122 N Seneca St, Wichita
(316) 267-9020

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Jelani July

In person & drive-thru orders give a fresh experience where as ordering through Door dash poses a problem when it comes to freshness.... just saying *

Camisha Evans

Fast service. Hot food. Clean restaurant

Vicki Monaghan

I have installed the app hoping to get my order faster, but I still get parked almost every time! It’s not like I have a large or difficult order. They just keep parking cars one after another!

Linda Payne

Wish the ice cream machines weren't broken so much. And, would like to see biscuits and gravy available for breakfast again.

Jason McLemore

Is a pretty good McDonald's location too get food. Made more fresh than other McDonald's. Service is fast and they are good at getting the order correct. And if not they make it right.

Nayla Kay

Probably the best one I’ve been too. They speak clearly in drive, and alway get the order right. Sometimes a little rude but they work at a McDonald’s so

Joseph Richards

Wonderful service and employees that brighten your day will definitely be eating there again

Maybelle Kackley

They are always accomodatinng. Free water. Best water in wichita. City water dont drink it

Claudia Hernandez

Fresh #2. It was great ?

Duck Jones

I was already waiting in line for 22 minutes before I was able to order in the drive-thru. When I finally made it, I was told that they are only accepting cash. No sign, no clear indication that they didn't accept cash. I had to run across the street, physically hop out of my car, to an ATM. I was already in line and unable to leave because I was trapped. Following that incident, we waited for an additional 36 minutes in line, 17 minutes behind a car that WAS AT THE WINDOW. I'm telling this is straight up the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my entire life. Anybody who has ever worked in fast food, would tell the car parked at the window to pull forward so the other customers can get their food AND GO HOME.

Nancy Criss

They gave me sweet tea and I do not like sweet tea I didn't realize they serve sweet tea so therefore I don't have a drink with my dinner. All the rest of the food was kind of cool they gave me extra large fries and the other two people that I picked up food for got small fries and I didn't order large fries so they didn't get the order correct

Milo J Brown

As you can see in the picture I was outside of the place, placed it is very nasty is there a Seriousness in the tendons a very nasty attitude but majority of them a people person in a business like that people with people skills to know how to love people and talk to them and get them what they want plus more by a little concerned conversation yes respectable conversation not anymore rude or rudeness I had to use by children young enough to be great-grandchildren young enough to be grandchildren great great great great aunt he's great great cousin and they don't care they just spit out of vanity concerts in Apartment 18 I am personally sick of it it's not a good environment working playlist there's no order no I structure

Joseph Trent

Jocelyn Gavin Rihanna love it need to find a different spot to eat though but I don't want to cook

Steven G.

I went in for a SINGLE McChicken and there were about 4 workers on their phone. It took about a solid 6 minutes for someone to come ask me what I want and after ordering 1 thing, it took another TEN minutes for the food to get to me.

Kelli Nunley

The manager, Veronica, made my daughter’s day. She asked me what toy I was looking for and found one for her. She saved it for her and when we came to pick it up, she gave her stickers too. She is one amazing woman for that.

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