Bann Thai

3811 W 13th St N, Wichita
(316) 665-2402

Recent Reviews

Maddie Bazzelle

Great food, clean, friendly, locally owned, and taking precautions when giving takeout orders!

Laura Carter

A little hole in the wall treasure!! Authentic tasting food with amazing flavors and friendly service! It made for a fantastic Birthday Dinner!

Hal Brandenburg

Stopped in for lunch today. Very good food and friendly service. Good help deciding on heat level, proceed with caution. I will be back to try new dishes.

Danny Pham

Had a great 1st time experience. Ordered the pad thai w/mild-med sauce and whew it was super delicious! The place is ma & pa feel & very welcoming! Will be eating here more often

Patrick Knipp

Very good chicken pad thai. Will definitely come back.

Karen A.

We both ordered pad Thai with chicken for carry out, and absolutely loved it!! They let us know it's typically spicier than most, so we ordered very mild. Can't wait to get it again!

John W.

Placed an order, about $100 worth, for delivery. This listing mentions delivery, Grubhub, and delivery is offered on their website. Almost an hour and a half later order is cancelled from Grubhub. When we call the restaurant they said they don't do Grubhub or delivery at all! Not sure who is running this scam but it's totally BS!! Don't waste your time and money.

Amy D.

Visiting for a wedding. Come home to order some takeout for 5. 90minutes later get a message from grubhub that our order has been cancelled. Call the restaurant and they say they don't deliver. $120 later no food and five hangry people. We'll be back in civilization by Sunday.


Loved it. And surprisingly my super picky husband loved it too. He honestly just complains that this town has NOTHING good. But he asked when we would come back to Bann Thai.

Drew Amend

Outstanding! Uncommonly good food, and delightful service. I will be coming back often. So glad we tried it. Try the cashew chicken chili nut . We tried four dishes, and they were all excellent. Crazy good and spicy.

Neil Dutenhoffer

I travel quite a bit and try Thai wherever I go. This is one of the best I have had anywhere. I would recommend mild spice if it's your first time here, as I like spicy and mild is still plenty of spice. I plan to come whenever I come to Wichita!

Preston Brown

Amazing fresh cuisine. The service is very friendly, professional, and courteous! Great little restaurant.

Laura Schmigel

Pay attention to the poster about how much "Thai spice" can be added to your dish and request a little less than you think you can handle. Better to come back and ask for more next time than risk not enjoying such delicious food. "Is the mango sticky rice available?" If the answer is yes, order it for dessert. You're welcome.

Nick Garrett

Best satay I've had. Also, as I'm sure you've read, their spice level is their own. Medium here is Thai Hot everywhere else. Really tasty dishes, and the people there are incredibly friendly! Tonight was my first time there, but I'll definitely be back soon!

The Final Touch Detailing & Graphics

I had a meal here and ordered hot. It wasn’t all that bad at hot. Sure it was spicy but not overwhelming hot. I love spicy stuff and will be trying the same thing at Thai Spicy on my next Visit.

Kindra White

Fresh delicious food, very authentic, fair pricing, good service every single time.

Tomas B.

I am a Thai food junkie. And this place is by far the best Thai food in all of Wichita. Please open on Sundays!


The food is outstanding and very tasty. The prices are very reasonable as well. The women who run/own the place are really friendly.

Chad J.

Great food at a great price. The women who run/own the place are really friendly. I recommend this if you love thai food.

Jeff White

Looking for authentic Thai food? This place is just great thai food. The place closes when the only chef/owner Tui is in Thailand. Btw Hot means hot. I love hot but medium was too much. Food was fresh and delicious. Very clean and the prices seem unbelievably inexpensive. It is a hidden jewel and our waitress Karissa was the best!

Jeff W.

Looking for authentic Thai food? This place is just great thai food. The place closes when the only chef/owner Tui is in Thailand. Btw Hot means hot. I love hot but medium was too much. Food was fresh and delicious. Very clean and the prices seem unbelievably inexpensive. It is a hidden jewel and our waitress Karissa was the best!

Bill R.

I love this place. The owner is always sweet and helpful. If you love spice, then this is the joint. Their medium beats out most Thai Hot in town. In fact, she tries not to let you order anything hotter than medium if she has not seen you eat medium before! Very clear spice levels are listed on the wall, so it's easy to know what you are getting into. Very authentic food. Extremely small business, so there are some closures, food shortages, etc that you have to sometimes deal with. But I'm good with it because the food is so good!

Kelly Pedro

My favorite Thai spot. So authentic! But seriously heed the warnings on the hotness. If you like hot elsewhere, order medium here.

Robert Roberts

Cultural and enunciation challenges aside, the food was divine. We had the Chicken Satay, which was subtle and rich in it's flavor. For dinner we had Matsuman curry which

Nikke R.

Ate there last week and so glad we did!! Be warned, if you are use to Thai Hot, the medium surpasses it! When she asks if you are sure you want it that hot, think twice! Lol. I had the red chicken curry and it was great. Was able to calm the spice down with their coffee which was so good. Definitely in my top three Thai places in Wichita.

Tom Porter

Never been to Thailand but lived in Japan for 6 years. This was authentic Thai food. I LOVE spicy food and their max spicy is actually spicy. Nose running, lips burning, face sweating spicy. I loved it.

