Coney Island Hot Weiners

1001 W Douglas Ave, Wichita
(316) 262-3647

Recent Reviews

john mohr

Not good value for money. Dog and shake much better

Mike Jennings

I like the restaurant and the concept - some people like the food and some hate it. If it was my restaurant I would make the food good so everyone would like it. I know you can't please everyone but something obviously needs repaired here. Gordon Ramsay here you go! CLOSED AFTER 6 MONTHS - I WONDER WHY - DUH!!!

Jose Wheeler

It was our first time going here and probably our last.

Dustin Hopper

While the food isn't for everyone and the chili is a bit meaty and greasy, I enjoy it myself. I'd give it a 3 and a half realistically. The tamales are my favorite item on the menu, I do recommend them.

Ryan Karasek

We had an amazing experience with our two young girls! Excellent food and very friendly employees! We’ll definitely be back!

D. Johnston

The Coney was very good, but the two guys that work there (they may be the owners) were awesome!!! A great and inviting place to get a quick bite! Thank you!!!

Landon Winsky

The service was amazing, it felt so welcoming. The food was very good!! Will definitely be back again!

Carolyn E.

An absolute classic in *every* way! (I moved here from NYC!) Delicious and retro-stylish. Spotlessly clean. The service is out of this world! Speedy, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thank you for being so welcoming.

Nick G.

Gross the chili was some nasty ground up tasteless heap of nothing on the smallest hotdog I've ever had!! Don't recommend it which is sad I was looking forward to it thinking it would be something new and nice for Wichita BUT it let me down big time!

Michael McDonald

The chili is what makes this so good. First time I tried the classic three dog combo (they're smaller than you expect so three is good). Next time will either be the tamales or spaghetti. But there will definitely be a next time.

Ben Raehpour

Really good! Their #1 special is a great value with three loaded hot dogs and a drink. By the owner's suggestion I also tried their tamales and I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were! The dogs were really the highlight I think though. They're a little small, but they pack a good flavor. And when topped off with chili, cheese, and onions, it made for the perfect lunch!

Eli Sandoval

Just try it for the first time. Being a west coast guy I was disappointed with the chili from Coney Island. In my opinion cheese should melt with the hot chili but chili is not hot enough to make the cheese melt and be created more thicker in texture but what do I know they are two different types of chili from NY and LA. My heart is with LA I'm loyal-faithful to the Original Tommy's chili from Los Angeles.

Cyndee Curry

Loved the service!!!! Makes me want to keep coming back not to mention the food was amazing. I had the tamales and the 3 way with cheese and both were really good. I am not much of a chili lover traditionally but this was really good and I will be back.

Cynthia Hill

Great new place. Was greated by the owner who explained the process and how everything was prepared. Took good care of us getting our food and then checked back up with us. The plate was very filling, kid friendly all in all a great place to spend some time at. Come in and check it out!

Kenny Fanska

Love the food, atmosphere, and the old dude up front (perhaps the owner?). Went here with the wife, and had a great time. Make sure to get everything on your dogs!!

Alexa J.

They were good! Wish they would have been bigger however. I'm interested in trying the tamales next time, but boy do they need to figure their timing out. We went for lunch and were the only people in line except one person in front of us and there was a couple people eating already. It took us about 25 minutes to get our food. These hotdogs were already on the grill (and done cooking), the chili in containers, and cheese set up on the prep line. WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG!? We will be back but it will be awhile so they can figure out what works and what doesn't.

Elario S.

Just try it for the first time. Being a west coast guy I was disappointed with the chili from Coney Island. In my opinion cheese should melt with the hot chili but chili is not hot enough to make the cheese melt and be created more thicker in texture but what do I know they are two different types of chili from NY and LA. My heart is with LA I'm loyal-faithful to the Original Tommy's chili from Los Angeles.

Sarai M.

They provide a fast service and are friendly. The chili is nothing special basically just ground beef. Food is not great.

Dan P.

This is an update to my initial review. On opening day I had the tamales which were fresh and pretty tasty. I gave the experience a four star review on that day (4 stars for a fast food joint, let's keep it in context. It wasn't a 4 star date night review.) However, and I am sad to use that transitioning word, on a subsequent visit my hopes for a successful local business fell. I don't believe it is a concept issue, as the initial rush to visit, as witnessed, shows that Wichitans want this type of place, it is a product issue. A place called Coney Island should have some of the best dogs around, it doesn't. I have had better dogs at Sonic and a Sunday visit to Costco will land a significantly better dog and drink for $1.50. Step up the product, even if the initial concept mimics what Coney Dogs used to be, we have evolved since then. I would pay more for a good flavored, grilled, 1/4 pound dog with all the trimmings than for the three you offer in your meal deal. I want you here, I want you successful...there is still time!

C. Edward Kory

Frito pies, hot dogs, and tamales. Keep it simple! Too anything with chili, cheese, onions, mustard, or jalapenos. The commemorative cup and swag they sell is really cool. The atmosphere is perfect for Delano. Will come back.

caleb werner

The service was great. Super friendly. The food was great and my son (who doesn't like beans) had his first chili dog. He loved it. With bar seating along the windows, I think this is a great place to bring the family for a quick bite.

Rick Regan

The Hot Weiners are perfect! Each bite has all of the tasty flavors by design. IMO Not meant to be a shovel full of chili on a giant hot dog dumped on to a big bun. Flattop grilled Weiners with an original mild smooth style meat chili, on a steamed bun served with onion and mustard, to me that’s perfect. Three of those (the special) and a drink is priced right too. It’s old school food, the service and atmosphere fits. Booths and table tops, come on man, it’s a good and tasty Hot Weiner enjoy!

