Papa John's Pizza

2121 SW Wanamaker Rd Ste 117, Topeka
(785) 272-2111

Recent Reviews

LATASHA C.R.D. JACKSON (MotheringMine)

I love their pizzas or recovered my food hot. It don't take long and they delivered it to my room.

A Rod

Always great pick up speeds and service. Great location, food always hot. Better and less expensive thank Topeka Pizza up the road.

Craig Thomas

Great for pickup not so great for delivery.

Kyrstie Matherly

Every time I order and ask to have the garlic replaced with a different sauce, it never is. I don't like the garlic butter so I usually try getting the buffalo sauce. They never look at the label when they're boxing the orders up. This time the sauce cup was sitting on top of the pizza and not in the corner of the box like it should be. The driver and guy that took my order were amazingly nice and wonderful. They just really need to start paying attention. As a previous employee and manager here, I know it can be hard when it's busy but that doesn't mean you cut corners.

Mahalaxmi V

Awesome Garden Fresh Pizza!!

Susan Bessette

Service was fantastic as usual!

Denise Schimmel

Great price, delicious pizza!


Speedy delivery. Friendly staff. Clean atmosphere always.

trisha hadley

Love the thin crust!! Poppers are too hot!

Jerissa H.

My stylist and I just ordered pizza to be delivered to his place of business and once the pizza was delivered we gave him the money and he left . Then after 5 minutes he came back saying that he did not count the money before leaving and that we owed him an extra 10 dollars, which made no sense since we split the check and gave him a tip so we knew exactly how much he had left with. Definitely would not recommend ordering from this location.

Eric Bare

Except for that one time where I accidently ordered anchovies (which they corrected with no problem) never had a problem there

Chelsea Betsworth

My son loves papa Johns, I do not and Here’s what annoys me about this place, they get it to you in 30 minutes, okay that’s cool and all but your pizza is never done. The dough is still dooughey and it needs to have time to cook. My 3 pizzas cannot possibly be made and cooked in 23 minutes. I HATE ordering papa Johns for the this reason. I’d rather have a later delivery time for pizza that’s actually cooked right.

Mihir Patel

Always good


Pretty good pizza and not too expensive.

Mark Wisely

Finally a great pizza place in St. Marys.

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