1023 East 61st St N, Wichita
(316) 744-1903

Recent Reviews

Vickie Nevins

We enjoy this location. They are always friendly. Their burgers and breakfast items have been good. Just ordered the Aus Jus burger, did not like the horseradish sauce on the burger or the onion soup mix for the dipping sauce.

John Hudspeth

One of the best Spangles in the area! Very friendly staff and great food. I like to go when it's Monday for half price burgers, it's a great deal! Worth the drive to Park City to go there!

Chel Stout

So yesterday I was heading out on my work training in NE.. and ordered the parmesan garlic fries. The girl at the window was so sweet the whole time and even complimented me before I left. I just wanted to say thank you. The fries were amazing too of course.

Cherie Reichart

Stopped here on a whim and will try to find a way to come back. Great decor, atmosphere and food. The oreo ice Kreme sandwich is amazing! We were grateful for something different than the usual on our long roadtrip!

Perry Walton

Love me some Spangles when we get back through Wichita! Never disappoints.

c smith

Ordered a swiss bacon burger. It had swiss cheese, two bacon crumbs and a piece of meat. My 14yr old daughter can make a better burger than that. Will not be back at that location.

Gina Gregory

Good fast food with great French fries. Service is good and prices are reasonable. Fun atmosphere with a 50's vibe.

Stacy Erwin

very good food, we friendly


Great staff, great food, great atmosphere! The sourdough burgers are wonderful and the mudslides were a great dessert!

Stephen Murphy

Nice clean place. Staff was super friendly. Food was pretty great. Will visit again

Krystal Jarman

I miss the old Spangles. Their food is not good anymore. We thought we would give it a whirl because it was late and not many options. Would have been much happier with McDonald's.


Oh Wow! I could have taken this place back home with us! The burgers were wonderful, nice and juicy. The french fries were seasoned and tasted great. We had a fruit smoothie and I wish I could have order more and stocked my freezer! The ice cream shakes and snicker bar blend was delicious!

Janea 75

I don't care for their food at all. We go because I love their iced tea. The service is pretty good also.

Ronnette Davis

Good/great hamburgers, breakfast food. Good portions. Prices reasonable. Congenial staff. Clean. Nostalgic diner. Reminds me of the 50s.

Taelor Hoskins

Went back for the first time in over a year, the park city location made my burgers just right! Drive was wrapped around the building and I still got through in under five minutes! Brianna and Ashlea were great! Awesome staff! Go #19!


Overall their food is FAR SUPERIOR to what McDonalds puts out. Great burgers and great fries and a great lineup of breakfast items.\n\nThey could take some lessons from McDonalds when it comes to their coffee but it's acceptable for a fast food place. Two things they don't have a clue about making is their chili and pasta salad. Both are hard to screw up but they found a way. Aside from those items I have no reservations in recommending Spangles head and shoulders above the other fast food places in Park City and as an added bonus you can see across the street to the vacant lot where BTK resided on Independence street.

Lani Jayne

Passed through Kansas and we stopped in for a bite. Neat 1950s themed diner with burgers and shakes. I ordered a sourdough mushrooms and Swiss steak burger, and it was great! Service was friendly, and the restaurant was clean. Their fries were nice and golden brown crispy which I like. Enjoyed my meal!

Travis E

It is hit or miss...literally on everything. Some days the food is good other days its rather bland. Some days the service is fast and friendly...other days not so much.

Cristine G.

I was very disappointed in this restaurant, my family and I were very hungry and the service was rude even though there wasn't a lot of customers. The food wasn't very good and didn't settle well with our stomachs.

Heather Castro

Food was amazing! I really like the decor inside and the coat poles right on the booths.

Brendan Classen

Good burgers for a fast food joint. Had the ultimate burger whuch they trimmed down to a single patty for me, which was nice. Fries were "hot and fresh" just like they told me when they called my name. The floor was slippery though and a bit dangerous, even though they had been informed by another customer. But other than that it was good fast food.