Laura Smith

We went for the 1st time tonight. My husband ordered the Pad See Ew with beef hot. He enjoyed the heat level, but then again we like things spicy. My 11 year old ordered chicken fried rice from the kids menu mild+. He loved it and said he could have even gotten the next level of spicy. I ordered the Chicken Chili Cashew Nut mild to medium. I loved it, although I had asked to have it with tofu instead of chicken and he brought it out being chicken, and apparently not noticing. Chicken and tofu look quite different lol. And never came back to check how everything was. I ate it anyways. I like chicken and it was enjoyable still, I was just in a tofu mood. Other than the chicken/tofu mix up and the waiter being sort of slow and inattentive, everything was great and would have been 5 stars. I think we will go back and try it again sometime.

Jerry May

Very disappointing experience. Last night they didn't have noodles for Pad Thai. The next night they chose to close early for no real reason. Not a way to run a business when they already seem closed more than open. Closed for afternoon. Really? And then not able to accommodate the public? Sad excuse. Will never go to again. Would rather go somewhere else that wants to serve the public and really to be honest has better food and service. Go to at your own risk. They probably won't be open....or wil not have what you want to order.

Kevin Langenwalter

I just had my first meal at bann thai and the massaman curry was the best I've had anywhere. I ordered it medium hot after the staff told me that medium spice here is roughly equivalent to thai hot at other restaurants. I think it was actually a fair way to rank the heat level.

Desiree Nielsen

I ordered a lot of food, because I have a large family. I ordered MILD, everything had little red peppers in it, and we could not eat it. Even the fried rice, for my 2 year old. I call her and tell her we cant eat it. She just says... well unless you say no peppers we put them in. How was I suppose to know that? Will not go back

Jenna G.

When we arrived, we were the only people on the restaurant. A couple came in shortly after. The owner and only employee came out quickly to greet us and bring us drinks. She explained the spice levels and asked if we had questions about the menu. We ordered the yellow curry and chicken fried rice, both mild. The chicken fried rice was excellent. It was full of chicken and had a bit of a kick. The curry was well made and was both sweet and spicy. Both meals were made to order and were incredibly fresh. Very pleased! The restaurant was super quiet for the first part of our evening which made it awkward to visit, but the owner turned on the tv to a travel show to provide some background noise which was nice. Definitely recommend this place!

Desirae Rolen

As always the food was delicious (Pad Thai and Cashew Chicken Medium Plus heat). I love her cashew chicken as the chicken is perfectly crispy not soggy under a sweet and savory sauce with crisp veggies.


First impression: a bit odd; literally no worker (hostess, server) in the restaurant. Took several minutes for someone to appear, and she was clearly overworked. Hoping just a temporary labor issue. Their spice levels are listed on the wall, and I ordered “Thai hot”. That precipitated a lecture and an attempt to have me reconsider, but I resisted. Thai hot green curry with chicken it was. . . When the chicken satay app arrived, I knew I was in the right place. Peanut sauce was delicious and leveled with flavors. And then the curry. Smell of lemongrass and basil filled the room. And she was right...instant hiccups from the spice. But absolutely delicious!!

Lan N.

I came back here, since the location is now close to me. This time I ordered some curry dishes and the pad see ew. The red curry with pineapple was fine, but the penang curry was really good. The noodles were decent. Definitely a better experience this time around. The hours are odd. Like they do dine in for only part of the day and take out for the rest. Maybe call before you head out there.

Dahlia FC

Super delicious, I got the chili cashew chicken (pictured, togo) and the spring rolls. The sauce for the spring rolls unfortunately spilled in the bag a bit so I didn't get to enjoy that but the rolls are delicious! Glad the host talked me out of medium, he knew what he was talking about the mild medium was the perfect spicy. I just kinda wish there was a little more veg for the chicken. First time trying and definitely will be back for the curry!


Located on the west side of town. We enjoyed our meals but we should have listened and stayed with the medium heat as the next level up is too hot to enjoy. Even the medium level is quite hot. We tried one of the specials. Owner-chef is very friendly. Hope to try again sometime. It is located in a small strip mall next to a Knolla's pizza.

Eric Robinson

Amazing Thai food! The fried rice and the pad Thai were great. The heat is no joke. I would recommend starting with mild unless you like pain. I would rank this as one of the best Thai places in town right now.

Candice Watt

Good food, you may have a bit of a wait tbough. Good customer service. Meal Prices start at about $8 and up

Donna Qualls Merz

Best Thai in town! The crispy pork and Thai broccoli is the best dish ever and make sure you get it THAI HOT!

Shawn T.

Our first try and it did not disappoint. It seemed to be a bit understaffed and I felt bad and wanted to jump up and help the lady taking orders and from the looks cooking as well but bless her heart she did it all. (Assuming owner). Spring rolls were amazing and appeared hand rolled, Thai tea was sweet and creamy and a great addition to help cool down the spice level! There's a white bird describing and saying no refunds which why would anyone demand one I was told multiple times that the spice level is more intense than other Thai places around town and after reassuring her I could handle it I got the medium and boy it packed the right amount of punch but still allowed you to taste the food which had excellent flavor. The crunch of the peanuts and the freshness from the sprouts helped round out the dish. I ordered medium level which is about the equal to four chili's at other places. My co diner ordered Med+ and it was a bit much for her but she knew it would be walking into it, I didn't think it had any heat. Afterwards she came out, thanked us and seemed happy I was able to handle it, told me I should creep up the scale next time (possibly) and to please come back. I did over hear another customer say the reason they hadn't touched the food is because they had a tiny stomach or was it just to hot? It's right around the block from my friends so when we need our fix I am sure we will be back.