Noodles and Company

2110 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka
(785) 271-2317

Recent Reviews

Tom Taylor

With the addition of zoodles and their new cauliflower infused noodles, there are many more options for those who can't eat regular noodles. The fact that you can get them in any of their dishes makes it one of the more adaptable places for people looking for an alternative.

Alyson Andal

Ordered online and it was ready very quickly! Fresh ingredients and friendly staff.

Briana Hightower

Always excellent and fast service. No dining in at this time but the service is super speedy.

L.D. Nicolay

Fast friendly staff. Good product worth the price.

Pooja Mangaonkar

I miss the adobo pork noodles they got.Its a good place

Brenda Dageford

Always friendly and helpful! Love this place! When I am with my grandchildren, and we are going out to eat - THIS is the place they want to go!!! YUMMY food, friendly workers. CLEAN!!!

Julia Schinstock

Is open for take out. I went in and ordered and took it home. Awesome service and filled my cravings

Susan Simmons

During this pandemic, these employees keep alit of us going. They are friendly, respectful always and serve great food. I appreciate these folks so much.

Susan Simmons

My food was great. Potstickers are outstanding. Noodles were as well. I am so grateful for them staying open and still serving the public. Employees were friendly as well which goes along way with what our country is dealing with. Thank you so much. You made a difference.

George Chiles Sr.

As always food and service were good.

Rachel Forsberg

The food was good but my wife ordered pad thai with beef and chicken. When we got home the beef was only half the amount it was supposed to be.

Eileen Ma

Horrible service. Went to dinner with my son and it took ages for the food to come out. When it did, it was only MY FOOD. when I asked where my son’s food was, we were told that it would be out in a “little while.” I asked if they would take my food back and bring it back with his, and was told no. Then the server, Shakyyna, said “I can take it back, but it’ll be cold when it comes back out.” Apparently I wasn’t supposed to ask how long a “little while” was because we were to

Jennifer blob

It had the best food, nice atmosphere, really good service and the people in the kitchen were making jokes.

Rick and Pam Fletcher

We went on Saturday at noon. It was busy, but we were able to find a seat. Food was fantastic!

Mary Walter

Positively the best place to get noodles and lots of different beverages to choose from top shelf

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