8971 W Central Ave, Wichita
(316) 721-1396

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Waited 15 minutes for a coffee. Sheesh!

Randa Wilson

They make a beautifulCold brew that is when they have it and if they aren’t closed ?

Wesley McGuire

The batista at this particular Starbucks was really on his game today. very busy and he was working it. it was a pleasure to see him in action. oh, and the coffee was good too.

Steve Speck

Great coffee, great service! The little pricey but most people already know that. I will go back.

Mike Hauser

Quick,easy and iced latte is just what I needed this afternoon!

Gretchen Banks

You can never go wrong at Starbucks regardless of what you order!

Alex White

Barista rushing me off the speaker, had to tell her multiple times that I was not done ordering. She wasn't even listening I had to correct her multiple when she tried to ring in toffee or hazelnut in my drink and every time she would just laugh about it and apologize hysterically. All I wanted was classic syrup and 1 extra shot in my drink, it's not that hard to take an order professionally and correctly. I got to the window and she proceeded to tell me she put hazelnut in my drink and laughed about it and then said no it's classic. I'm not sure if she was joking or if she really is just that dim-witted. When I tried my coffee the classic syrup that I had ordered wasn't even in there, I paid over $7 for terrible service and a messed up drink? It really is hard to find good help nowadays, I hope that your company is able to improve or replace this employee.

robert lund

Consistent as always. My coffee was cold - but it was an iced cold brew so it was good.

Yasmin Quezada

The last couple time I have ordered a Grande and a Venti coffee in the morning. I get a small cup! I’m not sure if I didn’t order correctly but on the sticker on the cup it have Venti on it. I just confused and annoyed

Jo Baskerville

Love the staff! Always friendly

Ivory Phillips

The line went quickly and the service was great!

Kelsy Coulter

Getting more and more disappointed by this particular location. Seems like they have changes some products because their drinks are not tasting like they should. Probably won't be going back to this one.


I don't know what I'm supposed to say it's an average Starbucks with good service and usually good product and that's about all I can tell you is that if it's close by use it I would recommend.

Haley Giefer

They were so polite and got my order to me really quickly

Danielle Lucas

Very friendly staff, my order was correct and was very tasty!

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