Limbo is Life

Never been here before. Drove by and looked like an old malt shoppe. So I stop for breakfast. It's a dingy Elvis McDonald's. Ordered ham and eggs sandwich, eggs half cooked , twice. Got a free ice cream...woohoo. Not impressed at all. Won't be back.

Allen Dye

First time there. Will not hesitate to go back. Good cheeseburger and fries.

Christina Korschot Winters

Absolute fun atmosphere & very pleasant staff. The food was VERY decently priced & the flavor was even better. I WILL be going back to this place the entire week weâ??re in this state. BEST caramel iced coffees!!!

Beth Angleton

I like the food here it is very good. The employees are very friendly . The food is always fresh .

Glenda Stults Roths

Is it really necessary to keep it so cold in there? (The Park City location) My husband even thought so and he never gets cold!

Gary V

Good food decent price. The young lady that took my order was very kind. She advised that everything on the menu is very tasty. I had the steak egg and cheese on sourdough. My portion of tots was a bit small enough to fill me up. The interior of this place definitely screams Classic Diner which is a fit for the hospitality of the employees. Next time I'll have to try something from their lunch menu and update everyone on that. I can bet that it would be just as good as the breakfast I had.


Best french fries ever! Very clean and fun place to eat! The food is wonderful!

Stephanie Wilson

Instead of the truck stop, we bobtailed here from the receiver and oh wow! Nice selection of foods, desserts, drinks. The prices are outstanding, what you would expect to pay, not high priced, the food is hot, fresh looking and well portioned. I have the salt and vinegar fries, he has the parmesan fries (free with any value pak), other flavors available. Very nice place, lots of memorabilia, bathroom and seating area clean, great staff, easy ordering. Will definitely stop in again!!!

Bryan Siguenza

Food is delicious. Shakes are yummy. The seasonings for their fries are amazing. It's just a Kansas staple that you must visit.


Their billboard got our attention. This place is fantastic for ice cream!! The creamy and yummy mudslides were amazing! The chocolate is perfect on them! The food choices were great as well. The cup read, â??It just tastes better.â? That is so right. Itâ??s made to order too so doesnâ??t take too long but is delicious and fresh.

Carla S.

Burgers and fries are waaaay too salty. Fries are short and stubby, oily, not crispy enough. The garlic parmesan seasoning on them was nasty, way too heavy. We tossed most of them in the trash. Beef tasted nothing like the steak burgers I know and love (like Freddy's). They don't even smash the beef on the grill. Prices are on the high side. Girl working drive thru spoke so terribly I could not understand a word she said. The only positive thing I can say about this place is it has cool neon signage and 50's diner atmosphere. But the rest sucked.

Joyce Howard

Amazing food! I had the #12, turkey, bacon ranch. Hubby had the cheeseburger. Tried the mini donuts. Wish they were located in more states.

Jeff s

Stop here every time on the way down to Texas and love this place. Great food and they give you huge ice cream cones.

Eric Whiteford

I love the looks of this place. Very nostalgic. Great food too.

Air Wick Dee

A little different than the usual burger and fries. (not that their fries aren't amazing!) Plus they give you that extra 30mins in the morning for breakfast when you have lost your keys and missed every other breakfast option.

Susan Brillhart

Spangles has been around for years and they have always been one of the places we like to go to. We enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Looking at all of the classic songwriters on the wall and listening to the Oldies is so much fun!

suzy martin

Love this place! Anytime u are in Kansas you have to try!! They offer something different then the same old boring burgers or tacos like most fast food restaurants. The sourdough buns their sandwiches come on are delicious and the pitas too!! So many different choices and the ice cream choices are just as plentifu.l All of the dining rooms have a cool 50s theme and make it fun for the kids.


I canâ??t say enough good things about this Spangles. The staff is friendly, the food is great and the 50â??s atmosphere makes it a awesome experience. Much better than the other chain burger restaurants.

Danielle Gagnon

Breakfast and hamburgers are always delicious at Spangle's. The lactose free ice cream leaves something to be desired. We love this location (Park City), because they ALWAYS provide us with excellent service.