8900 W Central Ave, Wichita
(316) 773-1915

Recent Reviews

shawan johnson

Food was very tasty

Kee Ross

Mediocre. One of the 3 order of fries were warm. Better if you go when it's busy for fresh hot food.

Brett E

The employee working the window tonight was incredibly nice and attentive.

Sheryl Christians

I had a woman named Tammy that helped me at the drive-through. She up sold me with a large order of jalapeno poppers and then at the end of my order up sold me with the cherry turnovers!!! She was very very pleasant, and enjoyed her service so much!!! Total 5 star service, and my food, 5 star as always!!

Cindy Anderson

Location on central smells like an out house. Can't handle walking in there to order food due to smell .let alone eat there with the smell.

Brent K.

Bad drive thru with an employee named LISA. Rude and hateful. Called the customer service phone number and complained. Arby's is a want and not a need. Dine in is slow and lobby is dirty with rag wipe water drawnig fly/bugs.

anonymous xxx

Last time we went here there were several mistakes with our order. They corrected them with no problem but as hungry as I was it was inconvenient

Kathie Reed

My husband really likes their 2 for $6.00 fish sandwiches during Lent. I even like the curly frys when they're not to salty.

Steve Manheim

Very good as usual. They should bring back the 5 for $5 again.

Carl Culver

Very nice help when ordering, politely took my order and great meal ?‍♂️

Missy Martin

Love thier food. Good deals

Travis Bradfield

The fries were on point!!! Appreciate the service guys thank you

Stephanie Dinwiddie

The arby's at Tyler Rd has very nice and helpful staff way better than staff on 31st and Seneca

Michael Murphy

One of my favorite places to eat. Almost double the price of a hamburger place starting to limit me from going there as often.

barb west

Manager in one employee, We're cooking serving and running drive-through. A bit of a rough ride. I believe the manager's name was Tom. Awesome manager.

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