Papa John's Pizza

2121 SW Wanamaker Rd Ste 117, Topeka
(785) 272-2111

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Jerissa H.

My stylist and I just ordered pizza to be delivered to his place of business and once the pizza was delivered we gave him the money and he left . Then after 5 minutes he came back saying that he did not count the money before leaving and that we owed him an extra 10 dollars, which made no sense since we split the check and gave him a tip so we knew exactly how much he had left with. Definitely would not recommend ordering from this location.

Eric Bare

Except for that one time where I accidently ordered anchovies (which they corrected with no problem) never had a problem there

Chelsea Betsworth

My son loves papa Johns, I do not and Here’s what annoys me about this place, they get it to you in 30 minutes, okay that’s cool and all but your pizza is never done. The dough is still dooughey and it needs to have time to cook. My 3 pizzas cannot possibly be made and cooked in 23 minutes. I HATE ordering papa Johns for the this reason. I’d rather have a later delivery time for pizza that’s actually cooked right.

Mihir Patel

Always good


Pretty good pizza and not too expensive.

Mark Wisely

Finally a great pizza place in St. Marys.

Cesar Perez

If you love pizza as much as I do, this pizza is just edible 😂, sorry papa johns but your pizza is not the best in town but its very affordable, I gotta give them that.

Bryon frost

My wife loves it more than I do. I like a little thicker crust, but it's still very good. A lot better than Pizza Hut for sure.

Alfred S

We were traveling through Topeka Kansas and stayed one night at the Econolodge on Wannamaker road. We didn't want to eat out. The restaurant had a small business card from Papa John's on Wannamaker road, just one mile from the hotel. It offered a 20% discount if we mentioned the card. We called them to make an order and the person on the phone was rude and had no idea where the hotel was located. We mentioned we found them because the hotel had their business card and the person still had no clue and no interest in helping us. We finally got frustrated with them and hung up. We went to Pie Five just down the road from the hotel and got a great pizza with excellent service.\nWe are from Colorado where Papa John's has an excellent reputation, provides great service, and makes a good pizza, so we were very disappointed that this franchise was so bad.

Lacy ray

So I ordered online all good ... I go to pick up the pizza I see it sitting there and no one has come to the counter to help so I wait and wait and wait and still no one then the driver shows up and asks if I've been helped I reply no I haven't she responds my manager is in the back she will be out to help I say ok and continue to wait another 10 minutes and finally the manager comes out. She was not very personable at all .. bad experiences over all the quality of the food was poor this is my first bad experience with this business and I love me some papa John's....

Michael Daigler

I purchased my pizza using the Papa John's app, and paid using the app. When I tried to pick up my pizza, the cashier told me that I had already picked up my order a few minutes ago. I am not sure if my order was hacked electronically or there is some shady business going on from the inside, but I will not be paying for my order using the app again. I did contact the police in case it is a matter of identity theft. The store did make it right and remade my order.

Brian E

I like pepperoni with extra cheese. The everything pizza also good. Single slices available at store. We usually get delivery when we go off our diets.

Madison M.

If I could give you 0 I would. The staff is rude and the pizza are slower than molasses. I couldn't refund the pizza so I was stuck with it I called 2 times and the people were rude I rather starve than eat here

Chrissy Marsfeller

This Papa John's Pizza is one of the best for me. Staffs were friendly too.

Bryan Sanders

Terrible pizza

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