Pizza Hut

737 N Maize Rd Ste 100, Wichita
(316) 722-8702

Recent Reviews

Roger Abraham

Fast and convenient service. Delivery was quick and very easy.


Pizza was half cold because the manager had a stick up his a$$. Apparently you can't order a pizza sent to your apartment pool. For fear of robbery? I guess. Either way we just had them deliver to the pool last weekend. Guy is definitely power tripping and I won't be ordering from this location again.

Beverly Snyder

The food was perfect and delivered on time. The driver was polite and personable.

Gerry Winters

The online ordering was easy, the people were friendly and the cheese breadsticks were amazing. But the pizza was cold, lean on the topping and overcooked.


The pizza was over cooked cheese burnt.. will recommend Pizza Hut because it is our favorite, just a bad pizza for this pizza.

Lisa Crider

Timely delivery, ease of ordering on-line, and great pizza and cheese bread.

Bret Harvey

Do not use this store! Under any circumstance do not use this store! Absolutely horrible service, absolutely horrible!I was on hold for over 20 minutes to make a call in order, so then I got in my car and actually drove up there to find nobody manning any phones..!!!I was able to place my order at the counter, sort of.. every time I asked a question or if they had a particular item the girl behind the counter told me she had to go ask her manager.. after her fifth trip to ask her manager, I decided to leave. I went down to the Maple and Maize store, and got my food in 13 minutes which was a third of the time that I wasted at this Maize and Central store.Unbelievable... Just horrible horrible service. I am proud to say that I will never spend another penny there.

Brook Hagen

The online ordering and drive-through pickup process was easy and on-time. The gentleman who helped us at the pickup window was courteous and competent.

Gayle Melton

We have switched to this Pizza Hut for our last 3 pizzas and have enjoyed each one of them. Everyone is very friendly at this Hut.

Chad Stewart

Our pizza was later per the app and the pizza was on the wrong side of warm. The delivery guy was pleasant on a bright side.

Tania Wisner

Great pizza, excellent delivery service.

Pam Driver

Everyone is pleasant and food hot and done very nicely and thanks for following my request for light sauce - grandbabies loved it!

Bobbi Burditt

Describe the seasonings on your To The Edge pizza. It was covered in green/black herbs that made it inedible. I would have ordered regular pepperoni pizza.

Alason Smith

We ordered a dinner box with pizza, breadsticks and dessert sticks. I also redeemed an order of breadsticks and ordered the Vegetarian Edge pizza with mushrooms on half, and extra onions on the whole thing. When it was delivered the delivery guy was very nice. There was no breadsticks with the order, no marinara, and the pizza had no toppings on one side and just onions on the other half. We called and had them remake the pizza and get my reward breadsticks. The 2nd pizza I got was gummy, the toppings still were not right and no marinara for the breadsticks. When I called back the 2nd time, I asked my money be returned, and they credited the ticket accordingly. I had a good experience the first time I ordered from this Pizza Hut, but after last night it will be a long time before I order from you.

Incognito Girl

Good food, good service, and good prices. Whats not to like?

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