Gabe Shively

The service and atmosphere were great, the price of the three dog combo is fair, however, the food was lacking. I went into this with expectations that it would surpass my ability to put canned chili on an all beef hot dog and top it with some shredded cheese, diced onion, and mustard. My expectations were at least to be as good as Sonic, but I was unfortunately let down, as I’m reading reviews there’s a common theme of room temperature, normally something like this wouldn’t ruin a meal, but the cheese doesn’t melt to anything which is problematic in my opinion. Aside from the lack of warmth, the meal really didn’t taste all too fresh, and was lacking in flavor, I could hardly taste the dog or the chili. All this being said, next time I want a coney, I’ll probably go to sonic, or make it at home. Wish I could’ve sang praises of this place, but I just can’t.

Chris-Suzie H.

Really good dogs. The place was very clean and staff were great. Simple menu to choose from. I got the #2 with everything on it. Nice little corner restaurant.

Angie W.

The chili was good. The dogs are smaller. You can get fatter dogs at QuikTrip. And I should've looked at my receipt BEFORE I went home. I was charged for two fountain drinks, when I only ordered one. I may go back but I'll check Yelp first.

Cherie Hodges

Waited a long time for this place to open! Service was efficient, multiple choices on the menu. I got the tamales with chili and onions. Hubby got chili cheese dogs. Chips, drinks too. Good place to take the kids for a quick meal.

Bill S.

They took for ever to assemble a simple chili dog. The food quality was subpar Without a doubt the smallest hotdog I've ever seen The food was blan Nothing I will be in a hurry to go back for.

Sam M.

The atmosphere and intentionality behind the branding is incredible. The menu is limited, but easy to read and straightforward. It's a great concept, and a fair price, however with such signature few items, my expectations were high. If you're only going to serve 3 things (hot dogs, chili, and tamales, I'd hope they'd be the best in town) However I left unimpressed and would rather make hot dogs at home for 1/3 the price. Coney Island has the potential to be great and I hope as it becomes more established, that happens!

James Truhlar

The food was pretty average, not bad, arguably authentic to the whole Coney thing, but just not impressive overall. I think you would have to be a serious hot dog enthusiast to see the appeal.


Food: You need to know going in that the hot dogs are small. However, they've got decent flavor for what they are and the price it's at. Staff: Some were incredible and friendly, but there was one woman who was openly arguing with other staff members, made rude remarks, and even threatened to just walk out. It was completely unprofessional to be loudly complaining about your coworkers in front of customers. Communication amongst the team was poor as well. Environment: Solid environment, seems very clean. However, the only gripe I have is the air ducts are right over the food which doesn't seem to be the most sanitary placement. There's a lot of potential and I'd have given this 2 stars if it weren't for the pleasant person checking us out.

JoJoe Daddy

This place is a hell of an idea! Good food and fast polite service. Here is my idea on how to improve. Yes the Coney Dogs need to be bigger, the cheese should melt but if you added more Carnival based foods like nachos and funnel cakes you guys will kill it in Wichita. I am anxiously awaiting the improvements.

BillyJoe J.

Food is actually good and the owners were nice both times we visited but the system they have for ordering and receiving food is an absolute cluster f*ck! This place is more unorganized than the Democratic Party!!!!

Jerry D. Voss

We tried the coneys with cheese, the fritos chili pie, a bowl of chili, and the lemon cake. The chili was very nice. The coneys we very good but I do like instant onions, but the frito chili pie was the best of them all! Now as for the lemon cake, 5 stars are not enough! Good food at a good price! Too bad they advertised beer and when you get there you find out they don't have it yet.

Peggy Hatcher

Our first visit. Very Good especially for a reasonable price. Small Hot Dogs on a Regular Fresh Bun. No Foot Long but the 3 dog Special makes up for it. Chili is delicious and meaty. They have chips and individual deserts.

Brandon Trube

I was really excited to check this new place out but our first and likely only visit was thoroughly disappointed. Being from New Jersey which is the home of Coney Island I had some expectations that were not met at all. A Coney Island dog is about a foot long and has a savory hot meat sauce, fresh onions, relish, mustard, and cheese options, at a minimum, on a toasted bun. Often there are multiple selections of mustard and additional things like pickles or sauerkraut available. These options are available at hot dog carts let alone a brick and mortar restaurant.

Cali-N -Ks

Just opened and wanted to try it out. The Chili is good, it is meaty and flavorful. The hot dogs taste good but they are small. Two of the hot dogs equal about 1 and ahalf of a regular size hot dog. Tried the tamales with chili & cheese , I would not get them again. It didn't taste bad, just reminded me on Hormel Canned Tamales not what I would get going out to eat. The decor in the restaurant is cool looking. It was something different to try.

Martin Dennis

Neat concept! Would like for there to be a condiment bar to get pickles, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, etc., instead of having to order with food & sometimes pay extra. Tried to order cinnamon roll as side item & girl wouldn't let me. Come to find out she thought they could only be sold with just chili. Place is still new & so they will have some growing pains to work through. Overall I enjoyed the place & my meal.


First time visiting and enjoyed it, Clean environment and everyone was courteous. Portions were just right. Price was reasonable. Food had plenty of taste.I would recommend this for a quick in and out meal.

Joni Farney

Absolutely the worst hot dog I've ever eaten. The tiniest hot dog ever covered with some sort of mystery meat mush, shredded cheese?, onion mush and it was cold to boot. Where are the sides? Hot dogs aren't good enough to stand alone. Don't expect this place to last!

Olivia T.

Well to start out it was 86° in there and I felt suffocated. The menu is extremely vague and even after I asked two employees I was STILL confused about the menu. I thought I was getting a foot long coney dog and got a hot dog smaller than a QT hot dog. No condiments or relish available. The cheese is ground up instead of melted. I went the first week it was open so hopefully they fix some things.