612 N Tyler Rd, Wichita
(316) 721-1769

Recent Reviews

Ron Hunter

I love that they make your food fresh.

Barb Lahman

Always nice and clean and PLENTY OF TABLES AVAILABLE FOR DINING IN ! masks reqrd to enter but take off to eat !

Jeffrey Pauley

Very pleasant woman working the drive thru, very patient and understanding too. Food was good, the jalapeno bacon burger was good (fresh jalapenos would be better) as was the buffalo seasoning on the fries. The fries were a little salty by the time I got to the end of them though , but I'd still buy them again.

Mayece Barnaby

Went through drive thru. Employee working window was not wearing mask properly (not covering nose) and then looked inside and multiple other employees were not wearing masks properly, and an employee who appeared to be a manager was not wearing a mask at all. This goes against the Wichita, KS mask mandate.

Eric Pike

Excellent drinks and food or food and drinks I congratulate the owner and would like to meet her sometime....

Sean Powers

Its ok... the sausage breakfast bowl had to much grease in it... In fact the last 2 times we got breakfast there the breakfast bowls were very greasy and we didn't finish them. Went through drive thru..

john McPherson

This lobby is open. Always a good meal for the value and great service.

Amanda Lough

Delicious food and kind service. I will return!

James Spencer

Any of their burgers! Several weeks ago I stopped by for a Monday night half price burger special. I ordered 4 different burgers and they were all bland and tasteless. This past Monday, April 20, I decided to give them another try and ordered the exact same four half price burgers. These four burgers were sooo salty they made me gag! I ended up throwing everything out they were so nauseatingly bad. I guess someone thought putting extra salt on the meat would give it some flavor, but were horrible! I don’t know if this is just poor management, terrible training of the cooks or what, but I will never darken the doorway or drive thru of a Spangles ever again. For a business that was screaming for customers during this pandemic, maybe you should have thought about putting out a quality product instead of ‘screwing us at the drive thru’!

Alisha Custer

Service was good. Food was tasty, although, I think their mushroom recipe they put on the burgers has changed a bit. It wasn't as I remembered it. It tasted more of brown gravy and the taste of the mushrooms was lost. My friend enjoyed her meal also. Love that they have a rewards program now. Although, the app could use a little work. Reviews for it aren't very good. And was able to get a free waffle cone coupon since the cashier didn't tell me thank you at least twice! Not sure I think their having alcoholic beverages in their stores now is a great idea. But LOVE the fries! We will be going back soon.


I love their icecream. It's great if you are lactose intolerant, it wont affect you.

Belinda Siemiller

Super friendly staff. Mushroom Swiss burger and fries. Yummy

Lona L Reeves, PhD

Fast, friendly and tasty. Half-price Monday, good night to eat out.

marlyn balthazor

Outstanding employees, great prices and delicious food. Who could ask for anything more?


I usually love spangles, but today I was disappointed. We went through the drive through. The staff was good. The fries and drink were good. My burger, however... I got the mushroom swiss (which I love!) But today I had maybe 3 bites and I couldn't finish it. It tasted like they dunked the burger patty in a bucket of salt. I thought it was the mushroom sauce at first, so I tried that - fine. Maybe the bun? Nope - fine. Then I took a piece of just the patty, and it was like having a spoonful of salt. Guess my fries and drink were my dinner...

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