one. It wasn't my mistake. #2. Not even a hint of an apology from the "manager."They went from having a customer that thought this was one of the better sandwich shops in Topeka to realizing just how lacking they are. Nice job.

Angela Miller

Friendly, polite and professional. The food was good too!

Theodore Thompson

Tasty food!


Waited in line for 40 minutes and there were only 3 people in front of us. Has 2 people on staff on a Saturday at 6 who were VERY RUDE. And very slow. Not impressed at all.

Kayla K.

Great subs as always. We ordered online and picked up which was smart and saved us a long line wait. The register staff was not friendly but likely stressed because they were busy

Flint Blankenship

Great place to eat. Don't eat at Jimmy John's...

Ted Landry ST Outdoor Services LLC

Really nice peeps at this store and fantastic sandwiches every time!

Drew Evans


Ted Landry

Really nice peeps at this store and fantastic sandwiches every time!

John B

Number 43 is my thing but these people won't disappoint on anything hands down!!!!

Gabriela Fatima

The older gentleman was sweet but that older white women Charlotte with the glasses didn’t treat my girlfriend With much respect but treated the other customer with respect maybe because they were white and my girlfriend and I are color she had poor Customer services will not be back there when she is there

Jessica Terry

Great sandwich and nice people.

Sandra Jones

Burnt bacon....enough said...From out of town. You would NEVER see this at the Springfield Missouri Store!!

Karin Baker

food was very Bland and meat was dry.

Melinda Logan

Great sandwiches wish we had one closer

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